Another Big Lie – Part 2



Introduction. I wrote this article over 2 years ago, suggesting that inflation cannot be contained or lied about forever and that this will begin to have very serious adverse economic effects.   Since 2020, when the original article was first written, the equities market has continued to be spoon fed massive inflows from Government(s) to counter the massive outflows due to rising rates. This is not sustainable.

We now appear to be at the beginning of the end of our fakery,  so I felt it was time for a situation report.    I have also updated some key statistics and added some comments relating to our current situation, economically and politically.

Some economists have been unable to figure out how we have had such low inflation during times of unprecedented increases in money supply, pointing to things like prolonged recession effects from 2008.   As that is hard to reconcile with Government reported GDP, this article provides another possibility.  And also how stocks were valued at well over the reported inflation rates over the last 15 years. 

Welcome to the wheels coming off Western Governments (and our) debt nightmare.

If you do invest in stocks (and don’t believe anything I say here as I am not an investment adviser nor am recommending anyone buy or sell stocks specifically in this article nor do I own, rent, lease or have interest in any company owned by Hunter Biden and his Pop) you should at least know why the Stock Market is a tad overpriced and may want to plan accordingly. Since finance is boring, I will try to make this 10% interesting (the other 55% will be about math).

If you did not want to be a big investor in the stock market over the last few years because it was too opaque and no longer controlled by reliable economic factors over the long term, you (like me) may have a pretty big opportunity cost (losses from not investing in the market) and are maybe not as wealthy as some of your neighbors who were “all in”.     At least my nest egg sits relatively secure, but sadly earning very little.

Since 2008, the stock market has been ramped up by two main factions:  The Fed and other Central Banks (Quantitative Easing) and Corporate Boardrooms (The Buyback).   In other words, the market goes up not because of objective economic factors but because of Government actions that lower interest rates and ignore the illegal buybacks that push prices up artificially.

This article is about how much poorer your “all-in” neighbors will be if they continue to listen to their “never sell”, “never time the market” investment advisors.   These advisors help run the “Ponzi” scheme and submit to the “Greater Bank Fool Theory” where more and more Central Bank buyers are needed to support ridiculously high stock prices, while the people in the know (i.e. not us) will start a massive selloff.   Mainstreet buyers are no longer needed to prop the market.    And, when the fan gets whacked no stop-loss program will help you as you are just the “little guy” who will get as slaughtered as the Shoe Cobblers who became investment advisors in 1929.

The Fed has been “buying” the stock market that otherwise would have collapsed on its own, yielding the economic corrections to Big Government we should have had years ago.    Although there is no proof (yet) I believe they do this directly through Bank purchases of stock indexes with QE monopoly money deposited to them that are awaiting some form of distribution via loans or US Treasury bond purchases (they are doing direct corporate bond purchases via index funds now).  The NY Fed even has a trading floor and has JP Morgan manage trillions of their assets.    This is presumably (wink wink) only to buy US bonds.    Another big Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, has already been purchasing US stock indexes.

Stocks have gone up with the new FED policy supporting the Rich 401-Kers (Investors) over the Not Rich  Working Classes (Savers) by forcing people, many of whom are my friends who don’t understand what is happening, to invest their meager nest eggs in the stock market because alternatives are simply off the table with near negative interest rates.  Even though you have savings that you want to protect, you don’t want to earn nearly nothing.  So  most of Americans chose to buy stocks, or bonds which are even more inflated because of the near zero interest policy of the Fed over the last 16 years. 

Stocks have gone up, a lot, coincidentally well over the Govt declared rate of inflation (14% S&P 500 annual return 2009-2022).   

But playing in that game where there is no underlying economic reality can be deadly, you just don’t know when it explodes.  Even if you do make money in the market, I suggest it is immoral to do so on the backs of future generations that essentially pay for your gains when they must pay off the astronomical costs of QE in higher interest rates to curb QE caused inflation.   Who do you think will be paying for all that QE money going into stocks and government debt to assure further debt?  Our kids, and theirs.

The Cost of Our Happiness.   Future generations will be on the hook for well over $360,000 per capita and $940,000 per household for our Government’s vote buying and the unfunded liabilities related to Social Security, Medicare, Government pensions and the like.   And since half of America have nothing in the bank and can sometimes afford to pay for a McDonalds dinner without a credit card, that means the actual debt on people with the ability to pay may approach $1,000,000 per person.  Goodbye retirement plan.

From each according to ability; To each according to need. 

Karl Marx

Some stocks and corporate bonds can at least get you a decent dividend or yield but even then you are well below actual inflation in our economy. The inflation that is not reported.  They do not want you to know this.  

From Management Study Guide on Inflation:

The goal of the central banks is to keep inflation at a bare minimum. However, the policy of quantitative easing does the exact opposite. Since this policy creates money and uses this money to further amplify lending by using this money as reserves, it is inherently inflationary.

An increase in the supply of money is the root of inflation, though this can play out through different mechanisms in the economy. A country’s money supply can be increased by the monetary authorities by:

  • Printing and giving away more money to citizens
  • Loaning new money into existence as reserve account credits through the banking system by purchasing government bonds from banks on the secondary market (the most common method)

In all of these cases, the money ends up losing its purchasing power. 


The Con.   To get around this little dilemma, the powers that be devised a  scheme that depends on propaganda and mass psychosis to convince us that our living costs have risen slowly (also justifying low wage demands) because  inflation barely existed, but this was economically impossible.    Why did they do this?     

The Government and Central Bankers have hidden inflation for a very long time because of their actions to boost stocks, bonds and real estate (the basis of American wealth) without the Government they serve having to pay the bill of inflation via higher interest rates to keep the Government functioning – at the size it is.

The cost of living has been going up so rapidly in the last 20 years that half of America with two wage earners have virtually no savings in the bank.   Part of the problem are medical and higher education costs that have had a massive impact on savings, along with no interest on said savings.   You are forever in a Fed induced inflationary hole, that is unless you are a Wall Street investment banker or a tenured professor at the heavily endowed University of Lalaland.

Granted, some people are living well beyond their means and happy with their leased luxury cars and all that Bling, but many don’t engage in that phenomenon and still cannot make it on two wages.     If the real cost of living was even remotely close to the levels reported by the Government with a contrived CPI  none of this could possibly be happening.    If inflation was as reported,  half of America would not be living with savings accounts having less than 2 weeks emergency backup pay.   They also wouldn’t be fearing a health crises that could put their family into bankruptcy because of medical costs that have gone up at twice the rate of reported inflation. 

So, why doesn’t the government just tell the truth on Inflation?   They have no choice but to lie. 

Inflation Update.    Real inflation, likely in the neighborhood of 15% annually vs the 5% “official” rate, cannot be reported because interest rates would have to rise much, much higher than we have seen this year to combat the ever declining power of the dollar as world currency.

Here is actual inflation (less the cost of rising taxes) as calculated before changes were made to make inflation artificially low for never ending QE and the permanent printing of our unbacked fiat currency:

The results of all this are many, which is why your installed Government does not want to report real inflation.  If they told the truth, and the Fed Funds rate just went to half of what we had in 1980 to fight similar inflation, we would be in big trouble.  In fact, we have moved to the mean Fed Funds rate over the last 20 years (4.5%).   But this is not anywhere close to the rates needed to kill the inflation monster.   

In June 1981, the Fed Funds Rate was at 19.1%. That was needed to squeeze out inflation of nearly 14%.

Our Big Problem. In order to kill inflation, we need significantly higher interest rates than even where we are at now.

But that will not happen. The Fed will simply cave to the pressure of people unwilling to sacrifice the present for the future and keep rates no more than in the 5% range.   And to help this fakery along in a fools game, they will continue to redesign our inflation algorithm as needed,  until the inflation lie can no longer be told and hyperinflation begins (more than 50% increase in prices/month).  

Some people believe that the dollar is on the verge of near collapse due to the possibility of debt default from rising interest rates from real inflation. Janet Yellen talks about debt default a lot now but she misses the cause, blaming the possibility of default on  those Wascally Wepublicans that may possibly come to their senses and not vote once again for the Bankers  Proverb:  A rolling loan gathers no loss.   

But that won’t happen, because it involves things like living within your means and being the bad guy that won’t be reelected.  That’s also our American People problem. 

We can no longer simply print money to payoff domestic (80%) and foreign debt holders (20%) of our $31 Trillion debt ($28 Trillion debt when this article was first written in Dec 2020).

If inflation was truthfully told, and interest rates continues to rise, very bad things will happen:

    1. Government Collapse (can no longer viably  finance 31T when paying normalized rates to lenders).
    2. Stock Market Collapse (no reason to buy insanely priced stocks, keep reading)
    3. Real Estate Collapse (can’t qualify to buy median price home when payments shoot up by half)

I won’t go into the overriding politics of government collapse, which is self explanatory.    Let’s talk about stocks. 

As rates rise, as we have seen, people bail on stocks because the reason they bought stocks in the first place (no interest on savings), even in times of Recession heading to total collapse as we have today, would simply cease to exist.   Are stocks too high now?  Emphatically yes.

Stock Valuations.  TESLA is now worth $540 Billion.  On 11/15/2021, TESLA peaked at an astronomical  $1.1T, which put Musk in the top dog seat which he hasn’t left. 

Even by today’s numbers, TESLA is worth Billions more than the stock market valuations of GM, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen and Honda – Combined.   TESLA remains as valued today as if every one of those companies are already dead and gone and there are only TESLAS being driven on the streets of America.   If you have purchased TESLA stock, just make sure it’s with the same sort of Play Money that the Fed uses to prop the stock and bond markets.    Also, like that gorgeous blonde in High School who was so popular that she was fighting off guys like bees to honey, TESLA is that woman to all the Left wingers who don’t know much about stocks or how they are valued as long as we are fighting Climate Change, their new Religion.

But, how should we value the market generally?   Well, you can be a rosy Motley Fool guy who said just before the busted that conventional valuation methods no longer apply because we are entering a “new paradigm” of value.

The Motley Fool Stock Valuation System at the time was a simple momentum play:  Buy stocks that are going up.   That is not so bad for short term day traders but these guys meant buy AND HOLD, which turned out to be horrific investment advice and some of their followers likely went bankrupt.  The Motley Foolers had lived up to their name.

American people are largely ignorant and when combined with amnesia can be deadly for the rest of us.

P/E (Price/Earnings) Ratios.  It used to be that the widely recommended trailing P/E ratio was a good tool for buying stocks.   Then, almost all of the investment bankers and brokers decided to change the game by valuing on FORWARD P/E ratios.   This is just a magic trick.   Nobody knows what the future holds, just like myself when I bought GM years ago a few months before the heretofore unknown pension problem was exposed.  I no longer buy individual stocks for that reason.

So, the best measure is a trailing P/E which is based on actual as reported earnings, not some broker’s pie in the sky estimate that may or may not happen.  And everything is always rosy to someone on commission.

I discovered the Case Schiller Trailing P/E ratio some time ago and I believe it is a good measure of stock market valuation overall because it uses a 10 year Trailing P/E ratio, adjusted for inflation.   This takes out the big bumps in the road.   If you look at the Case Shiller S&P 500 P/E now, I think you can say it is a bit alarming:

As of May 5, 2023 the current S&P P/E ratio is 29.14.   This means that the stock price valuation of the S&P 500 is 29.14 X 10 Year trailing inflation adjusted earnings.   I have inserted a red bar to show how high that really is.   Stocks are currently priced at nearly twice as high as the historical median, in the face of inflation and recession (stagflation), yet I hear people that were educated in College with MBAs in Economics or Sociology on Yahoo Finance say “It’s only up from here!”

Even more alarming is that if we were to use a 5 year trailing P/E it would be even higher still because the massive earnings reductions in 2020 when Covid-84 hit would have more impact over a 5 year period than a 10 year period.

Stock prices are almost higher now than in October 1929, Black Tuesday on the chart.   I submit this as PROOF of the Fed buying stocks directly, it could happen no other way to keep stocks in record territory during massive Covid induced unemployment, a global recession and near Civil War.   The pattern is as clear as Election Fraud – when the market suddenly dips on huge volume, it is suddenly bought on huge volume.  If it walks like a duck?

Going back to the beginning of the 20th century, the only time it was higher and for a very short time, was Black Tuesday and the Dot.Com bubble in 1999/2000.  

Then reality finally hit and even non Tech stocks went down 50% or more.   Many Tech stocks lost 70% or more in value, most of the purely internet companies went bankrupt.

But at least back then there was an altogether new future that many could see, and that actually did occur as we are witnessing the Big Tech effect today – the virtuality of our economy.   But today we have the highest trailing P/E ratio in US History (ex yet don’t even have the justification of a rosy transformative future.  Today’s future includes more lockdowns and the destruction of the economy with a possible Marxist revolution.  Small business (the backbone of America) is dying at the highest rate in my lifetime.   But the market reached all-time highs in 2022. 

Buybacks.    Also juicing stocks to the unheard of levels we see today are Corporate Buybacks that have grown astronomically since 2008.    Officers in large companies are highly incentivized to buy back their own stocks, pushing prices higher and higher in what may be the best Ponzi scheme imaginable for the upper crusters.   If you ever worked for a large company, worked your tail off, met your performance objectives handily and still got a crappy 3% raise, now you know why.  Profits that should have gone into salaries and capital investments for the future went into their own stocks and into the pockets of top management and others lucky enough to get in on the bump up the stock price game.   Buybacks takes shares off the market.  This makes stocks go up as earnings per share increases.   And, surprise, the executives approving your measly raise got handsomely rewarded with their options and other stock price incentives.   He who has the Gold makes the Rules.

Situation Report. When I first wrote this article in Dec. 2020 stock buybacks in the S&P 500 set a record $806.4 billion in 2018.  Since 2018, there has been an amazing 25% increase in buybacks. The effects on the market are nearly as consequential as the QE and the astronomical Biden US budget designed to financially boost and keep in line the now Woke American Corporations and the Too Big to Fail Banks that make up at least 50% of the S&P 500.  And remember, in a normal world where the Corporate/Govt partnership would not make each other powerful and wealthy beyond measure, this money would otherwise go into mundane things like pay raises and capital spending to boost productivity. Beyond the stock market, the only thing that has been boosted since the 2008 defaults/recession has been top management bonuses.

I contacted the SEC to make the case that buybacks were actually ILLEGAL stock price manipulation.  I based this on a simple premise.   Companies have to report to the SEC  how much of their own stock they will purchase in any given buyback plan but they do not have to report when they will buy.   So, without the timing requirement, they can buy their stock whenever they want to effectively put a floor on the price if there is bad news on earnings or other calamity, like the Boeing fiasco.  Not surprisingly, Boeing had one of the biggest buyback programs in US history.  Boeing spent $11.7 billion in 2017-2019 on repurchasing stock before suspending buybacks in April 2019 because of the 737 Max crisis.   I would suggest that they knew what the 737 Max was going to do to the company and it’s better to have your stock drop 50% after you boosted the stock by 100%.

Now, if they were  to buy at prescribed times reported to the SEC unaffected by market timed purchases like dividend payouts, this would be credible, although still not a wise use of funds for most companies long term future.

The end result of all this is that companies boosted share prices well beyond natural market valuations because they manipulated the market.   And when these stocks go up, others that don’t have big buyback programs also go up because so many of these companies are in index funds which are tracked and bought by individuals and big institutions.   Ultimately, reality sets in (like inflation will) and stock prices will fall but not after massively inflated gains have occurred.

So, combining Govt/FED actions with Corporate Buybacks means that even in the face of the economic disaster we find ourselves in, you can reach new – and ever more insane – highs.

Now that interest rates are moving up, cash is moving out of the stock market as fast as the pudding is disappearing from Biden’s cup.    It’s going into CDs and money market accounts paying normalized rates, which is finally something good for your Grandma.  With this going on, how the market has not crashed yet and stayed in the stratosphere is a question for the ages, but as we have seen continued to be largely the results of Government spending, obscenely low rates (still) relative to actual inflation, buybacks and foreign investments. Please note that these factors have nothing to do with economic prospects on macro or micro levels, which is unsustainable

The contrarian argument to the above is pretty simple.   As long as the Fed keeps rates low relative to inflation – which it is even now – and prints money that finds its way into the market, you can’t go wrong.   There will always be a quick and rapid rebound from any selloff.   But this Ponzi game of chance will end when inflation takes hold so hard that it can no longer be hidden and interest rates go up to the Volcker levels in the 1980s. Then, none of us in the market will be able to catch the falling knife greased with lies about inflation and the bubbling economy.   The market can easily collapse all at once by 50-70%.

Still, investing in the current equities market is immoral by (1) supporting largely Woke corporations and (2) putting our temporary stock market gains on the backs of future generations through higher debt and much higher inflation.

The Final Showdown – Inflation vs QE/Fed.  Nobody can say when the financial collapse will happen, but time is running out for our spiked financial system.  Having an unbacked reserve currency gives you options to keep big Government big. But when you start to see that the inflation lid can no longer be kept closed with fake Government Inflation reports and rates begin to rise slowly, and then more rapidly to combat what will become hyperinflation, if you aren’t already out of the stock market it will be too late.

All said, if the coup is successful and America goes Communist Reset and you are not in a free economy Secession State, you eventually won’t have any private wealth or property to speak of anyway.   Then it’s all moot when a loaf of bread is $100 and you can just light your Cigars with our old near worthless currency.

Unless we can return to some level of free market normalcy, we will apparently be happy owning nothing but our on/off virtual money and renting our walk-in closet flats in a 15 minute city.

So says Santa Klaus.

Time for the Glenfiddich.

Sic Semper Tyrannus





One of the best summaries on the election fraud that stole our country away has recently been published. It distills the main items of evidence in 16 minutes.  

Regardless of what you believe on the Nov 3 2020 Election, there are only two possible scenarios:

1. If the evidence is a lie, we are done as a Nation with so many people hating America, legitimately electing Joe Biden and trading Liberty for Security.

2. If the evidence is true, we are done as a Nation if we do not fix Federal elections.

So,  we have to choose to believe one possibility over the other.   Which is it for you?

For me, even in a country with so many poorly educated kids and sleepyhead adults, I choose door #2.   And if that is the correct answer, this is entirely fixable. 

Here ya go….

And as always, please research yourself (although it is difficult in the new “misinformation” State that is included free and at no extra charge with an electoral takeover).

More importantly, please consider sharing this video to everyone in your sphere of influence.

Even the Sleepyheads.

Sic Semper Tyrannus

Trump Strikes Again

Yes, Donald Trump has done some good things for us, like being the sacrificial target for Americans targeted by an installed Government.  In this respect, he fashions himself as some kind of Christlike figure, hardly the case for a man with his typically human failings.   But, if we are honest with ourselves, we have to look at what he has done – inadvertently – to hurt us as well. 

This article will not go into the more visible disasters of his own creation like Operation Warp Speed which, regardless of what DJT says, has and continues to be the main reason for excess deaths ranging from 10-15% annually worldwide.  And no Mr. Trump.  You have not “saved” billions of lives.  Maybe killed a few million or billion.  But saved?  I don’t think so.

Nor will I mention the strengthening of the Deep State by hiring operatives like the Junk Mail King Mike Pence, General Alexander Milley, William Barr, Christopher Wray and Steve Mnuchin.  That goes without saying.

I want to discuss something that nobody else is talking about.   And, I have waited diligently to report on this until today, April 18.  This is the day that the IRS has declared that you must file your taxes so we can help cover that $1.4T deficit so far in 2023.  That is, with the help of never ending fiat printing presses backed by Congressional hot air.

So, what exactly did the Donald do? Would you believe that he has hit many of his own MAGA people with a broadside attack on their Churches and favorite non-profits the likes of which America has never seen?  Let me explain.

Hint:   You are likely in the 90% that did not get a tax break for any of your donations to charitable causes like Churches, Synagogues, local food banks and community help organizations.  

The Hit

In December 2017, Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed into law, representing the most significant tax code overhaul in over three decades.  It was designed by Steve Mnuchin (IRS reports to him at Treasury Department) and approved by President Trump. The goal was to nearly eliminate itemized deduction people and has been a resounding success.  They did this with a simply ploy – raise the standard deduction to such a level that nobody gets over the fence to get a charitable deduction.   The hurdle is so high that 90% of Americans simply take the standard deduction.

As a result of the TCJA, you need to have more than the standard deduction noted below to get a break. And as if 10% of taxpayers that don’t itemize isn’t quite enough, they want to push that number even lower for 2023 tax year:

Prior to the new tax law change, nearly 1/3 of Americans itemized and took advantage of charitable deductions. After the IRS rule change of the Trump Administration, this dropped more by more than 300% to around 10% (all income groups).   Some people think that the itemizers will drop to only 5% of American taxpayers in just a few years.

While we cannot say how much of an effect that has had on a per capita basis, it is more than likely that the effect can only be a negative one for this plain economic fact:  you get less economic activity if you tax it.   

Situation Report. Overall charitable contributions have not declined substantially (yet) because of giving by people with lots to give, along with corporations. Last year, the #1 Corporate donor was (drum roll) – Pfizer.  I guess they just want to be a good corporate citizen and want to give back a little for getting filthy rich while killing so many people. 

The wealthy did get a lot wealthier and took up some of the slack, but since we know that the wealth transfer to Liberals has been huge in the last few years (mainly Covid related) so the charities they contribute to may not be in the best interest of America.  Like charities devoted to transgenderism and Climate Change and Black Lives and all that.

As for those charities that aren’t yet WOKE? Well, if they are to remain financially viable, they must move to the Left to keep getting the dough.  Just a WAG. As I have said many times before, the Left play Chess and we are at still at our Checkers game.

How can I prove this?  Well, I can’t.  But I think it might be another one of my conspiracy theories, so it must be true.

Still, it is hard to prove because the data is not available from the IRS (they can’t report on the 90% of taxpayers that don’t itemize) and data from the charities themselves is hard to come by that shows anything other than overall giving and that has not suffered a massive decline adjusting for inflation.

It remains a long standing fact about Americans that most don’t contribute to charity solely or even primarily for a tax deduction.  We are truly unique in the world on that front, especially the evangelicals in the South.   We contribute 7X more than the average European. But it does have an effect on even these people, hit hard by Covid nonsense and the poor economy.  This will likely continue to be a net negative for churches and other charities unless something is done to change our tax code. Over time, it will play havoc with religious organization funding already in the tank.

The Fix is In

The IRS Fix is killing already faltering Churches and good nonprofit organizations whose activities will be replaced by an ever more powerful government.   I hope and pray it is not the final nail because that would have horrific consequences for America, as if we need more consequences these days. 

As a result, if you are the typical American, you are now in the 90% that filed without getting credit for charitable contributions to your Church (tithing) or to other good non-profits doing things that the Government should not do but will be doing more and more.  Using Trumps favorite word, this is a Disaster.

This all seemed innocuous enough at the time (and practically nobody in the GOP saw through the ruse) but it has had ongoing and devastating consequences to economically destroy already weakened faith based institutions while at the same time strengthening an ever more powerful Government that will step in the gap and be asked to do what the bankrupted churches and organizations used to do. It’s a basic tenet of Marxism to have only one God and that one God you shall trust is not the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. It’s not even Buddha or Muhammad. It’s the Government.

And, all because of the Donald.  Or, should I say his Treasury Chief Steven Mnuchen, selected by the Donald, who helped develop the rules under the guise of helping the IRS so they would not have to sift through all those itemized donations.  

You see, with people taking legitimate donations that must be reviewed and verified it gets really hard to do all that more important IRS work targeting political enemies.   So, with all the backlog because of the insanity of the United States tax laws you go on never ending Covid vacations and then, turn off the phone and pass laws to kill faith based organizations already hurting.  

It’s just one of the many little steps over a long march that brings in Communism. It’s hard to fathom how Trump could miss the ulterior motives of Mnuchin and the Deep State. But on this one, I believe he did.


All you have to know about what the Left is up to, as represented by our Government now, is to listen to what they say – which is nearly always a lie but points the way to the truth.  

Here is all the proof you need:

What to do?

Keep giving, especially to your Churches.   When you get a request of money for faith based or good nonprofit organizations in the mail, instead of or in lieu of just sending the cash, add a note to educate them about why their donations have taken a hit since 2018.    Tell them to contact their Congressman to reduce the standard deduction back to pre-2018 levels because in times like these, we need to encourage people to donate to good conservative causes. 

The Trump/Mnuchin Tax Act does exactly the reverse.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Boycott America

Days of Infamy

Pearl Harbor Day – December 7, 1941

Insurrection Day – November 3, 2020

Arraignment of a President Day – April 4, 2023

Today is a sad day for America. If you have been paying attention, and have been reading my articles, you knew this day was on it’s way.

All you need to know is this:

Trump was not indicted by a Soros controlled Leftist. WE were indicted.

Don’t despair. There are still numerous quivers in our arsenal but we have to use them judiciously. To know where to point those arrows we have to know where the Lefts power is most effective – Corporate America and Corporate Legacy Media.

So, I suggest that we make these people pay financially. And, if necessary, begin to build parallel economies if they still don’t get it.

Wayne Root recently suggested a weekend economic fast to get the message across if Trump is arrested, a good idea. But that is not lasting. We need to go much further than sending a temporary message. Root (and I) believe it is impossible to live side by side with crazed Godless people. Until that happens, we have to get the ball rolling.

You cannot be a Sleepyhead anymore. We have to change the way we live altogether.

There is no turning back for us because the installed regime cannot go back, or the perpetraitors face serious and possibly treasonous consequences.  That will make Trump’s indictment look like hocking a candy bar in a drug store. And that means doing some things that should have been done long, long ago.

If you don’t change, you and yours will face the consequences along with the rest of us. It’s that simple. You must do ALL of these things, and more, to have impact. If not, you will just be a permanent Sleepyhead living in a Saferoom without Life, Liberty or any pursuit of Happiness. Guaranteed.

If it’s to be, it’s up to me.

William Johnsen

I won’t go into the reasons why you should do these things, which should now be as evident as the Election Fraud that put us here.

Here is Mandrakes BIG List:

  1. Sell all index Stocks you own  (while you still can) individually and in your retirement accounts. This could immediately halt ongoing Corporate and financial Tyranny. Buy T-bills or CDs1. Consider precious metals for the coming hyperinflation.
  2. Cancel ALL business relationships with WOKE corporations IMMEDIATELY. Do it now. Start with your accounts with Amazon (Bezos), Facebook (Zuckerberg) and Big Banks, like Bank of America and JP Morgan.2
  3. Start building your parallel economy. Buy food and other consumer products and services from small, locally and family owned (if possible) companies regardless of cost with the savings in your pocket derived from doing the other things on this list.
  4. Cancel any subscriptions you have with corporate print or digital media, e.g. magazines or newspapers.
  5. Cancel Cable Television and go WIFI if you must, but don’t subscribe to paid services unless from verified nonwoke companies.
  6. Do not watch network news either on Television or Internet.
  7. Contact your local GOP office and tell them that you blame THEM, not the new Communist Party of Democrats, for weaponizing our government and stealing America without a shot because they were accomplices to Fraud.  Consider voting Libertarian or not voting as elections still remain fixed and your vote DOES NOT MATTER (except for some local elections).
  8. Ask everyone you know, then those you don’t, to do these things.
  9. Pray for a spiritual awakening in America. Use ACTS:
    • A – Adore the Lord
    • C – Confess your Sins
    • T – Thank the Lord for the Blessings HE bestowed on you and America
    • S – Supplication for your needs. Ask God to show us the way for a New America

After a solid and sustained financial hit, most American Corporations will eventually see the light as even our infinite supply of fiat money can’t make them whole and the people working there need to put food on the table.

Do it now. There is no time left. Do it now!


1,2 Worry not about moving to a Regional bank or Credit Union. Either one will be backstopped by Janet Yellen’s magic “no inflation” printing press. We cannot allow our installed Regime to force people into the herding pens of the Big Banks, where we will be slaughtered like lambs.


Sic Semper Tyrannis




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Counter Intelligence

Article at a Glance:

  1. Two diametrically opposed spiritual worldviews will vie for ultimate control of our socio-economic systems as either Libertarian (Godly) or Authoritarian (Secular/Atheist). Preparation is critical if the Libertarian side loses.
  2. Leading up to these worldviews may involve going through one or more phases:  World War, Economic Collapse, Secession, Parallel Economies and/or Counter Coup.  A return to Traditional American Values could possibly delay the other scenarios from occurring.
  3. The current US Executive Government will not relinquish power voluntarily via fair elections due to severe criminal consequences for systemic election fraud to take the White House.  
  4. Barack Obama is effectively a 3rd term President running the Biden Administration.  He was made by the Corporate Legacy media, is beholden to them and to other powers that prefer the authoritarian objective of One World Government. 
  5. Obama may be attempting to provoke a Civil War through weaponization of Government in order to speed the transition to an Authoritarian State thru either a direct conflict or imposition of Martial Law against what is seen as “threats to Democracy”. 
  6. The constantly increasing pressure on most Americans to fight back kinetically against what is believed to be an installed government is not by accident.  Therefore, civil disobedience and other non violent pushbacks must still remain within our legal system, no matter the 3rd world corruption, or the consequences.    

The world around you is going to be changing, maybe quite abruptly, and you need to plan accordingly for yourself and your loved ones. The SHTF moment may or may not be unstoppable, but it may be possible to delay and prepare for what’s to come. It may even be possible to alter history, if the Sleepyheads awaken.

We are going down the proverbial drain as a Nation unless something happens to change the trajectory.  Other than a Godly supernatural intervention/awakening there seems nothing that can stop the flow, brought to you by people called “Progressives”.

Progressives are what mostly young adults (aka useful idiots), “educators” and ultra rich elites lovingly call themselves. They want to rule your life and your kitchen.

Sleepyhead Wake up Call #1: “Progress” is not taking a step forward in the wrong direction.

We have taken many, many steps.

And once you wake up and come to know what is happening all around us my advise is simply this:

Don’t go with the flow if it’s going down the drain 


However the collapse happens, the outcome is the same.   Two diametrically opposed  worldviews will vie for ultimate control of our socio-economic systems as either Libertarian or Authoritarian.   One or the other will rule.   This will be because neither side can live peacefully side by side in the same, still connected world with the other.  Simply put, a next door neighbor that believes in child mutilation and other forms or sexual abuse by the new Healthocracy will become intolerable.   The notion of Love Thy Neighbor will be tested like never before.  This will be nothing less than a battle between love of fellow human beings created in the image of God, or being forced to exalt Sin in a Godless New World Order.

Before the last bit goes down that drain, we will likely undergo a period where the One World Only vise is squeezed very hard through things like programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies that will replace your money in it’s already decentralized form of digital (yes, over 95% of “money” in the bank is already digital). Or, maybe a WHO ordered world lockdown and Martial Law as a result of people reacting to the last little bit of  Liberty lost.

Here are a few possible outcomes to prepare ourselves for (if we can)1:

World War III.    A few years ago I would say this possibility, though always on the table, was somewhat remote.  But today, we are probably looking at a better than 50/50 chance that a Nuke will be used within the year in the Eurasian/West conflict we like to call the Ukraine War.   And then the contagion of war (which will likely include Bioweapons when total war becomes obvious) spreads through a combination of mutual protection treaties, tacit obligations and economic alliances in a repeat of The Great War, also beginning in Eastern Europe and spreading worldwide.   Then, we are all East Palestiners.

Economic Collapse.   This is a near certainty that most of us, even the Sleepyheads in the Demmunist Party, know is coming very soon to a woke bank near you, and there are many.   This will be followed by someone’s “Build Back Better” to save the day from their own purposeful financial and genocidal destruction caused by greed and Artificial Intelligence.   But whose Build Back Better wins?

Whether it’s the BBB (Better Business Bureau approved) from the Good Guys or the Ultra Rich Atheist Davos people, it won’t be pleasant.   But I can tell you this.   The WEF version will pay the people that are still alive chump change protection money to keep them away from their islands and Gulfstream Jets.   This will be called Universal Basic Income (UBI), part of the long range plan described in my article Why are they Killing us?     In a nutshell, we are being systematically killed off to a manageable UBI payoff number because AI will take over 90% of our jobs in the next 20 years.   This BBB plan will of course involve those UBI payments through a programmable CBDC world “currency” and Artificial Intelligence controlling our Nation’s manufacturing and food supplies.  

The Good guys BBB version will be exactly the opposite.  It will be very low tech, Liberty and God-Conscious (vs Satan Conscious).  People will live simple agrarian lives similar to the Amish and Mennonites.  Luddite philosophy rules.  Social bonds will be reestablished. They will grow much of their own food.  Some may still be living in cities to help with the rebuilding.  This is the second order worst case scenario, caused by the powers that be that have screwed with Capitalism for generations. 

Parallel Economies.   The first time I heard this phrase was from Gab founder Andrew Torba.  In essence, this means we live exclusively within a non-woke economic and financial infrastructure that we create from existing and new organizations.  This kills “cancel culture’ by effectively removing political and religious discrimination from for profit business institutions.  

Too many Americans, even now with the world crashing around us, are still hopelessly addicted to their “feel good” Pollyannish legacy media brainwashing.   They complain about what Disney has been doing to kids (not even allowing staff to use the words “boys” and “girls” now) but they still take their kids there.  They still keep their kids in Public Schools, perpetuating the moral and personal destruction of their own offspring.   They still keep their money in Bank of America that voluntarily gave the names of their clients that went to DC on January 6 2021 to the new FBI while at the same time decrying the unconstitutional charade of J6 in Internet comments with words like “Insane!” and “Unconstitutional!”  And let’s not forget maybe the best example of modern American intestinal fortitude in our fight against Tyranny with the still ubiquitous “Let’s Go Brandon!” That’ll turn the tide.  Need I say more?   

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, although can get me into trouble without the Bill of Rights

New English Proverb

That is why this option may be the  most difficult. It’s just too damn inconvenient for weak willed people to change.    This is also a reason why I am not bringing Civil War into the equation, at least not without a lot of outside help (keep reading).

Secession.   This may be well be the best way out of our mess because it will force Parallel economies to happen.  It could put many of us in the driver’s seat because much of our critical energy resources will be in Pro USA Secession states and we can choose to trade or not with the Anti USA States.   

The only thing that may prevent a peaceful divorce is Barack Obama.  Obama you say?

Barack Hussein (not Muslim) Obama, some say, is the real Puppet master of our Coup Administration.  He is behind everything from declaring the majority in our Nation as the most dangerous threat to our country in history to calling parents Terrorists who don’t want schools telling their little boy he can be a little girl.  Obama runs things from his well-protected (from illegal immigrants) enclave in Martha’s Vineyard.   Will the Installed Government of the United States allow peaceful Secession or will they wage war against Obama’s “Deplorables against Democracy”?    Let’s break down how this could lead to either a preemptive or responsive Civil war.   

Obama and Lincoln have a lot in common, most importantly their connection to the actual or planned death and destruction of their fellow Americans that they just don’t like.  Before you yell at me, please understand I am against slavery in all its forms, including those in the State that enslave people using things like EBT cards.  

Obama has stated in writings and in speeches that Lincoln is his favorite President.  

 “My favorite President is a guy from Illinois who founded the Republican Party, effectively — Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican President.”

Barack Hussein (not Muslim) Obama

While he talks about his eloquence and stature as a man, his real obsession is with the American Civil War, not that Lincoln  “founded the Republican Party”, quite a LOL.     It is not a long march to believe with what most of us know about Obama, especially the “Fundamental Transformation” part, that the man is geared to his personal desire to wage war against Americans that are largely White and (in his own words) live on their religious “high horse” of Christianity.

So, if Obama is still around as a nefarious underground political force, the possibility of a 1861 Secession, followed by a Civil War of his making as our 3rd or 4th term President, is very likely.   If he is not around to call the shots (no pun) then a peaceful Secession is possible. 

Da Coup.     There is as much evidence of the Killer “Vax” as there is of Biden’s fake election.   We now know that fake elections, otherwise known as a “coup-by-fraud”, have real consequences.  

Situation report.   Once in office by possibly treasonous means, the installed Administration of largely Obama appointees will not go peacefully in the night by a legitimate election.    If they did, and treason proved, the perpetrators will be investigated and charged with high crimes.   As that is untenable, the only way these people will relinquish power – as all coups do – is to be removed forcibly.   That they have also planned for this is not surprising because they are chess players and the opposition is still playing their checkers game deciding whether to order pizza before or during their favorite TV show.   

In a surveillance state, the coup d’état people know that a grassroots counter coup insurgency is a difficult proposition to both plan and implement.   Those 5G towers they installed without your permission within 3 miles of your house don’t help.  And as I have already noted, most Americans have no stomach for anything other than another quarter pounder with cheese.  

If any counter insurgency happens beyond the most desirable electoral solution (preventing Obama’s civil war), it will require assistance by what can be loosely called Shallow and Deep State “Oathkeepers”.   In our Twilight Zone world, people taking oaths to protect and defend the Constitution are enemies of “Democracy”.  These are people in and out of government that have sworn an oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.   They include everyone from your local Sheriff to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, now sadly directed by General Mark Alexander Milley, Trump’s nearly Communist pick who allowed China to survey critical US Military installations unimpeded from a perfect altitude. That is, until the data was fully streamed to China. As I have said, plans were developed years ago to deal with this nightmare for the “peaceful” electoral takeover of America 2. Here is how that part works.

Depatriotize the Military.  Obama started the Military readiness decline and it’s nearly but not completely successful.   It took Covid to bring in the last stage.   Since the Nov 3 Insurrection, the Covid Vaccination program has been used to decimate the Military in every possible way – physically and morally.   If this continues, who could possibly be left in the rank and file to disobey unconstitutional orders under a fake martial law to wage war against citizens who won’t follow along with the next WHO mandate on lockdowns and suicidal injections?   Objectively, our military is in the worst state of readiness in history.  Not only are recruitments at all time lows but the people being recruited have little desire to fight against foreign, let alone domestic, invaders.   If our government is taken over by unjust pretenders, you better be on the right side to avoid a Robespierre thrashing that could speed up depopulation. Just a thought to consider. 

American Redo.  With each passing day, this seems a little less likely but still possible.   We can win back our Government politically if we get rid of the Uniparty and Fake Elections.   They both go hand in hand and both have to go.  This is going to be the hardest long term struggle (if we have time before the other scenarios play out) because it involves either the complete reconstruction of the GOP and it’s leadership or a new party altogether that may lead to a new Judicial System that defends rather than attacks the USC.    Even a Convention of States doesn’t seem to solve this problem, but it could help move Congress on Election Reform and that’s good enough for me.

A new party can work and can even be formidable if we can combine the true Liberals (e.g. RFK Jr) that respect the First Amendment (still the largest bunch in the Democratic Party) with the Constitutional Conservatives.  Regardless of what you may think, there are still a lot of Tulsi Gabbards and Alan Derschowitzs out there looking for a new place to find a political home but can’t stomach being in the “Republican Party”.  Neither can I.

For all the rightful fretting about our political system, a new party is a possibility but not one I would say has much more of a chance of happening beyond Total War, Economic Collapse or Secession.  But if we do stop Uniparty Insurrection Coups with permanent Federal and State Congressional Election Reform and a redo of Trumps Schedule F Executive Order (rescinded by the Deep State), that is the best option of all. And, we go back to when corporate/union influence (aka Uniparty) was eliminated, allowing virtually unlimited campaign financing of their chosen few.

Alas, none of this works if Americans, after enjoying a two year taste of Tyranny, still favor security over liberty. 

If we survive through any of the above scenarios, our first order of business beyond putting food on the table is to redo our educational system so we can assure that future generations don’t allow our Sleepyhead mistakes to be repeated. 

For now, I am heading to my local GOP office for a short discussion. Simply, I will tell them I am done with them and every other political organization that allows the weaponization of government and destroys our Bill of Rights that puts earthly fears into God fearing people. I will tell them that I hold them responsible for turning America into a Banana Republic. I will inform them of the outcomes above if they stay the course and quit defending their electorate against an installed government. And I will also let them know that as far as I am concerned, the sooner we get to the end game, the better. I just don’t like suspense.

Maybe that first option of World War happens and won’t be so bad. If we aren’t living inside a Faraday cage bunker well outside of cities and strategic areas we will be put out of our misery. The survivors can recreate the low tech world of real humanity we should have had, incorporating the new economies, and some of us can meet again in a better place.

1 Biblical Armageddon is also a possibility. The only way to prepare for that is spiritually, not a topic for this discussion.

2 I will admit to having no absolute proof of these specific plans that could also just be a crisis not going to waste. Or for that matter, many of the above suppositions, as far as you know.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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A Letter to Steve Forbes

March 12, 2023

Mr. Steve Forbes, Editor in Chief/Forbes Magazine

499 Washington Blvd
Jersey City, NJ 07310

Dear Mr. Forbes:

The magazine that you edit in your spare time may be the worst of the worst.  The magazine doesn’t even pretend to be an objective news source anymore.   I would even go so far as to call Forbes the Legacy MSM for Corporate buybacks, ESG and ruthless filthy rich WEF loving elites.  But, I digress.

Since I don’t subscribe to Forbes, I accidentally came upon one of your seldom seen articles, this one on Dodd-Frank, which I would like to bring to your attention:

Are you aware that your writer did not even discuss the “Bail-In” provision which in the event of bank failures on a massive scale effectively takes taxpayer monies directly from their bank accounts to make banks (not us) whole? According to your crack Forbes reporter, the Dodd Frank Act that allows taxpayers to bail out banks directly instead of our Government indirectly is really just about making sure that our money is safe.  Tight as a drum. In the ‘ole lockbox. Here is a refresher:

This process referred to as “Statutory Bail-Ins” includes expanded powers to the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), whereby bank holding companies and significant non-bank holding companies can be placed in receivership under federal control with the FDIC acting as receiver under Title II of the Act.3

As opposed to the Bail -Outs that happened during the last banking collapse from bad risk management in 2008, Bail-ins work a little differently, providing immediate relief:

Banks use money from their unsecured creditors, including depositors and bondholders, to restructure their capital to stay afloat.

In other words, banks are allowed under the Act to convert debt (our money) in their bank to their equity. Ka-Ching Bankers!

Maybe missing the “Bail-In” deal was just another one of those silly MSM omission-commissions?

As I am sure you may have required as Forbes editor-in-chief,  this article written by a lowly paid and recently College graduated writer with little to no economic background contained the obligatory Forbes jab at Trump.  I am sure this gave you extra points with the lying mainstream media that you belong to by blaming Trump for weakening the rule that is now being used to explain away SVB’s collapse. 

Yes, it is possible that when Trump and Republicans rolled back certain provisions of Dodd Frank that would have restricted some bank investments in Venture Capital firms it may have indirectly led to the SVB bank collapse. Of course, SVB management chose a risky woke route for risky returns, but it just wouldn’t be fair to hold them personally accountable for screwing their fiduciary duty to their owners and investors when you can try to blame Trump instead.

The much bigger issue that we are continually facing in real time all around us is that this bank, and many others, are investing in ESG companies generally and these investments are destined to lose in every way imaginable.   Regardless of what Bolshevik Larry Fink says.  Even our installed administration is now ratcheting that up that even further, allowing pension fund managers to invest in DEI and ESG “green” organizations that have nearly no economic future or foundation.  Janet Yellen knew what was brewing with those bad ESG venture capital investments and let it all go because Woke rules the day.   That is the real issue behind the SVB collapse and I doubt your ragazine will do a story on that.  

On a side note, I would like you to take a look at the screenshot below found on many pages of the Digital Forbes website. With all the financial disasters happening and about to happen,  I guess I just missed it. There are now only two publicly trade stocks in America you can buy – Apple and Tesla.   I bet they must be pretty valuable since they have all our money.   Thanks for the scoop Steve!




Lionel Mandrake


PS. Ya still believe those pesky Chinese leaders are just benign people like us that want to go along and get along? Hmmm. Kind of missed that one by a long march mile.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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The Wild Bunch


So, after years of Knock Out games by Black cowards and never ending attacks on Whites of all ages by the same Black cowards that represent 6% of our population but do 50% of homicides, it comes to this:  A very large and very strong 6’6” 260 pound Black male beat the ever living crap out of a 130 lb female teacher. 

(Please skip past this video if you are queazy or are otherwise a normal human being)

Why did this happen?  Well, our instigating accomplices in the corporate legacy media wants us to believe it was because the teacher took this “kids” Nintendo.   

Yes, the teacher took the big coward’s little plaything away and he must pay the price for his own actions.   But, that is not the reason why he did what he did.   He was filled with hate and rage for a White person and acted accordingly. 

The real causes lie in the system that created this monster, not of his own choice mind you. This fundamental fact needs to be identified and stopped in its tracks if we are to stop the Hellish insanity in America and prevent the Helter Skelter race war of Charlie Manson which the Left will use to bring in Martial Law, their last step toward the American prize.

The reason this offensive lineman sized child nearly pummeled a woman to death is more than just a man sized kid exercising his free will to do an evil thing.  How did he get there?   It was because since the day he was born into a (likely) single parent family and began going to public school he was filled with lies about White people that culminated in this event nearly at the end of Black History month.   And, maybe the nearly killed teacher just finished a class on slavery. For the third time this month. Just a WAG. 

Welcome to Black History Month in America. Black History month is just another name for Hate Whitey month where kids that cannot put nearly anything in context (another article, another day) are taught that Whites feel superior to Blacks and that all through American history and even until the present day Blacks will never make it in America because of the systemic racism they impose.   They are told that Whites cannot be changed and are racist to the core of their DNA that is unalterable and will always keep them down.    In the eyes of the constant victim, Whites are less than human and therefore nothing done to them from beatings to reparations is not justified – even the most cowardly of all acts when a massively large Black male nearly beats to death an unarmed and defenseless female.  

These “kids” are not only told these lies nearly every day during the month of February but are blasted by a constant barrage of lies the rest of the year from “educators”, the mainstream media and places like Public Television.   All of these entities are owned by elites that are only a few steps away from a Communist one world government.  These elites have been so successful at the “destabilization” part of our takeover that we now see the results.    

The Black mind has been so thoroughly blinded by their brainwashing that they can’t even see what this has done to a once strong Black family unit, let alone helping to create soulless monsters filled with rage.

This case may well be the worst unbalanced and vicious attack between two unarmed people ever caught on video, which says a lot given what has happened in just the last few years. Of course, we still have to convict the perpetrators for these crimes (if we now can) but unless we deal with the people that are truly behind this kids destruction, we will all pay the price. 

I wrote a very short story a while back which personifies what we are witnessing in America today.   It’s called An American Fable and you can read it here.  

What can we do?   Well, there has been so much generational damage done to Blacks in America it will not be an easy fix, if it’s even possible at this last stage of willful destabilization.    But to begin, I would suggest the following as a start:

  1. Remove your kids from public schools.
  2. Find a school that does not teach Critical Race Theory.
  3. Do your part to discourage single parent families.
  4. Re-educate children that have been indoctrinated about race, our true history, and what it means to be a man (i.e. notwithstanding the biological lies taught in school, men are bigger and stronger than women and should not beat them up).
  5. Believe in God and the 10 Commandments, or something similar.
  6. Defund NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting*
  7. Avoid network news and most network television.
  8. Contact your Congressman to support the busting up of (a) Corporate Legacy Media in America and (b) Teachers Unions via Anti-Trust and Racketeering laws.
  9. Contact your Congressman to support school vouchers.

And, maybe replace Black History Month with Trans History Month as this would be less dangerous physically to the rest of us when they go berserk.  

If people just choose to do so.   

*Corporation for Public Broadcasting.   It is editorial policy that virtually every historical program on Public Television include some racial aspect, even if it is largely irrelevant to the subject and has nothing to do with America today.  This is part of the dumbing down of America, required to cause race relations to deteriorate to the point we now see with unfettered attacks on Whites by Blacks and the rise of Communist organizations like Black Lives matter.  This is a key part of the destabilization required to bring Communism to America.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Time is of the Essence – Really Pt 2

Updated February 15, 2023 

Editor’s Note: As noted in this article, the Brunson vs Adams case was initially and quite amazingly refused by SCOTUS. However, Brunson petitioned the case for yet another review, so this critically important Election Fraud case is technically not closed quite yet. PLEASE send a letter to SCOTUS once again and especially if you have not yet done so. You can go right to end of this article for a template letter which can be sent as is or revise to your taste. The ramifications cannot be overstated. And I personally guarantee you will feel better in the morning for doing so because America’s future generations will praise you for your efforts. Hoo-Rah America!

Article at a Glance

  • The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) denied a hearing on the Brunson vs Adams case which was to consider a breach of trust by our US Congress for not investigating the possibility of election fraud in the November 2020 Presidential election, instead certifying the election in the face of known election fraud that had been presented to them in battleground states.
  • Election Fraud evidence during the November 3, 2020 elections is significant and must not be ignored by our Judicial System and Congress if our Nation is to survive.
  • Election Fraud that may take place systemically using programmable high tech election systems on the Federal level has never been properly investigated by any court, leading to the possibility of ongoing election fraud strategies by both parties, which is not sustainable in a Democracy.
  • The Trump and Bolosnaro elections (Brazil) appear very similar in outcomes with charges of rampant voter fraud not being heard or denied by their respective courts. This may be part of a large scale attack on election systems to prevent powerful Religious Conservatives against Globalization from gaining influence worldwide.
  • SCOTUS is the best venue to hear evidence of Fraud and make a determination to assure future elections are trustworthy and to incentivize Congress under the US Constitution to establish uniform standards for Federal elections that can be used as a template for State governments to consider for State and Local elections.
  • By sending a letter to SCOTUS (template letter at the end of this article) you can help to improve election credibility for all voters and help assure no legal voter is disenfranchised.

Introduction. As nearly expected, SCOTUS declined to review the all-important Brunson vs Adams case that would have exposed the rampant treason in the Halls of Congress when they refused to call for the most important Congressional Investigation in our Nations history into election fraud.   The election fraud that 100 Congressman and their untold millions of constituents believe happened systemically across America on November 3 2020.  The result, many of these people believe,  installed a proxy dictator named Joseph Biden as President of the United States. 

No formal and thorough investigation has yet been made in any American court regarding the November 3 2020 Fraud.   This has brought our country to its knees and was rightfully and constitutionally demanded by those 100 members of Congress who simply said – there is enough evidence to support a delay in certificationLet’s just find out if the people that believe that fraud turned an election have a case that holds water.  Or not.   Then, regardless of the outcome,  we will all go home and (hopefully) fight the peaceful economic and social battles we have always done in America.   

The case was not heard.   Why, you may ask?   Well, they did not say.   But that does not mean we don’t know why.  Using their own legalese wordsmithing, they declined without standing.  As in standing tall.

The people on the Roberts Court are – with few exceptions – cowards. They are tiny little people that our Founders would decry at the top of their lungs yelling crazy stuff like “We gave you a Republic, but you little bastards are not keeping it!”

I want you to know that although I had quite a few “views” of my Part 1 article (in the thousands, anyway), very few people sent letters to our Supreme Court.  After all, it might take an hour out of someone’s day.   And surely, like voting now, sending letters to anybody in our Government won’t make a difference,  so what’s the point?    This is why it’s quite odd that I have any remaining hope in the American people, but I still do, barely.

Well my fellow slackers of America, you have one last chance remaining to redeem yourself, even though now it’s even less of a chance than the Brunson case which was declined IN OUR FACES with repudiation by traitors in black robes.  And, I don’t use that “T” word without justification.  The fact that not even a conflicting opinion from the great Clarence Thomas was reported makes me cry for America.  

We have one last chance – the Kari Lake case. And, if as most pundits predict, they shove this back in our face yet once again like the Brunson and Trump cases, that will leave few remaining political options on the table for We the People.

So, here we go again.  Send a letter now.  I can almost guarantee that by doing that you won’t be arrested or tried for terrorism.  As far as you know.  But, I can guarantee you will feel better for the trying.  And being able to tell future generations that you did something to stop Communism, even with nearly all the odds totally against you – and America.   Miss Liberty has gone from crying to wailing now, for our help. 

Background. Shortly after the fake as Biden November 3, 2020 Presidential election Insurrection, thousands of letters were sent to SCOTUS to deal with the election fraud that has ruined our Nation, but had little effect. I took part in that effort by providing a template letter which I am resubmitting, now that we know election fraud has become as systemic as systemic racism has not.

The people in our highest court that took an oath to defend the United States Constitution refused to listen to well over half of America, the now disenfranchised, about the Nov 2020 election by at least giving us a hearing on the evidence.

When our Supreme Court is headed up by a man with such ill feelings towards the chief plaintiff Donald Trump that he would rather do more harm to our country than to him, we are in trouble as a country. Chief Justice John Roberts may have supported the Fraud by allowing it to stand, declaring no hearing (along with Barrett and Kavanaugh) for the most important case before him on systemic and widespread fraud as the plaintiff (Texas) lacked “standing” and the issues at hand were “moot”.

How can we trust even a “Conservative” Supreme Court headed by a man who may loathe the Plaintiff with his recusable and possibly recallable personal and political views?

“In a remarkably inappropriate and blatantly political statement Wednesday, U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts chastised President Trump for the president’s quite accurate criticism of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and its rogue district and appellate court judges.”

Joseph diGenova, Fox News

The Roberts Court also stated in general comments that they did not want to get involved with and possibly “override” elections.

“The court did not provide any further explanation for their rejection, as per standard practice”

Nonsense. My original letter and others like it, sent by the thousands to their doorstep, never asked them to pick a winner and override an election result. Our plea was simply to have the Supreme Court authorize an election redo in the fraudulent Battleground states where absentee and mail-in ballots, combined with rigged election software, may have controlled the outcome to one Party’s favor.

What is the evidence of Systemic Fraud? It’s overwhelming and gets more so each day thanks to the Roberts Court. Who woulda thought.

But don’t even think of finding such evidence searching on the Internet. Much of the 2020 election fraud evidence has been as gaslighted from your search engine by our Government perpetrators and their MSM/Big Tech proxies as Hunter Biden’s Laptop. The evidence has largely been scrubbed from the ‘net as clean as Biden’s pudding cup and must be heard not in drips and drabs on rules/processes but as a planned operation that took over our elections en masse.

Here are the two biggest cases for the Nov 3 2020 election Fraud:

Exhibit A. Dominion election systems controlled votes across the country using illegal (almost all States) Internet connections in order to remotely manipulate results and require human adjudication of voter intent where needed. See Mike Lindell’s in depth reporting in his video “Absolute Proof”. No court has reviewed let alone seriously disputed Lindell’s evidence. A court ordered audit in Michigan showed enough evidence to warrant judicial review at the highest Judicial levels. This, and Lindell’s documentary, was ignored by the Legacy Media as if it, and his subsequent meeting in Las Vegas, were living in Orwell’s 1984 – erased from history.

Exhibit B. Dinesh D’Souza’s investigation (2000 Mules), based on analysis by election watchdog group True the Vote, proved that illegal ballot harvesting occurred in key battleground states. Like Lindell’s evidence, D’Souza’s proof was ignored as if none of what was presented on video happened, just like ballots were not pulled from under a table and inserted repeatedly into tabulating machines in Georgia. On video, before our gaslit eyes. D’Souza and his #1 Documentary was disappeared like Lindell by yet another coordinated and illegal MSM attack, but to their chagrin many more saw it than they expected.

More evidence. If watching the above video documentaries isn’t enough to at least question the integrity of our last Presidential election, justifying a full blown SCOTUS hearing to weigh the facts, go here. And, here.

How about the fact that the FBI may have turned the election against Trump with their willful and intentional suppression of Biden’s laptop info since December 2019? That a government agency was involved is prima facie evidence that an organized effort likely occurred, not random acts of illegal election influence.

It worked, a potential act of Treason if there ever was, and coming when Trumps appointee Christopher Wray was in charge of the agency. Post 2020 polling showed enough confirmed voters self-reporting that they would have changed their vote to Trumps favor, presumably because they could not in good conscience vote for a Crime syndicate running America. Realistically, some who hated Trump may just not have voted for him, but still could have turned the result against our pudding eating President whom even today Barack Obama (the real Insurrectionist 3rd term POTUS) disavows as a stupid man.

How can anyone with any remaining objectivity (and conscience) in our Judiciary ignore all of this evidence without at least putting it all to the test in a courtroom? Unless, of course, they are part of the conspiracy to replace Conservatism in America with a Fascist State.

The 2022 Midterm elections was a chance, hopefully not our only chance, to stop our descent into Dictatorship. We should have had a massive Red, White and Blue “Liberty Wave” of Americans saying NO to Tyranny. Amazingly, our Liberty Wave made up of good people of all stripes despising what Biden and his henchmen have done in less than two years, did actually show up to vote in massive numbers to turn it all back. However, many of their votes did not count in key Senate races because Soros people made sure that that could not happen. This is how Tyranny is made.

Yes, we won the House but the mandate against Totalitarianism did not materialize and was left for another day. If we have another day. In the meantime, the Totalitarian Resetting World Government Communists who hate Trump more than any human being on planet earth, is working tirelessly to fine tune their systemic fraud to make sure we don’t have another day. Only a few bones to throw at us, a seat here or there and likely filled with a Uniparty representative.   

Where does that leave us? Since our courts seem to be in on the shenanigans, we seem to have little choice now and as expected, the GOP is talking of fighting fire with fire.

This will not end well.   It will lead to a very bad place where historically peaceful electoral solutions between disagreeing Americans will be eliminated where fake electioneering denies the peoples vote on both sides. The political winners will be decided by whoever has the best and most clandestine system for systemic election fraud. Let’s start with the first control to erase – voter Picture IDs.

But aren’t voter Picture ID requirements discriminatory? Virtually every country in the world requires photo identification when voting. 42 US States do not require it. And Colorado is all-in on mail-in.

I am not suggesting that lack of proper ID alone put in an installed regime. But when combined with early voting, mail in votes, unsecured ballot boxes with limited to no chain of custody, absentee votes, internet connectivity and ballot harvesting this is as Fraudulent as Obamas 2nd term win, a rapidly brewing volcanic disaster of epic proportions for America.

 So, now disheartened American patriots in the GOP are talking of ballot harvesting. That may make some of us feel good, but it will be disastrous for the continuing Republic.

The GOP Uniparty has been so lame and ignorant as my sadly default party on so many issues, it makes me want to do the technicolor yawn. These guys never learned this brutal fact: since the days of FDRs New Deal and LBJs Great Society we have never caught up with the Jones’s in the tug of war of vote buying, directly by ballot payoffs or indirectly by “spreading the wealth” of dependency to counter inequality.

The Leftists now in charge of the Democrat party have no conscience to stop them from buying votes, even illegal ones that cripple America with crime and drugs, and they will out fraud us as surely as they have out spent us.

The Democrat machine will respond to our new and improved “get out the vote” programs with even more Technofraud. More ballot harvesting and voter intimidation. Dominion and photocopy machines will be working overtime. 2,000 Mules becomes 20,000 mules. Touché GOP!

What’s more, since we now have a US Judiciary filled with Law School radicals, we can expect that the Soros teams that paid for their jobs will J6 any Conservative under the electron microscope caught doing even the slightest questionable thing. If someone with good intentions strays one nanometer away from perfection in our “get out the vote” tactics, they will be arrested and tried in a Kangaroo court that will give out a life sentence for Sedition by Fraud. This will be necessary to set an example to discourage similar “terrorists” (aka Conservatives) from destroying our “Democracy” because that’s just not who we are. In the American Lawfare game which the Left largely controls, it’s head they win, tails they win.

We the People are now We the Disenfranchised.

Our SCOTUS has to stop the gaslit “safe and secure” election madness before it moves both sides to war.

Politics is war without blood. War is politics with blood.

Mao Tse Tung

We are more divided in America today than in 1861 when one Tyrannical side despised the other Deplorable side enough to kill off nearly 750,000 people, equivalent to 7 Million today.

Here we go again. My original concerns sent to SCOTUS have  come true as we try to one-up them at a Fraud game we can never win. They must hear from us again. And, again. Until we have elections that ALL the people can believe in. And then we can trust the outcomes as we always have to fight peacefully for another day.

We desperately need our Judiciary to stop the election driven whirlpool to a Civil War nobody wants, except for Barack Obama.

Now with the results of our Midterms in, and even certified by the very people that win the elections (Earth calling GOP?) we need the courts to listen to us this time. We had hoped for the best but knew in our heart of hearts it would happen again, because NOTHING CHANGED to fix 2020.

The Left was given the green light to proceed as per the new normal.

This does not bode well for America as the ramifications from never ending election fraud is like the rust on my old car in Minnesota.   The rust is hidden until it becomes visible and then it’s too late to save the car from the junkyard.

Here is the Cliff Notes version of how to destroy America with fake elections:

  1. Do the Fraud
  2. Certify the Fraud
  3. Wait for MSM to define and then ignore the inevitable election fraud lawsuits as “Baseless”, protecting the Judiciary


  1. Result: Uniparty Rule until it is stopped by a non-political answer nobody wants

The Roberts court could have prevented all this by just calling for new contests with new rules (keep reading) in the Battleground states where Fraud ruled the day. Had they very publicly decided not to hear the evidence (by 6 to 3 vote), decrying it all as just a “moot” issue, it could have changed elections Nationwide by giving legislatures the power to nearly eliminate massive voter fraud forever and instill faith in our democratic processes. Or, have the Congress under Article 1 Sec 4 use their power to set things straight:

“The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

Perhaps they should have listened to Clarence Thomas.

These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority non-legislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal to do so is unacceptable.

Clarence Thomas

They amazingly refused. Our SCOTUS is now acting like the Brazilian High Court of Leftist Appointees not beholden to the people and fair and free elections.

Brazil. What has happened recently in Brazil should put fear into all of us. By most counts, Bolosnaro’s election was stolen just like Trumps was on Nov 3 2020, Insurrection Day.

The Global Resetting Communists followed their Worldwide election control playbook to the letter. They appear to be nearly unstoppable using these tactics.

It’s called Whack-a-Mole.

Who are the Moles? The moles are strong Conservative and largely religious (in the Judeo-Christian sense) world leaders that believe that the God of all people does not want His planet run by Atheists that will destroy Churches and imprison dissidents and martyrs. In other words, moles are people like Trump and Bolosnaro that are talented enough to single-handedly kill the WEF and their Resetting Transhumanist Atheist world of George Orwell, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Elon Musk.

And when these very special moles appear and win wildly popular elections, they are given one term and one term only via election fakery that is nearly impossible to prove in specifics. Specifics that give courts an out to avoid “determining election outcomes”.

This way, no assassinations are required (just not civilized for the modern day elite’s) that can be traced to people that even the Judiciary would convict.

Who the next mole will be, nobody knows. But I assure you, if a mole with enough political influence to turn the tide against Global Reset wins once they will never win again, i.e. unless the election fraud committed in the name of “sustainability” is eliminated once and for all. This has to begin in America.

Situation Report. The Brunson vs Adams case has come and gone. No reason to belabor that sickening but expected event. Expected in the sense that the case was not properly presented as described in the letter below.

As of the date of this rant, Kari Lake’s case is not pending on the Supremes’ docket.  However, she assures us she will go all the way to SCOTUS.   Yet, much works needs to be done to prepare the best case against Fraud humanly possible. She needs our help and you can send cash to her legal defense team here, along with a letter to the court pleading as a CITIZEN with automatic standing for the US election fraud review that never was.

We know that the SCOTUS has set a nearly impossible bar for election fraud, but it’s the wrong bar. We aren’t looking to change the result, that would be the morally correct thing to do, but that’s not the bar that matters. We only want to establish all the technological failings of our current Federal election system that Congress will be forced to recognize in order to create a nearly fraud free system of paper ballots yielding non-hackable results.

As I noted in Part 1, there may yet be other cases even beyond Kari’s but it’s doubtful at this point. So, this may be our last chance and then we can go home with the knowledge and good conscience that we ran the good race. Whether you are a believer or not, as long as you still think it’s possible that God could be watching, why not do something?

Conservatives and Liberals must come together against the Left that has taken over America using just two weapons – the Corporate Legacy Mainstream Media and our Election process – all under the guise of anti-voter suppression and “protecting” every vote lies.

High Stakes for a Too High Bar. What’s at stake for people not just in America but worldwide is nothing less than our God bestowed freedoms.

The Resetting Communists are now in process of consolidating their power in America, the big prize. If they succeed in the short window of time we may have left, we and our families and theirs may have over 70 years of life in a Dictatorship before the inevitable collapse.   

Communism Life Spans

USSR – 74 years

China – 73 years, and counting

For those that have been sleeping through the Nov 3 Insurrection, this may be your last chance to redeem yourself.    Don’t think our world will fix itself without your involvement because “it’s destined to fail” or “they have all the power” or “it’s God’s plan” and all the other excuses for letting others do the fight.  If God has not left us as a Nation already, he still may be watching. What would Jesus do? Let’s topple the tables of Fraud once and for all.  Here’s what you can do to help.

Consider sending a letter to the Supreme Court asking them to judicially review new cases of election fraud and provide the evidence for a Congressional remedy for all elections go forward. Feel free to send or modify my letter below, or your own, and pass on.  We must let them know.

Most importantly, pray for our country, our leaders and especially our courts.

SCOTUS letter, Part 3:


To: (Name) Chief/Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

There will soon be another case before you on election fraud. When this happens, and it will, you will have a chance for redemption for your refusal to consider the Brunson vs Adams case and the overwhelming evidence of Fraud in 2020, resulting in a nearly totalitarian regime that stole our country through ongoing and never ending election fraud. If you refuse again to hear evidence respecting the will of well over half of America, your bench will be forever blamed as instrumental as the single reason why our Nation destroyed itself.

I am by no means a legal or constitutional law scholar.   I am writing this as simply an American that loves his country and for all the Good it has done not only for myself and my fellow Americans but for citizens around the world.

You are sitting on the most important Supreme Court in the history of the United States.    Your time and place in the history of America is etched in stone, forever.    Whether Fate or God himself put you personally in this position is unknown, but I can tell you that your decisions regarding election fraud by the Democrat Party, will have consequences that could undermine our Constitution and determine either the survival or destruction of this great country, and the Liberty we stand for.   This is not hyperbole.   It is a fact.

The basic question before you is whether or not our representatives in Government at all levels will be legitimate or can be determined in advance by a political party using election High Tech Fraud technologies which are provable in practice but whose specific and ultimate effects may never be provable in results.    So, consider that the bar is not to overturn an election result, but to establish once and for all whether Fraud is not only an active disease in our Nation but is becoming commonplace. Otherwise, Fraud not only can never be stopped but you will effectively be assuring that future elections will be determined by whoever has the best method to rig our elections.

Disenfranchisement is what the Democratic Party has used to eliminate nearly all of the common sense voter restrictions used in democratic countries around the world. Nobody has been “disenfranchised” like Conservatives in America. Please protect our voices.

We look to you to investigate on our Constitutional behalf and let the chips fall where they may. If after hearing the evidence from both sides it is determined that substantial Fraud was involved in any election, and where it is shown that States, through their mismanagement of elections, are actually participating in the Fraud knowingly or not, without overturning all of the votes that are in question and starting over, it is within your power to order Reelections only in States where Fraud has been proven and is most evident (e.g. Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin in 2020 elections). 

With the evidence presented in your court, and your decision(s) thereof, our Congress should participate accordingly. Therefore, and to prevent or reduce the likelihood of future technological Fraud and restore faith in our Government that is critical to a peaceful American society, under Article 1 Sec 4 of the Constitution, Congress should be called by the people with your legal precedent to develop a standardized election process for all Federal elections (to be a template for State and Local elections, if so chosen) that could and should be federally legislated, or as an Amendment to our Constitution due to its long term critical importance to the survival of America.    The process must involve the lowest of non-hackable technologies using traceable paper ballots with voter Picture IDs, special and highly restrictive requirements for absentee ballots, election day only voting with unrestricted Bi Partisan oversight that does not interfere with the sacred privacy of a person’s vote. Like Jury Duty, people could also be called to participate and oversee the election process as part of their Civic Duty, a duty at least as critical as serving on Juries.

It will be difficult to take a stand when the highest court prefers not to be involved, but as defenders of the Constitution, you must be involved now more than ever before things boil over and the Nation is destroyed.  You must not allow election Fraud to destroy our country just as it has in Totalitarian regimes throughout history.  If that occurs, there will be no Constitutional protections for the people, let alone a functioning SCOTUS.

I implore you, time is of the essence.    Please make the right decision for me, my family and my fellow Americans of all political stripes who Love America and our Constitution as I know you do.  Hear and investigate the cases for election Fraud.   You are our last backstop against Tyranny.   The People are depending on you to come through for us and all those that came before us – and died for our Liberty!


Disenfranchised Citizen Voter


John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States

Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice

Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Associate Justice

Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice

Elena Kagan, Associate Justice

Neil M. Gorsuch, Associate Justice

Brett M. Kavanaugh, Associate Justice

Amy Coney Barrett, Associate Justice

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Associate Justice

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Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Why are they Killing us?

December 10 2021 Updated Feb 8 2023

I have been hesitant to write this because when you think you might have a reasonable answer as to why many billions of people could be murdered by a select few technocrats, bankers and politicians, you tend to convince yourself that the hypothesis of mass murder is true.   And that scares the crap out of me.   But, I felt it was time to publish this conspiracy article because nobody as of yet has talked much about the why to it all?  To defend against a common enemy you need to know not only who the enemy is, what they are doing but why they are doing it.   Knowing why will also help define a possible solution. We have found the final pieces to the puzzle.

There are serious questions on the very existence of Sars 2 Coronavirus.  Well into the Pandemic, the CDC has still presented limited proof that they have isolated the virus.   What appears to be a small danger to our physical health, and a big danger to our mental health, is not a new virus per se but “spike proteins” that were engineered as a result of a gain of function Fauci/Daszak experiment to create a highly contagious bio weapon transmitter. The spike protein contagion is referred to as a “virus” and is also an active pathogen contained inside the emergency use vaccinations that were rolled out in December 2020.  It is part of a 2-pack punch Bioweapon designed for depopulation:  the “disease” and the “cure”.

Fact: There was no serious illness on the order of Ebola (50% mortality) requiring worldwide vaccinations and shutdowns. 

The Resetters never lied to us about that. It was always there in plain sight, but we were gaslighted with blinders that we donned with hardly a question. Facts about Covid mortality didn’t stop the narrative because it’s so easy to just brainwash them all away.

The media has convinced billions of people worldwide that they will die from a bad cold or flu if they are not mRNA vaccinated. Now, the vaxxed sheep susceptible to hypnosis and fake news are a grave risk to themselves by creating their own never ending toxins. They are also a risk to the unvaccinated due to the shedding of spike proteins to others and through the spiking of our unfiltered blood supply.

The media’s dreaded non-lethal disease for almost 99% of the general population (especially for people in Africa) has been the focus of our daily news for nearly two years in order to motivate people to the vaccination goalpost.  People, especially the elderly or people with severe health issues, can just as easily be killed by influenza or even the cold, which the spike protein symptoms are similar. Is this all just depopulation or a creation of transhumans via a novel vaccine for a not so novel coronavirus disease that has always made people sick?   If this is a mind game on the global masses it must have evil intent.  Something is deadly, but it was never a new high mortality Bioweapon, unless there is Round 2.   It’s the vaccination.

There are no limits to what Resetting Governments will do to maintain vax mandates.

Canada recently operated under Martial Law under the Emergency Powers Act (at our installed leader’s request) to freeze donations and bank accounts for people that are peacefully protesting their loss of Liberty due to Covid mandates. 

Our own government has issued a DHS Bulletin that could be a preamble to our own Martial law against a much larger group of people.

As Trudeau stated….”everything is on the table”.

Are you awake yet?

Headlines that Never Happened

Let’s start down this road and replay just a few of the latest “Conspiracy” headlines that should have killed the Covid story outright but has not been reported or even investigated other than by fake 3rd party “fact check” sites by the Atheists running the Mainstream Media in America:

Yet, in light of all the above and a 99% survival rate that hasn’t changed since the first time you heard the word “Covid”, most human beings have voluntarily been injected with the Emergency Authorization GMO Therapy Treatment (Covid Vaccination). That is a story for future historians to unravel.

We are inundated with enough uncensored data from much more qualified sources than the FDA/CDC and their Corporate MSM counterparts worldwide that, even if 50% true, would indicate something very sinister is going on to depopulate the planet.   What conclusion can a rational human being come to?  Is it just money for Big Pharma?   No.  It’s much more than that. 

Good Doctors, many now speaking out because of Hippocratic Oath failure remorse, are losing their livelihoods and licenses worldwide for fighting Great Resetter Death Squads because they are providing alternative, scientifically sound treatments to reduce Covid morbidity.  Why not publish that, MSM, unless you are “in on it”?   Nobody should censor the free association of ideas that help create the “Science” for anything newly discovered, be it an idea in physics or disease of unknown origin.     Our Mass Psychosis means that even Einstein is labeled a quack:

…A dictatorship means muzzles all round and consequently stultification. Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.“

Albert Einstein

Everything now points to depopulation.   But why?  Is it really the end of times?   Will I die or my family?

It’s not enough to say it’s all just part of the “Build Back Better” Great Reset of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum and Committee of 300 (more on that later). That would still not answer why an extremely small group of human beings want to kill, with no remorse, nearly 40% of all the other human beings on the planet, amounting to over 3 Billion dead in less than a generation.   

A Land of both Shadow and Substance

Yes, we are in fact living in a Twilight Zone episode even Rod Serling could not have scripted.  I was looking for a reason why anybody would want to do something so demonstrably evil.   I always believed that the answer is simple, maybe hidden in plain sight and based on human nature being inherently bad in the Christian view.

Occam’s razor can help to identify the most likely hypothesis based on simplicity.   When trying to solve a problem in science or medicine, the least complicated answer (hypothesis) is often found to be the correct answer.   Sometimes not, but I think this Machiavellian nightmare does have a simple answer even though it is based on the synergism of economics and technology.  

In medicine specifically, the Zebra principle states that the most likely cause is not a complication of things, it is often the simplest and the most likely cause.  For example, if you live in America and hear hoof beats, it is likely coming from Horses, not Zebras.   In the Covid world, the complicated mess we face has to do with basic Economics and nothing more – job losses due to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence.

“(AI) is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by humans or animals.”

Machine Learning. 

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science which focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way that humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy.

Machine learning is nothing new but can amplify the capabilities of AI.   Think of HAL the computer in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001 A Space Odyssey.   HAL (IBM, one letter off) was the most sophisticated computer on the planet and was in charge of making sure a spaceship would safely transport human beings in suspended animation across the cosmos.  But absent any condition of morality, HAL killed his hosts because they were in the way of his ends justifies the means programmed objectives.

Machine learning is the ability of a computer to teach or “program” itself from prior remembered knowledge (cached memory).  This helps the machine to learn as it performs its assigned task, thus making it more efficient and useful while even avoiding necessary human intervention to make it work better.  This is also how you learn:  trial and error yielding positive results to learn something new that makes you more efficient.  For living human beings, learning through self-education helps increase your life’s chances for fulfillment, pleasure and a general sense of well-being.    On a software level, Machine Learning is similar to human evolution but on a much more rapid trajectory that excludes conscience.  This can result in a high opportunity cost for tragic errors like HAL turning on the humans that created it.

In a manufacturing world, Robots simulating human anatomy plus AI plus Machine Learning = task completed.  Human eliminated.   The same formula applies to nearly every other employment position where people work in an office, operate private or public transit vehicles, distribute products, serve food or perform repetitive tasks.   

How many Jobs will be Lost?

Artificial intelligence, combined with Machine Learning, will result in job losses in the next 30 years approaching 90% .   Unlike the technology of the past like Fords Assembly line (not the first, but the most successful initial use of machine automation) where myriads of new industries and jobs were created nearly overnight, AI’s sole purpose is to eliminate jobs.

Corporate Woke America has always liked cheap labor. Consider the Wall Street Journal’s lack of concern for open borders providing illegally cheap labor for Corporate America.  Even better, how about NO labor?    That’s the ultimate ticket to prosperity.  But, who prospers?   Hint:  The top 5 companies in the S&P 500 (AI Companies) have 25% of the stock equity of the entire 500 .

I am old enough to remember when Bill Gates pushed his worldview 40 years ago imagining a Futureworld Nirvana where his computer software would run all aspects of business.   This would lead to 30 hour workweeks with higher pay.  Well, he missed that a bit.  Businesses used his technology to fire millions of people and leave the rest of us working much longer hours, 24/7 on-call hours and weekends for some, because those computers he programmed allowed us to do the work of 3 people.   Gates was a liar then on the technology he was gifted enough to become expert.    Can anybody trust him now when it comes to things he is not expert in like medicine, virology and even vaccines?   

AI was initially sold to us as only being used to replace dangerous jobs that nobody wanted to do but, like all things technology, metastasized into an unruly cancer that like our friend HAL is devouring its host.     Talk about side effects.

The Great Resetters figured this all out long ago.  AI would make them wealthy (and powerful) beyond imagination but it would come with an untenable price.   The vast majority of people, without the skills to be entrepreneurs or be self-reliant in any way because of their public education, would be without jobs.  Without money.  Without the means of putting food on the table to feed themselves or their kids.

The Great Resetters began to be afraid.  They were afraid that the jobless proletariat would come crashing into their Mansions and Yachts, making the French and Russian Revolutions look tame.   They would be hanged by sundown for causing all this world suffering, including the Covid crime against humanity.   What to do about all that?

The UBI Plan

The Key Component to the Great Reset of AI is called Universal Basic Income (UBI).   Every man, woman and child will get a check in the mail from their respective Global Intergovernmental Finance Agency.   You know, to keep the folks fat, happy and fed so they don’t starve and don’t yell “off with their heads” for the madmen ruining their lives.   The Great Resetters will just keep the useful idiots occupied like IRS employees on never ending, fully paid Covid vacations and let them go out once in a while to do something fun, but not too expensive.    And, they would never want to work again because they have nothing to own and take care of.   Sounds like Nirvana for some, unfortunately.   But is this economically feasible for the world’s population?  I would say no and this is why they have engaged in a plan to selectively kill off people all over the world that will not include the ruling class.    

An annual UBI payment of $32,000 that will replace bankrupt Social Security/Medicare and Pension plans in the United States and Europe at the so called Poverty level (extrapolated to nearly 7 Billion more people in undeveloped countries) will have to be paid for by an infinitesimally small but incredibly wealthy ruling class. This is simply not tenable long term without a drastic reduction in the global population, particularly the elderly demographic who will bankrupt our ineffective symptom focus model healthcare system. 

Why is Covid and it’s treatment killing off the elderly at such a high rate (80% of Covid “deaths”)?    It’s as simple as this financial reality of our Healthcare Social Spending:

Among the top 5 percent of (Healthcare) spenders…..39.0 percent were 65 and older (Medicare), while only 5.8 percent were children under age 18.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The people largely dying with Covid are only 16% of population but 39% of healthcare spending.   This is why The Great Reset cannot happen without a drastic reduction in the general population, starting with the elderly. In their worldview, people over 65 are using a disproportionate share of our social spending resources and – using the words of the Left – is not sustainable.

Beyond the healthcare factor in the Great Reset, we will have the devastating hyperinflation effects from devaluing unbacked fiat currency with never ending printing for universal Social Spending to keep the wolves at bay.  Even virtual fiat currency has its economic limits. 

The WEF people believe that the world is not “sustainable” with a growing population soon dependent on the virtual bank accounts of the Resetters, particularly in Sub Sahara Africa, due to dwindling natural resources – a lie as big as Global Warming.   But what if we “depopulate” the planet by 40%?   Well, this begins to look viable economically.

And, when world domination is required by a select few Dr. Strangelove’s it’s always easier to rule over as small a number as possible so you can keep your Islands and Gulfstream Jets away from the subservient masses that outnumber them nearly a Billion to 1.

The Great Resetters used the Mainstream Media they already own to move the entire world’s population people into a gaslighted state of Mass Psychosis.  Psychotic plebes will want to get the “vaccine” so they can live their lives in faux freedom.    Some will even beg for the vaccine as the ultimate Darwin Award winners and turn in their neighbors for violating police state mandates.    But many will eventually die just long enough after the initial vax + boosters do their dirty work that we won’t make the connection in time to stop the death by media induced VacPsychosis.

There literally is no better way to kill off so many with a broad brush that purposely misses the Ruling class injected with saline.   Brilliant.  Only the jabbed get written off and for a disease that kills no more than a bad flu outbreak. 

It’s truly amazing what people can come up with when the infinitely wealthy have nothing better to do than storyboard existential plans for humanity.  They could have just read the Bible a few times to keep occupied.

All said, I do believe the Great Resetters in charge of this Human Armageddon sleep very well at night.   How could anyone with even a sliver of human compassion kill off such a huge chunk of humanity?  

Great Resetters know that AI and Machine learning will inevitably lead to economic destruction and massive job losses.   If the AI irresistible force of their own making cannot be stopped, then the world’s population simply cannot survive at current population levels.  People will literally be dying alongside their children in their homes and in the streets with bloated stomachs in writhing agony.    In their bizarre egomaniacal way, they are really doing all of us a favor in an insane case of Atheistic Altruism.   It’s better for humanity to die from vaccine induced heart failure or in hospitals on ventilators over a short time than a crushing, slow and agonizing death from starvation.  If we happen to get more money, more power, bigger Islands and Jets along the way, it’s just the price of technological progress.   


The MSM made the Great Reset happen because they never investigated or questioned the morality of the agenda.    Of course they didn’t.  The heads of the MSM are the agenda.  They are at the top of the food chain allowing every bit of gaslighting psychosis to occur.  The largely Atheist heads of those Mainstream media organizations are not getting vaxxed or if they do, are getting saline solutions instead.   They will be in the handful of survivors in positions of unfathomable power and wealth equal to or exceeding the Technocrats and Politicians.  

One World Government

The MSM is in a leadership role as part of the United Nations Plan for a One World Government. Obama spoke openly and disturbingly about One World Government in a UN Farewell Address, pretending that his 2nd term was over and he would no longer play a major role at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All of what we are witnessing is part of a long range plan to reduce population to match what The Olympians and a handful of others at the top of the food chain (Committee of 300) feel are the limits of our natural resources. The Plandemic of Covid, which is largely a deployment of spike proteins causing immunity disfunction and allergic reactions that vary individually and with batches, was created to support the plan. You can read more about the Committee of 300 here.  

Graphene Oxide Survivors

Consider the 5G/Vaccine connection. It is apparent that 5G networks may be “tuned-in” for Duplex two-way communication with humans (or transhumans) at the cellular level via Graphene Oxide found in all mRNA vaccinations.   Those that are vaxxed and survive the Depopulation game or don’t bleed to death from the Graphene Oxide component due to their robust immune systems (Nietzsche’s Superman on Steroids) will be turned into human transducers via Graphene Oxide resonance without their knowledge, let alone control.   It is quite possible that the Internet of Things won’t hold a candle to the Internet of SuperPeople.

Network 5G was installed probably in your neighborhood with zero permission from the exposed people at risk.    The very safety agency that should have stopped the rollout of 5G due to documented adverse health and safety effects (known to the FCC) of high frequency electromagnetic radiation also failed to warn us of the safety hazards of mRNA vaccines and have yet to approve the currently used vaccines and booster treatments.    Do we know the maximum power limits of the new generation “milliwave” 5G systems being installed that operates at up to 100GHZ, the range used in directed energy weapons? Can these systems be used against our own people? Is the FCC concerned with “universal access” or “universal control”?

What to do?

Is there a way to stop their plan of Evil incarnate?   First, don’t take the vaccination or blood transfusions from mRNA contaminated sources so we have as many people on our side to survive the death camps and deal with all the body piles in the coming years.   Find a good unwoke Doctor and keep a supply of prophylactic and detoxification treatments for exposure to Covid Spike Proteins and other pathogens which could be deployed as they use up their final arsenals.

The Technocrats pushing for Depopulation can be stopped but only if we have the will to change.   And, God willing, if reasonable people get back in charge we can also do things on a Macro level.   Here are the 3 steps:

  • First, and we can do this outside of politics and violence, is to go Cold Turkey with Big Tech.  We have to become modern Luddites, like it or not.   Big tech has to be stopped if AI is to be stopped.   We have to return to a less anxious time of human existence where children don’t text each other across the room and learn to use a smartphone before they ride a bike or read a book.    This will take at least a generation, but can be done.  Join and contribute to organizations like Dr. Robert Epstein’s Stop Big Tech Now .
  • Secondly, we have to regain political power by voting in like-minded people at the voting booth.  Use trackable ballots and establish bipartisan poll watchers selected like a jury.  Election fraud has to be as obliterated as the Leftist Controlled Democratic party should be.
  • Third.  When we regain power, we must do the following:
    • Every existing and new “technology” must undergo a TIS – Technology Impact Statement.   Like the 70s’ Environmental Impact Statements (or assessment), a TIS would focus on one thing – Jobs.  If the technology (like AI or 5G implementation) reduces net employment it is immediately unlicensed. 
    • We have to legally bust-up the Corporate Mainstream media as an information monopoly (Exhibit A – Trusted News Initiative) ranging from source reporting to fact checking 3rd parties.

Jobs, no matter how menial, are not only good for the soul but ultimately necessary to avoid anarchy.  Have we forgotten that?   Well, the Great Resetters haven’t forgotten.  But as we have seen, their solution is to unleash Armageddon instead of pulling the plug on AI, the source of their immense wealth and power. 

Even if you are not convinced of this Covid depopulation theory and its causes above, we do have to educate as many as we can about what could be lurking under the covers.   Some under our “Trusted News Initiative” Corporate Media induced mass pychosis may be unreachable and unmovable.  Still, we have to try to reach them because if we have any chance at this late stage to stop this most evil technological end game, possibly involving the mass execution of Billions of people the likes of which has never been seen, we need a lot of people on our side.  People like you and I who can fight politically or by other legitimate means to stop a disaster never before seen in human existence.

It’s all about that (virtual) check in the mail.   Even fiat virtual money lives on Economic principles of supply and demand.  There just ain’t enough fake money to keep it all afloat and keep the masses away from the Resetter elite.

If the above didn’t scare you a bit, this will.   

As we have now seen in Canada and the US, they are coming after us harder and faster now because they have no other option.   For what they have done, if they lose their power, we will convict and sentence the key Great Resetters with crimes against humanity.    You see, we have gone too far in this Twilight Zone episode.   There is no turning back now for them, or us.   All of us are living in a bad dream in a bad movie in the most important time in world history. Although the path ahead is not yet clear for any of us, we can rest easy on one thing.   God is still in charge.

Final Thoughts

I saved the best for last.  Even with all their darkside power, they will lose in the end for one simple reason:  Romans 8:31.

Take heart and pray to be Right with your God.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Future Tense

You may not have heard of ChatGPT.  Some say it will make Google search obsolete, and then Google itself. 

ChatGPT is an AI tool that is in the “learning phase” now and soon will be deployed to answer directly to virtually any question posed.  

If you don’t think that AI will take most jobs and is bad for humanity, well, you are sleeping very deeply.   I guess losing jobs according to the nerds that write code for AI that put food on the table and give some meaning to our existence is , well, “cool”.   

Here is a poem created on the spot that was in the style of Trump speech.


Along with transhumanism, AI technology that is in synergy with biotech proves that just because you can do something does not mean you should do it.

It’s getting time to put an end to the madness. If humanity is to survive, AI must be reined in with serious regulation before all of our jobs disappear.

Every existing and new AI based technology must undergo a TIS – Technology Impact Statement.   Like the 70s’ Environmental Impact Statements (or assessment), a TIS would focus on one thing – Jobs.  If the technology (like AI or 5G implementation) reduces net employment it is immediately unlicensed. 

Or, AI must be outlawed altogether like “Gain of Function” for the same depopulating reasons.

And it’s practitioners made criminals, destroyed like the Georgia Guidestones.

Now, that would be “cool”.

But we don’t stand a chance against the techmongering nerds of the world, unknowingly directed by the WEF, unless people wake up to what is happening at – using Trumps misguided words – Operation Warp Speed.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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