Is Africa the Covid Smoking Gun?

December 12, 2021 Updated March 11, 2022

Updated – see footnote 2.

Introduction. In October 2020 I wrote about the US healthcare system and how it is a total failure on Covid, allowing people to die without simple treatments for the Bioweapon dubbed Covid. A year later we have increased our hold on the #1 slot on healthcare expenditures per capita. Nothing has improved and in many ways our healthcare establishment has gotten worse. Much worse. And, now we have the smoking gun case of Africa proving the possibly intentional manslaughter of people in the name of bad science, profiteering or worse – depopulation….

The most expensive healthcare system in the world (by a huge margin) is the United States. We have 45% higher healthcare expenses per capita in our “free market” healthcare system than #2 in the world – Switzerland.

Strangely, and with barely a whimper from Americans that are going broke paying insane medical bills year after year, the USA ranks in the top 20 out of 195 countries for Covid mortality with 2368 deaths/1,000,000. This equates to roughly 140 Covid only deaths/1,000,000 using the 6% CDC figure obtained through Medical Examiner death certificates, as directed by CDC guidance issued April 2020. This also is less than the median annual influenza deaths over 10 years – yet we have blithly crashed the world for the Great Reset. I digress.

Below are the lowest Covid death rate countries in the world.  Of the 38 countries with the lowest mortality rates are 26 countries located in the continent with the worst healthcare systems in the world – Africa.   How is this possible?

Lowest Covid 19 Mortality by Country (as of 12/6/21):


Simple.   Most African countries allow use of inexpensive (i.e. non patentable US Pharmaceutical Pseudo-Vaccines) Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin for early treatment.   We don’t.  And, they also don’t fake death counts to establish totalitarian rule by a deadly vaccine and human segregation brainwashing experiment on the masses.

These renegade countries are now being targeted for forced1 inoculations per the latest World Economic Forum (WEF) release here because of a new found creation called the Omicrontm variant (aka “Zero” Micron, or non-existent). The mild mutation was “discovered” in South Africa, the only part of Africa with vaccination rates similar to America and likely proving that the vaccines cause variants. Or, that the Media needed a variant location close to a control group with 1.3 Billion live humans to cause the greatest panic. The beat goes on.

Yes, Omicrontm just happened to be discovered in South Africa and the party has just begun.

Just Mandrake conjecturing here but it is very likely that Omicrontm literally appeared out of MSM hot air because there is little evidence of Sars 2 Coronavirus in the first place to even create derivative viral mutants. What has been acknowledged with reasonable alacrity by the underground press is worldwide exposure to spike protein bioweapons created in a lab with the purpose of depopulation vaccination.

And, now those poor as dirt but much healthier than the rest of us Sub Saharan Africans must be dealt with. These renegades living near the equator where Vit D is plentiful even for the dark skinned must be jabbed, needled soon and by any means possible. I can only imagine what they have in store for these poor but temporarily healthy people that will be largely ignored by the worldwide MSM.2

African countries with the most “backward” and “poorest” healthcare systems in the world are doing significantly better than the rest of us with our most expensive in the world (by far) healthcare systems run by FDA/Big Pharma and the AMA. Isn’t that special? Misery loves company and we need to get these people on board!

We have always known that when Western Governments spend more money to cure an ill, often of their own making, it usually fails. Their answer is that we just did not spend enough. Nearly 18% of our US GDP for healthcare just isn’t enough. This United States healthcare fiasco story may be the best example in human history of this never ending Leftist lunacy.

Even with the few remaining good Docs and many Nurses out there, Americans cannot match the healthcare of Africa when it comes to Covid mortality – even as we spend ourselves into oblivion thinking we will be healthier and live longer than the rest of the world. Hell, if our spending was related to longevity, we would live to 142 with no cancer, heart disease or Alzheimers to worry about.

So, what is going on? How can some of the worlds worst healthcare systems in Africa handle a “pandemic” so much better than the most expensive systems in the world? Why the illogical discrepancy in mortality?  A 12 year old in Science class could figure this out over our brainwashed masses: People in Africa use safe and inexpensive Anti-Bioweapon Spike Protein treatments (HCL/Ivermectin), avoided the Covid inducing jabs (6% Vax rate) and as a result are the most healthy people in the world vis a vis Covid. This is the smoking gun.

That just won’t do. As I have written in several articles, the goal of the Reset is to Vax everyone for depopulation via quick deaths, slow deaths or random miscarriages. Having a massively large control group to compare to the billions of Dead bodies that are healthy, alive and multiplying in 3 to 5 years cannot be allowed. The Depop Resetters must lose the last remaining large population control group (after the much unhealthier Western countries forces all of us to vax) that would otherwise prove for once and all that it was the vaxxed that died off at the hands of worldwide criminals. Criminals that need Nuremberg trials and punishment.     

Let’s end this insanity with more insanity. Here is the headline in our December 6 2021 WEF article. Pay attention to the use of the word “discrimination”:

3. ‘Extreme’ vaccine discrimination risks leaving Africa behind: report

WEF – December 6, 2021

In typical Marxist wordplay, the WEF is claiming that the African continent is being discriminated against because they are not being forcefully inoculated and maimed like the rest of the world. Really? My God, how stupid do they think people are? Actually, it is concerning and strikes fear in my heart that these people think the world is stupid enough to buy their BS. Where does that leave the rest of us with more than a room temp IQ?

Still, when the all powerful WEF has to quote a Sudanese Resetting Telecom Billionaire (Mo Ibrahim) with zero healthcare experience (but OK with 5G) about the awful healthcare “discrimination” going on, these folks are grasping at straws and that gives me hope that even my neighbors will soon get wise.   Maybe since our African Whiz Kid will be healthy with his saline solution, the MSM might consider an interview with the rank and file and see how they feel about being “discriminated” against – for death.   But that would only happen in an Anti-Matter Universe, not the one we temporarily find ourselves.

The African question is answered and is even more proof that the evil in our midst is all around us now and closing fast.   The Resetters are trying to hide the smoking gun before the world sees it, but it’s too late because the data is already in. Their damage has been done and it’s exposed for all to see.

Forrest Gump: “Fake is as Fake does”.

Sic Semper Tyrannis —

1At this Plandemic stage, “forcefully” may not mean gun to the head (yet) but when you are slaves to warlords or have been educated to not be self-reliant and will lose your job that puts food on the table if you don’t vacciboost, you really have few if any other options to literally survive. This is just a force of a different color.

2IMPORTANT MANDRAKE NEWS UPDATE. It didn’t take long. In the US Omnibus budget bill that will be likely passed because nearly all Republicans are taken and refuse to fight the installed regime of Nov 3 2020, there is $4.5 Billion for an Africa Vaccination program. If they succeed in obtaining the money and implementing the evil plan incarnate, the last massive control group to prove Vaccination Depopulation will be eliminated. Blacks in Africa (not “African American” fakers) should say NO to the plan to kill them off. Then, when the Trials start, the irrefutable evidence of genocide will at last set the world free.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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16 thoughts on “Is Africa the Covid Smoking Gun?

  1. The words crimes against Humanity need to be used more often, and we all need to start asking for Fauci’s head so often it can’t be ignored. Rs should run on prosecuting Fauci for Crimes against humanity, then spread out to Bill Gates, George Soros and Joe Biden among others


  2. The statistics for Covid mortality rates needs to be normalized for age groups. I believe that the average age in African is lower than in the U.S. or in The E.U.


    1. Minimal effect on overall mortality unless average age is 2. The only “normalization” going on will be to get Africa to the same vax rates as the rest of the world.


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