An American Poem

Our country was stolen by the Nov 3 Insurrection, right before our eyes, in the darkness of night.   Regardless of the proven Election fraud on a massive scale,  in many ways we have already lost the America I grew up with.   That is another matter to consider, after we regain control of our election process. 

In honor of Dinesh D’Souzas new documentary about our stolen election (2000 Mules), I decided to write a poem about  America and how to get her back.  

Please see 2000 Mules and tell everyone you know to see it.  Nothing is more important than a stolen country, especially when it’s a country so important to the world – America. 

1st Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.“


We once had a place
To live and to grow
Where dreams are fulfilled
Nowhere else you can go
We said to our founders
Ok, you may lead
But only if we check you
From Power and Greed
We said we must always
Be able to reach
Our Leaders in Power
With Freedom of Speech
Agreed, they did say
Anything more?
Sit down and we’ll tell you
First, open these doors
Keep no secrets from us
You rule through our will
There is no King here
He’s gone forever still
And when you go bad
As we know leaders will
You shall Always hear Protests
On Capitol Hill
Any more you demand?
That seems quite good
We’ll agree to all that
We’ll do as we should
One more thing is required
To go beyond Great
Believe in a God
To rule without Hate
You see we need faith
Or pay Liberty’s cost
If Man has his way
Without God we are Lost!
With that we adjourned
A Constitution was laid
But now we’ve forgotten
How this Nation was made
We have a new Leader
Like a thief in the night
As you were sleeping
As you slept tight
November 3rd was the Day
An Infamy declared
A War on our Freedom
And our Country so Fair
The Rules that were planted
To create the best place
Soon became vague
To give children Safe Space
Those Laws are too strict
We must do as we please!
For God doesn’t matter
Only “Science” will appease
The Boss now Installed
No Constitution will bind him
No law now protects us
From Tyranny’s Serfdom
The words of our Founders
We the people once knew
Is now Misinformation
And Dangerous too
So don’t talk of Freedom
And Liberty True
Or we’ll put you in jail
We’ll re-educate you!
    Miss Liberty looked up
    Our Country might Die!
    Oh God, she said, save us
    Then, Miss Liberty cried
    Where did we go wrong?
    We missed their foul plan
    We were too busy to notice
    And not taking a Stand
    God said I have given
    You protection and strength
    Now Evil prevails
    You are now near the brink
    Turn back to me now
    And give up your pride
    Fight darkness around you
    And live in the Light
    Turn away from false prophets
    And Gods you Romance
    If you do all these things   
  You have one more chance
Now we know what to do
There is no time to spare
There is no middle ground
Wake up or don’t care
It’s on all of us now
Let’s go back to the place
Our Founders once gave us
For Posterity’s Grace
We once had a Country
To live and to grow
Where dreams are fulfilled
Nowhere else can we go


Sic Semper Tyrannis

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