Group Captain Lionel Mandrake

Group Captain Mandrake is the only sane person in the room, or so it would seem.   

Captain Mandrake is a member of the Royal Air Force and is surrounded with insanity at all levels, even from those who would rather protect Leftist Big Corporations like the Coca Cola company rather than humanity. 

He graduated from a Left wing Big 10 University a long while back and before they had safe rooms.

“I am perfectly sane, and that is why I am going crazy”. 


Please note that even though this website has excellent articles on topics of substance you will get nearly nowhere else on subjects of supreme importance to the visible universe (OK, thats Mandrake talking) it, for now, provides you our esteemed reader with no ads that distract from your enjoyment.  So, please enjoy and pass along.  Mandrake just wants to share and do so with his wicked humor. 

Isn’t that special.  


And,  please send money!!A little or a lot or somewhere in between a little or a lot. I work hard with my research which is not made up by Globalist fear mongers.   I happily provide you, my esteemed reader, with the best I can offer to encourage you to educate yourself on the things that may save your and your loved ones lives.   

Because I do try to live by what I say, and by principles, I will not use Paypal for donations.  I cannot afford to pay for WordPress upgrades to have other electronic pay options, so have setup a givesendgo donation platform.     

Thank you for visiting.   Please consider a donation of any size here.


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