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In light of the recent unveiling of a C02 capture system being constructed across the Midwest to save the planet, another similar project to save humanity from extinction is now in the works.   We caught up with project lead Professor (emeritus) Harold Hill, PhD from University of West Anglia (Minneapolis), to discuss his secondary plan to save the planet from fires, and rusting.

Lionel Mandrake:   Professor Hill, you are heading up a new project in the so called Rust Belt to help get rid of rust and prevent earth warming fires, while at the same time saving the planet.  What exactly prompted you to take on such a project?

Harold Hill:   Thank you for having me, Lionel.   I am glad that someone is taking this project seriously.  Based on my research, paid for by Global leaders in Germany, if we don’t do something immediately the earth simply will be without form, and void.  And, just won’t survive.

Mandrake:  But what is the problem you are trying to solve?  Global change or Climate warming?

Hill:  You are close, but the issue I have discovered, based on what some of our great Global leaders helped me to understand,  is that Fires and Rusting are actually caused by a single dangerous atmospheric gas.  This gas which is abundant but not clearly understood, other than through its deleterious effects on the planet, is Oxygen.

Mandrake: Oxygen?

Hill:    Precisely.  While I was a fellow at UWA, I was asked as an expert in the field of atmospheric emission science to help reduce Global Warming.  Like all scientific discoveries, during this process and by pure accident, I came upon the discovery of the previously misunderstood pollutant Oxygen.  This is some wildly dangerous stuff!

Did you know that Oxygen has no color, no taste, and no smell?  Just like the killer fossil fuel natural gas, which is so dangerously explosive we mix it with rotten eggs to make it smell so it can be recognized in leak situations, Oxygen also needs to be greatly reduced in our world to save our planet.

That we have not regulated Oxygen yet shows how little we understand the world of modern physics.

Mandrake:  Can you give us some examples of what you claim excessive Oxygen has done to our planet?

Hill:  Our team only recently discovered that Oxygen causes combustion because of the “fire triangle” – fuel/Oxygen/heat source.   Through the trial and error of the modern scientific method, we discovered that if you remove Oxygen, no fire can be sustained that would otherwise increase Global warming.

Mandrake. What else?

Hill.  Did you also know that tens of thousands of people die every year from Oxygen based fires in very painful, awful ways?  We can stop those needless deaths and at the same time rid ourselves of dangerous, road hogging fire trucks.   Additionally, and through research grants paid for by morbidly wealthy philanthropists, we discovered that Oxygen also causes the rusting of mostly ferrous materials.   Think of the property damage caused by that alone!  Who wants to see the planet literally rusting away from too much Oxygen in the air?   Not me, that’s for sure.

Mandrake:   But, how do you propose to remove the excess O2 in the atmosphere?   And what amount of Oxygen is too much?

Hill:   After we applied for and received nearly immediately additional research funding from the University of Wallamalu (Madagascar), we determined the safe baseline maximum for atmospheric Oxygen (15%) and designed a practical system to eliminate the dangerous excess that causes fires and rusting all over the planet.     Simply, it became quite clear that we had to find a way to reduce atmospheric Oxygen to no more than 15% if we have any hope to save the planet from spontaneous combustion, and rusting.   I believe we are now close to that reality.

Mandrake:  So, how exactly will you do that?

Hill:   Let’s start at the beginning because this subject is going to be hard for you to understand as you don’t have the funding, I mean scientific background, to fully comprehend the incomprehensible.

My team’s first step was to get the United States government to classify Oxygen as a poisonous substance requiring regulatory oversight.   This was achieved in record time by getting the same people paid by Globalist governments at the EPA that classified CO2 as a dangerous substance to simply go to the next level – with Oxygen.  It’s kind of like dialing up a guitar amp to 11.    You just can’t do better than that.   Well, they agreed.   And it was at that point that we were on the way to saving the planet from a heretofore unknown poison not only destroying everything in its path but has killed untold billions of people for millennia.

Mandrake:  Everything?

Hill:  Yes.   As if conflagrations and ferrous rusting wasn’t enough, my colleagues Bill Gates, (Lakeside High School graduate, co-inventor of Microsoft and renowned Globalist) and Barack Obama (Community Organizer from Chicago, Nobel Prize winner, the only 3 term US President and renowned Globalist) also discovered that Oxygen causes Cancer, which is why anti-Oxidants and One a Day Multi-Vitamins are so important to keep cancer at bay in the human body.   So, yes, when you add it all up we will affect the lives of billions with improved Oxygen control.    It should now become abundantly clear that something must be done about Oxygen, and time is running out.

Mandrake:  But, how exactly will you reduce atmospheric O2 to 15%?

Hill:  We did not have to start from scratch.   Another company filled with people receiving funding from Progressive World Governments based in Germany are now in the implementation phase of a similar project to save the planet in the heartland of America.   That was our template.    A company called Navigation Heartland Greenaway (NHG) has already designed a system to safely remove another highly dangerous substance, CO2, from America’s Heartland.   This will be implemented soon in the richest agricultural land in the world – the upper Midwest of the United States of America.

Using the NHG basic design for CO2 removal, we created our own prototype system for atmospheric Oxygen removal.  Our prototype was used initially in the ductwork at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The prototype successfully decreased Oxygen levels to a control limit of 17% for a period of 18 months, similar to what you would breathe in through a dirty N95 mask.   With the successful rollout of our prototype at the White House it was then quite easy to get the funds necessary to design our fully realized Oxygen “Gobblerupper” system for full scale use in America, and then the World.

I personally have patents on portions of the design platform.  This will be deployed on full scale in the rust belt immediately after they get rid of the CO2 that is making the earth warm and the agricultural areas too unfairly plentiful compared to 3rd world countries.

The new venture I am heading up is called O2 Underworld, ticker symbol OU.  We are now building a full scale Natural Oxygen removal capture system called Oreck 2.

Mandrake:  How will it work?

Hill:  It’s a very complicated process.   Put simply, it operates in 3 phases.  In Phase 1 we will use solar powered cellular vacuum tubes (the “Orecks” ) to suck in the entire atmosphere at ground level and safely store the dangerous gases in massive underground silos, each as long as two football fields.    Phase 2 will involve chemical recombining separation and then we inject the stored atmosphere using mRNA technology (FDA authorized) to “vaccine” the captured gases to make it a safer mixture for our planet.  Finally in Phase 3, the less oxygenated gas will be “injected” back into the air as a much more climate friendly chemical, with no more than 15% O2 content.

Mandrake:  You said earlier that our atmosphere is made up of 21% Oxygen.   If it drops to 15% where did the 6% go?

Hill:  That’s the brilliant part.  In order to maintain the proper atmospheric percentage as the original 21% mixture, so things are balanced and sustainable, we add another gas to the mix at 5% in order to make up the 6% difference – Carbon Monoxide or CO.   The new atmosphere will make fires across America much less likely to rage into conflagration.  If a fire does occur it will be fully self-extinguishing in seconds.    And, all the while, reducing rusting risks for our planet.  Not to mention stopping Cancer dead in its tracks as our new atmosphere will be fully anti-oxidant.

Now, if you say we are still short 1% you would be correct.  That 1% of O2 will be saved for Phase 4.

Mandrake:  But what will happen when people don’t have enough air to breathe?  And isn’t CO a dangerous additive compound for human health?   And what is Phase 4?   I thought you said there were 3 Phases?

Hill:   Whatever.  I know this subject is difficult for you.  If people are burning up and dying of cancer while our planet rusts away, it really won’t matter, will it?    You probably think Global Change is not real either, or the Trump Russian connection, or we had the best election in US history, or any of that.  Just be thankful you have experts out there paid by taxpayers that are looking out for us, and our planet.  Still, we scientists have thought of everything and that’s when Phase 4 begins.

With funding from NASA and Medicare, each and every American that has problems breathing our new and improved air will receive – at no cost – a free Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).    That is Phase 4.   All you have to do in order to get your breathable air credits is to have a good ESG score.  A Final Solution if you will.

Mandrake:   That seems harsh.  In order for people to live under your new safe atmosphere plan they will have to apply each month for an Oxygen credit and wear an Oxygen tank the rest of their life?

Hill:  But think of the pluses.   No fires, no rusting and no cancer!    And there will be an economic boom for Colleges with mortuary science programs and, of course, funeral homes.  We all have to sacrifice a little.   Let the science work and it will set you free!

Mandrake:  Hmmm…. I think I heard something like that before.   Thank you for your time Professor Hill.

Hill:  Danka Schoen.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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