Are you a PINO?

Memorial Day this year has been difficult for me personally.   I just read in the Epoch Times (please consider subscribing) the heartbreaking stories of several Medal of Honor recipients.

As I was reading this article by Jeff Minick it nearly made me cry to think of the raw courage these men faced as proxies for us, their comrades, friends and loved ones.

Now, fast forward to our world today.  Do these people still exist?  Absolutely.  Are there enough of them to break down the grip of totalitarianism that they fought against and is taking our freedom away, and our Constitution with it?   From my personal experience, that remains to be seen.  I am not talking about people brave enough to man a mortar position until located and blown to pieces while saving his comrades in battle.   I am only wondering if we have enough people with the courage to fight even politically and personally through their own financial behaviors to take down the looming Reset of doom we are facing.

Too many aren’t aware of what is in store if Obama is allowed to continue a 3rd term using weapons of mass destruction through a puppet administration.  Or, if they know what’s going on they are thinking the cavalry will come to save America at the last hour.  They won’t dare speak truth in the new order of Disinformation, which is what we need more than ever.   How do we win back America with so few willing to stand up, let alone speak up?

We are in the last hour.   Will it be our “Finest Hour”?

In honor of our true Patriots that gave their lives so future generations could live in a world without Tyranny, I wrote the following letter on Memorial Day to all of my friends and “Patriots”.   Is this you?

To My Fellow Americans:

Do you want to know why America is nearly gone now?   There are too many discouraged people left to fight for people that were scared silent into submission, even as there still remains many news sources and real Patriots speaking fearlessly about truth.

Their fears won’t allow them to see the film or financially support 2000 Mules or even acknowledge publicly that election fraud may have stole this country away.   Some that could didn’t financially support truckers putting their lives and livelihoods on the line FOR US because somebody might find out, even though banks in Canada are now quietly apologizing for seizing bank accounts.

Some no longer associate with friends who were DC protesters on their behalf.   No matter.  These people are Patriots in Name Only (PINO’s) and America is filled with them.  Someone will surely stand in the gap for them, right?

The takeover victory of One World Government in America, the Grand Prize, is not yet complete but is very close.   Why?   If the worst does happen it will not be because not enough cared.  It will be because not enough cared – enough.   Americans once gave a damn like past generations who actually fielded arms for Freedom and Liberty.

But, there is still hope left as many of us are still not yielding and remain unshakable.   We don’t want to fear answering to the next gen of Americans who will ask us from a dark apartment in a Dystopian world of Godless darkness – what did you do in the war?  Well?   Some ideas….

  • Be a Poll Watcher in November
  • Speak without fear about Election Fraud
  • Join a grassroots cause or run for school board
  • Financially support Patriots Jailed in DC, Dinesh D’Souza/True the Vote, Mike Lindell
  • Stop financially supporting woke organizations like Big Banks, ABC/Disney, Big Tech/MSM and Chick fi La
  • Write your Congressman about busting up the illegal information monopoly of Corporate Media
  • Write your Congressman about defunding the Disinformation Governance Board (notwithstanding Dinesh D’Souza’s and Mike Lindell’s election fraud investigations, this is absolute proof of a takeover)                    
  • Encourage all people and especially friends and family who fight for America in their own peaceful way
  • Pass on this message to someone who might listen

We can win this war politically and with intelligence – but we cannot win if we stay silent in the College saferooms we abhor.    It’s not too late.

How do you fit in?  Can you step up, unafraid and unbroken?   Or, will you remain on the fence?

Wake up call my friends.  There is no fence anymore as the battle lines are drawn clear for all to see now.    Simply put, the complacent are doomed, and us along with them.

Above all.   Don’t be a PINO!

Revelation 3:16

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

Happy Memorial Day!

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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