Case Crosed

Just for fun, lets say that your country was at war with the world and that you wanted to kill your enemy using a Bio Weapon.    The Bio Weapon would most obviously have to be deployed in a way that it would not also kill your own people. 

So, what would be a telltale sign,  or fingerprint if you will, of such a scenario that would be irrefutable proof of a Bio Weapon plan gone viral by the offending country?   

Please consider that only a country with Bio Safety Level 4 Lab capability, with a known Bio-Weapons program, ranking extremely low in Covid 19 mortality should be the bad actor.  And, that Democratic nation enemy states in Western Europe and America (even with the most expensive healthcare system on the planet) would be hit the hardest.

What country meets this criteria? 

Below is Exhibit A: Table of Covid 19 Deaths ranked by country (Johns Hopkins University, as of September 27, 2021)  

Global Map of Covid-19 Mortality (deaths per Million):


Hmmmmm. And, the highlighted country also has Bio Safety Level 4 Labs.

Now, I am sure that you would say we cannot trust the China numbers because they pretty much lie about everything.   And, that virtually all Covid death numbers are questionable anyway because of the way medical examiners all over the world have been told by the Center for Democratic Control (CDC) to identify Covid 19 as the underlying cause of death (UCOD) on death certificates even when other serious co-morbidities exist. 

Even so, it is not in China’s advantage to report not only low fatality rates, but extraordinarily low rates.  Ridiculously low.

There seems to be only one conclusion.

Case crosed.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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