Fully Vaccinated

Updated October 22 2021

For the first time in world history, the term “fully vaccinated” is being used.  That novel phrase, like so many from the Left, was adopted uniformly and in perfect unison by the Mainstream Media.  The same lying Mainstream Media says they report “Truth”.   But, what does it mean?

It means that we are now living under a Nazi government because only the unelected Nazis in power can define what the word “fully” means.   If you fail to get the boosters exactly on time, does this mean you are no longer fully vaccinatedtm ?  Of course it does, because then you won’t be able to travel and buy food and stuff because your Vaccine Passport will have expired.

So, this will be a never ending game where people like us, now living against our wills in a Healthocracy, cannot live their lives in freedom unless they either commit suicide or cannot have children – the side effects of being fully vaccinatedtm

The Emergency Use GMO mRNA Treatment is not a vaccine which prevents you from getting disease. Vaccines prevent disease. The various elixirs from Big Pharma with heretofore unknown ingredients does nothing of the kind.

Polio. During the 1950s, nearly 15,000 people every year contracted Polio, a disease that causes paralysis.  The first effective vaccine was made by Jonas Salk.  When the Polio vaccine was initially rolled out, first by injection and then orally in those little paper cups, it prevented you from getting Polio.   Same with vaccines for smallpox, measles and chicken pox.   It worked.  And, we never said that kids that got those vaccines were fully vaccinated.  They were just vaccinated.  Or, they got boosters.   That’s it.

Compare and contrast Covid mRNA treatments with the Polio vaccine rolled out in the 1950s. It is clear even among the Leftists running our Healthocracy that people being vaccinated against Covid 19 can still get Covid 19.  They say these are “breakthrough cases” (yet another fashionable Leftist word) but only cause a much milder case than you would have had otherwise, trying to prove a negative.  Proving a negative (i.e. something did not happen) is only a problem for us, not the Healthocracy.   The “breakthrough cases” then devolves to the need for being not just vaccinated but fully vaccinatedtm simply because the original dose was insufficient, rather than effective.

If the Polio vaccine was the same sort of fake medical quackery as mRNA treatments it would have only worked to slowly kill you off with Polio.  Or, someone from the Health Department back in the 50s telling you that had it not been for the Salk vaccine you would have gotten Polio much worse than if you had not taken the shots and boosters as prescribed, ad infinitum.  But, way back in the BC days (Before Covid) that would have been a lie that wouldn’t have passed MSM muster because nobody was trying to take over the world via a novel medical tyranny.  

In truth, and for a very short time before the vaccine was immediately corrected (unlike today’s vaccine fatal defects), there were mild cases of Polio.   It happened early in the rollout when the “live” Polio virus was not properly inactivated.   The “Cutter Incident” resulted in 200 cases of localized Polio paralysis and 10 dead children, but even this blunder is not remotely comparable to the deaths and side effects of our current mRNA treatments. Compare these numbers to our current mRNA treatments and prior vaccination deaths.

With detailed tracking, we identified a tiny few harmed by the Polio vaccination. This resulted in an immediate investigation leading to a new vaccine formulation, followed by liability protection at the federal level to encourage pharmaceutical companies to make vaccines.   The reformulated Polio vaccination then did its job, thereby proving it’s efficacy as a vaccination against disease, not causing disease.  

The Covid mRNA treatment is nothing of the kind, evident by its basic mRNA design that contains an active pathogen – the Spike Protein. This is not unlike the Cutter Incident which unintentionally used a live virus (active pathogen). Again, the Cutter incident resulted in a full stop and reformulation. Now, we force people to take more and more of it on a mass, Global scale. A 180 degree change just doesn’t seem a sufficient description.

Also, take a look at what has happened in Israel where the most compliant multi-jabbed masses in the world who trust their Government implicitly are now getting Covid in large numbers.   In the USA, it is becoming clear that there are big problems with the vaccination program. If the treatment was really a vaccination against disease, like Polio, how could this happen?  And, why are we even still calling the Pfizer/Moderna/Johnson (Janssen)/Astra Zeneca treatments a vaccination?

According to the CDC’s own database, we have nearly 22,115 hospitalizations and fatalities for the fully vaccinatedtm.   Now, I don’t want this article to be a Debbie Downer entirely.  The good news is according to the CDC’s Chief of Disinformation, men are no longer dying from the vaccination. Thanks Rochelle!

Beyond what has been reported, we must add to the above the awful adverse vaccination side effects, e.g. premature deaths, for people receiving only one jab, otherwise known as the “not fully vaccinatedtm.  This would be like vast numbers of people getting Polio after their “single” dose of the Polio vaccination.  Of course, this did not happen back in BC time (Before Covid) when we had Doctors that made sense and house calls.  It didn’t happen with Polio because this was a real vaccination. We have nothing of the sort now, so that is why we never used the term fully vaccinatedtm until Covid 19 was developed and released, possibly in part by our own government.   That story is yet to fully unfold.

Per the CDCs (Centers for Democratic Control), as of September 27, 2021 more than 183 million people in the United States had been fully vaccinatedtm against COVID-19.    That’s about 54% of the United States population and likely a much smaller percentage if we count illegal aliens who are entering America Carte Blanche with Covid and without vaccinations.   Vaccine passports for Illegals?  Nah.  They don’t even need regular passports.

So, who are the fully vaccinatedtm?   As of today, the CDCs current definition of being fully vaccinatedtm is defined as follows.

In general, people are considered fully vaccinated: 

  • 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines
  • 2 weeks after a first dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine (semi-officially a two-doser now)1

In general? That was inserted because they will change the definition. But what of next month or next year? Moving targets benefit only the totalitarians who will keep everyone under a constant state of fear with their Vaccine Passport programs that will allow you to buy food, beginning to rollout in the UK.  

We know that the fully vaccinatedtm people can be infected with high viral amounts of the delta variant that may very well be caused by a leaky vaccine (see Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough’s numerous videos on subject).  Since the CDC is concerned these people can still transmit the virus they will require more and more of the GMO treatment until their objective has been achieved.   A final solution if you will.  You would think Rochelle Walensky, a Jewish Doctor installed to run the CDC, would be concerned?  

More and More to Get Jabbed, by Hook or by Crook.   Our installed Alzheimer’s patient as POTUS now says that he wants 98% of Americans to be fully vaccinatedtm“.  Given what has been discovered about breakthrough cases of hospitalizations and deaths, proving that the “vaccine” is not actually preventing disease by any measurable indicator, why do we need nearly everyone vaccinated Mr. Biden?   Some in our medical community and even the folks at MSN can’t figure him out on this.   Certainly there must be a reason for saying something so blatantly dictatorial, let alone idiotic.  To get to a possible answer, we must first assume that a man with Dementia seldom makes policy on his own. It comes from places higher up in the Resetting food chain.

Let us conjecture.  To do so we have to confront the Resetting reality staring us in our faces. When nearly everyone is vaccinated with the now proven non-vaccine vaccine, and people start dying off from things like Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) which was found in laboratory animals 2 and ignored by the FDA just before the “emergency” rollout, there will be no control group to prove the depopulation crime against humanity.    The Resetting Puppet Masters are betting not only the ranch but their own survival.  As the percentage of the fully vaccinatedtm increases the less likely the depopulation Resetters will be tried and convicted.   That is a pretty big incentive to keep the pedal to the metal.   Pressure on the unvaxxed will continue unabated because the people that could have stopped the insanity years ago (the Mainstream Media) are actually the people most likely at risk for trial and punishment.  

Since we seem to be living in an alternate universe, beginning with the Insurrection of the United States of America on November 3, 2020, the only conclusion I can draw is this. The non-vaccine vaccine treatment does not work other than to make us do a slow death dance or prevent human beings from having children.   

Depopulation by any means justifies the end.  

Fully Vaccinatedtm may just mean Fully Deadtm.  

We need a new drug.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

1 Originally, CDC Strongly recommended a 2 dose series, contradicting their own fully vaccinatedtm definition. Subsequently, on October 15, 2021 the FDA revised their guideline for a two-dose regiment of the Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine. It is expected that the J3 Vaccination will now need two doses to meet the CDC fully vaccinatedtm definition.

2 An original Wikipedia article on Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) indicated that the FDA ignored animal trials with prior coronavirus vaccines designed to produce spike proteins. For over two decades, “vaccines” that produce spiked protein mRNA or adenovirus were trialed on lab animals. Though the test subjects initially did acquire antibodies, on meeting SARS-CoV-1, the cats and ferrets injected with the “vaccines” all died. This information has been largely deleted from the original article, now showing only an ADE “concern”. The last article update has now been permanently locked by Wiki management.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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4 thoughts on “Fully Vaccinated

  1. This is WRONG:
    “It means that we are now living under a Nazi government because only the unelected Nazis in power can define what the word “fully” means. “.

    This is CORRECT:
    1. … living under a cultural Marxist government…
    2. … unelected cultural Marxists in power….
    Please, correct it – is completely disrespectful for these cultural Marxists.


    1. Since we are living in a largely Totalitarian Fascist regime, mainly thru Government and Corporate partnerships, National Socialism ala Nazism seems the better analogy. Its a bad brew never seen before with trad. Communism amd Marxism. And Nazis did subjogate a particular race as we are now doing with CRT.


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