No election Fraud, again! It’s all right wing conspiracy. Move along.

But wait. Didn’t George Soros, who is demonstrably involved in changing our political system by all means possible, say in July 2022 that he (or his cohorts) would be effectively unable to alter the Mid Term elections in states to their Demmunist favor because some States ramped up anti-fraud electoral protections?

“In states such as Florida, Georgia, and Texas, they have enacted a raft of laws that make voting very difficult,” he said, referring to election integrity laws such a requiring voter ID.”

George Soros

That the biggest Republican wins in the 2022 midterms just happened to be in the States where Soros himself complained that they would not be successful in faking the results says it all.

We are to believe that even the sleepy Americans don’t know that we have been under a totalitarian assault since the Nov 3, 2020 Insurrection of America?

I don’t believe that the majority of America are OK with electing brain diseased Senators, being unarmed while dealing with rampant crime all around us, a vaccine boosted cancer ridden Military as the Nuclear clock is close to Midnight and that our installed leader is objectively the closest thing America has ever had to a Dictator. Even the children that went to University are beginning to understand that losing Liberty is not going to be fun for spoiled rotten kids.

I cannot and will not just move on as Americans are being jailed for “misinformation” under a so-called Covid Emergency that gives our installed Government a non-constitutional government from which they can do Midnight Express actions to instill fear in We the People. Thank you Merrick Garland. And, thank you Christopher Wray (Trump appointee).

We have to understand that at this point in our Cold Civil War, the installed-by-coup leadership (mostly behind closed doors in hysterical Marthas Vinyard) will not give up power without fakery or violence. They have painted themselves into a Red Lit corner and will do anything to avoid jail time and more for treason and crimes against humanity. It’s that simple.

But, I have news for you George. We will NOT be demoralized as even in a world where nothing seems real or true as it once was, the Truth is like a lion, will defend itself and not be subjugated.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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