The Big Question

by Garcia de Malones

Now that the battlelines have been drawn, essentially splitting the country into two distinct factions (e.g. no middle ground, see American Poem), this is the Big Question facing all of us….

What happens to a country when half of its people hate it because it’s Capitalist and Godly and the other half hate it because it’s Marxist and Godless? 

L. Mandrake

This is the one political question that defines the America of 2022. It must and will be answered soon enough, but the answer is not going to be a happy ending for either side.

Is one side right and the other wrong? In my opinion, yes. But first, I don’t want to let my side off so easily. We have fallen away from God and worshipped the idols of the American Dream. Nothing wrong with that Dream, so long as it does not rule one’s life and that is where we have fallen down.

Capitalism has fallen into the final destructive disarray of death throes claimed by Marxists for over a hundred years. The Marxists, correctly I might add, said all along that greed will drive business decisions to the point of a kind of Capitalistic Dictatorship of self destruction.

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

Our capitalist dictatorship as promoted worldwide through organizations like WEF, has ruined lives through cancellation. Cancellation of ideas. Cancellation of jobs. Cancellation of human beings.

Corporate America has fallen into this Dictatorship Reset Mode not so much because of the personal desires of their Boards of Directors to help the world for the better. They just think they will make more money if they fall in line, even if it means being cancelled by the customers and employees they screw. Touché.

Yes, they fell in line like good Fascists because of greed, nothing less. Greed is the driving force of Capitalism. And the desire for more stuff over what really matters for long term happiness is at the heart of what ails us.

Question. What is stronger than God? More evil than Satan himself? Poor people have it and rich people want it?

Answer. Nothing.

Like it or not, the desire to grow one’s personal wealth has been the immigrant dream since our founding. Escaping from tyranny and religious persecution has always been important to the new immigrants but is secondary overall to the desire to move up the financial ladder and live the good life.

In my first Economics class at University I learned that Economics was simply how human beings satisfy unlimited wants with limited resources. I don’t mean unlimited in terms of food and water for sustenance. It goes beyond the survival of animals – we humans just need a lot of stuff because we kinda get bored easy, it comes with our human condition. But it can go too far if nothing else satisfies spiritually, emotionally or mentally.

The overwhelming desire for material things and love of money has led us to our current state of affairs. Black lives matter? Nah. Convenience matters. If I am a victim as defined by my African-American culture, I will get more stuff without having to earn it. Ka-ching!

On the other side, we have people that don’t want to suffer through the excrutiating pains of helping to save America from Atheist Corporations by not going to Disneyland. Or, not shopping online even if it enriches the already insanely rich technocrats taking control of our lives while killing small businesses. Or, cancelling bank accounts with JP Morgan Chase because they have ATMs all over the place, even as they cancel people for just being free. Or, what of the “Christians” standing in lines every day at Chick fi La while the now Woke company publicly states they no longer support Christian causes? Or, having their own children take fake vaccines so they don’t have to deal with home school rather than helping to prevent experimental worldwide Genocide.

What kind of person is it that cannot even sweat the small stuff to save the country handed down to them and their families by people that fought and died in wars all over the world for religious freedom and personal liberty (while enriching Capitalists and Politicians that have always used war to jumpstart economies)?

They will know one thing when it’s too late. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Liberty Once Lost is Lost Forever

John Adams

As for those Directors on the Big Boards, well, they are the same as us. They won’t stand up to tyranny because they don’t want to be cancelled themselves. They love their non-regulation regulation world of the Capitalist Dictatorship which makes it nearly impossible for small businesses to compete. Two sides of the same coin.

The Capitalist Dictatorship downside of immensely profitable and inhuman companies run by Artificial Intelligence must be inevitable because it’s main participants are fallible, narcissistic and (dare I say) sinful human beings with little humanity. And, we will happily check ourselves out at the store using their technology without discount because it is so convenient. Now, our regulating protectors from Corporate tyranny have become the instigators of the tyranny they regulate.

Capitalism Fail

How can we save ourselves from Capitalist Dictatorship? First, they must be mortally wounded monetarily.  So, don’t give woke Corporations our money or, if necessary, our labor (yes, that part is easier said than done). Secondly, and nearly as important, we must have real anti- monopolistic regulation by citizens instead or Politicians and Businesses.

When the regulators are actually the people inside the industry they regulate it is a recipe for the world we find ourselves. A world of limited choices and high prices.

In N.C. State Board of Dental Examiners v. FTC (2015), the Supreme Court held that when a board is dominated by active market participants, the harms of anticompetitive self-dealing targeted by the Sherman Act are present in full force.

Capitalism has and will always need regulation by the payers not the producers. For those economists and even my Libertarian friends that have touted the “Laissez-faire” form of Capitalism, I say to them to look where this inevitably leads: A New World Order hatched from a nearly all powerful Government Industrial complex.

The FDA (killing us and infant children with mRNA shots) and the FCC (killing us with 100 Ghz 5G radiation and forcing us to send yet more money to big tech when we must buy new smartphones every 4 years) are so in bed with their subjects as to make you want to go to sleep and wake up not in Kansas.

This article won’t get into the devious lies of the FDA since the Reset ordered Covid bioweapon was delivered via spike proteins, there is more than enough unhidden evidence of that. But when the FDA allowed pharmaceutical companies to advertise expensive and highly specialized drug treatments to consumers with ZERO medical knowledge, that means the worst has occurred – nearly 20% of America’s GDP goes directly to a healthcare system that is killing us economically and physically.

Direct-to-consumer marketing (DTCM), what you probably know as “drug commercials,” was first given the seal of approval by our chief regulator (FDA) in 1985. In all the world, only New Zealand allows this kind of direct pharma to consumer advertising. The rest of the world is sane. Not America.

I think I will go ask my Doctor to get Xcentra ™ for my occasional headache/stomach ache. But first, according to the well-endowed lady in my Xcentra ™ commercial, I must first tell him that I am pretty sure I have a thin wall depression on the lining of my small intestine. I must not forget, otherwise I might bleed to death when my Doc orders up the elixir for me.  Wait a tic.  Didn’t  Alka-Seltzer work last time?

Vinny Boom Bah

Along with a multitude of other American Healthcare sins like the 3rd leading cause of death in America is amazingly from bad surgeries and hospital infections, convincing people they are sick with imagined diseases demanding expensive tests and even more expensive drugs is one way get to the highest per capita healthcare expenses in the world. Not to mention the deliberate money driven overtreatment or undertreatment of Covid 19 that killed thousands of people just in America.

For all the hand wringing we do on the collapsing of America and the world around us, for all the alternative news sites and protests from time to time that do little more than make some of us feel temporarily better because we are doing something, nothing is being done to stop the madness. Certainly, there have been some victories here and there on the local level. But the cannonballs of Reset keep hurling towards us.

Something has to give and I think at some point the dead bodies of Genocide will do it – i.e. if people awaken to the genocide of their own families before the Resetters complete their death grip of control. At that point, it will be nearly impossible to fight back. The timing of this is critical and is the one wild card that the Resetters do not have control. I believe some at the top of the Reset food chain are probably beginning to get a little anxious at this point in time because if we get back power we will demand Justice for crimes against humanity and these tyrannical megalomaniacs will all pay the price. Maybe.

Capitalism is now in its death throws and we have lost control of our economy. Its affecting both sides of the American debate. Actually, there is only one side of the debate because the half of America that are still children and went to College or graduated from government schools in the last 30 years won’t debate anybody….on anything.

This gets me to the answer to the Big Question. It’s going to be a battle of the ages between the irresistible force of people bound by nothing (Atheists) and the immovable object of people that answer to a higher being (Believers).

Just saying no to tyranny will ultimately lead to Nov 3 Insurrection Govt Police pointing a gun at you. So, yes, there will be blood and martial law which leads to more blood and maybe another fake election in November.  At some point that may awaken sleeping Oathkeepers all over America.

If America and its Constitution survives, we will have our own, long overdue reset.  We will go back to the more Libertarian place it was always meant to be. For many that don’t depend on Faith, Family or Friends for survival when the government shrinks to a only a shadow of what it once was, it will be a very tough world.   With no saferooms.

If the Founders America does not survive, it will be a Dystopian nightmare of Atheism that you will not want to be alive in. It’s that simple.

Now, which side will answer the Big Question and win the battle of opposites depends not so much on who has the larger army, is smarter or has the most wealth.

These are end times and the winner has already been written in the book.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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