Is Africa the Covid Smoking Gun? Part 2

Updated December 21, 2022

 Article at a Glance

  • Sub Sahara Africa continues to have the lowest Covid mortality in the world due to low vaccination rates and use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for preventive treatment. 
  • Existing protocols for Covid treatment and prevention kill many more people per 1,000,000 in Western Nations with sophisticated healthcare systems than in African Countries with poor healthcare infrastructures.
  • The United States has the highest healthcare costs in the world by an extraordinary margin, but these expenditures are wasted with accepted Covid protocols.
  • Use of Vaccines, masks and lockdowns that lower exposure to Vit D are not just a bad decision by most Worldwide health organizations, they may be for depopulation given the information on vaccines deaths and overall Covid mortality available to the healthcare community.
  • The intentional depopulation of the planet can be disproved if Africa is forcefully provided with Worldwide protocols for Covid (now in process) and people are convinced that the large increases in worldwide mortality we are seeing in Life Insurance data are caused not be the Vaccine but by the infection itself, which results in a novel concept called “Long Covid”.

I wrote an article in December 2021 about what I called the “Africa Smoking Gun” regarding Covid death rates worldwide. Up until then, little if anything had been written even in the Conservative and Alt-Press about the “Smoking Gun” proof of an apparently intentional genocide. This is a follow-up to that article to report on the accuracy of that hypothesis using current Covid mortality data.

As it turns out, the African smoking gun for Depopulation remains as true today as it was when I came to this conclusion in 2021:  Based on Africa Covid survivability, there appears to be an organized effort to kill off a substantial number of people worldwide by unleashing a bioweapon followed by a more dangerous coordinated public health response for that same bioweapon.

If any country wants its people to avoid serious injury or even death from exposure to Covid bioweapons (released intentionally or not), the public health response must (a) use a common sense approach of preventive medical treatments and most importantly (b) don’t inject masses of people with unnecessary and novel experimental treatments that were developed without normal testing protocols.

Simply, if you don’t follow the guidance of our healthcare mercenary “experts” and don’t inject yourself with the “treatment”, the survival rate for Sars-Cov-2 in a worst case scenario of mixed age adults can be extraordinarily high (99.84%) and on par with influenza or a really bad cold.

We learned even before WHO declared Covid a worldwide Pandemic that Covid mortality is very low. In February 2020 the world was presented the perfect scenario for health experts worldwide to determine the likely trajectory of this “novel virus”. A cruise liner called the Diamond Princess had the first recognized Covid outbreak in a closed environment with little “social distancing” . The infection was spread on board the ship in a confined space with older populations. According to the Japan’s Institute of Infectious Diseases, the ship’s average age was 58, and 33 percent were 70 or older. All recorded Covid deaths (7) were 70 and older for a kill rate of .16%. Surprisingly, this event did not stop WHO from declaring Covid a worldwide pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Low Covid mortality remains a new concept for the MSM “experts” and the people that listen to them because the American Legacy Media and their Big Tech counterparts that are directly involved in the deception still refuses to acknowledge that fact.   Search for “Low Covid Mortality” and you get almost nothing. 

We have known for a long time that the still experimental Covid injection treatments containing DNA altering spike proteins with still unreported compounds causes more deaths than the bioweapon exposure. Ultimately, it is mortality that should drive public health policies on Covid or any other infectious disease.

To test my hypothesis, I looked again at the nearly non-existent Covid mortality in Africa. If my original hypothesis was true, i.e. Western Nations fared significantly worse for Covid serious disease and mortality than Africa, the trend should continue barring a change in their vaccination status or preventive protocols.

A year further down insanity road, the mortality dataset for the African Smoking Gun hypothesis for Covid has not changed (see below), even accounting for an expected increase in vaccination rates which has occurred thanks to mounting Globalist pressure. If anything, across the board mortality has increased in countries that continue to push experimental Covid treatment while Africa is stable or even improving. This is helped along by WHO and CDC guidance that is turned into medical decrees locally that much of the US and Worldwide Western judiciaries believe supersedes constitutions and basic human rights. The Resetters have discovered something about humanity that makes their takeover game much easier – they know now that Health concerns will subjugate human behavior to their ends over political or even economic interests.

You can have all the riches and success in the world, but if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

Steven Adler

What should have started a Red Wave against the lies and disinformation coming from the CDC/FDA/NIH healthcare complex, WEF, WHO and other NGOs bent on creating a sustainable earth (for them) by killing a large swath of humanity, continues to be gaslighted from the news.  It’s as if the African subcontinent no longer exists, or matters.

There seems only one conclusion a rational person can come to. Something nefarious is going on that does not appear accidental if blacks in Africa are surviving Covid in large numbers but “African-Americans” residing and being treated in the place with the best and most expensive healthcare on the planet are not.

This could be due to their significantly higher vaccination rates, as well as a generally less healthy lifestyle. However, poverty rates alone compared to African blacks cannot explain away those differences, especially since blacks in Africa are much poorer than “African-Americans” and have less sophisticated (i.e. less expensive) healthcare systems that give Africa some of the lowest life expectancies in the world.

Let’s look at what the African countries have in common vis a vis Covid:

    1. Lots of Vitamin D from UV pathogen killing sunlight in geographic locations around the equator for most of Central Africa (virtually every African country +- 20 deg Latitude are in lowest mortality areas).
    2. The lowest Vaccination rates (1) and generalized mask use in the world.
    3. Prophylactic use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCL) for protection against parasites. 

Our response to Covid bioweapon infection was exactly the opposite. We decided to:

(a) vaccinate virtually all age groups with mRNA treatments,

(b) keep people inside their homes avoiding fresh air and UV exposure that is used as approved pathogen control for years in medical facilities,

(c) require that all government paid medical practitioners (like my personal Doctor) deny Ivermectin/HCL preventive treatment or risk losing their medical licenses, and

(d) recommend generalized mask use which is not only ineffective against .1 micron viruses but increases sickness potential for all respiratory disease by reducing intake of O2 (bad), increasing intake of CO2 (bad) and collecting pathogens on filter media that are inhaled and not safely expelled.

Another view. So what does a good Resetter do when the Covid mortality data comes in? They use people more brilliant than you and I to do a study on the low mortality in African nations to find out what is happening:

Africa’s COVID-19 mortality rate is, ironically, lower than that of more advanced countries with better health systems. This [study] will also assist various governments in balancing their COVID-19 restrictive and socioeconomic measures.

Conclusion: Africa’s lower COVID-19 mortality rate is due to the lower population mean age, lower life expectancy, lower pre-COVID-19 era ’65yr+ mortality rate’, and smaller pool of people surviving and living with cardiovascular diseases.

Natl Library of Medicine, Jan 2021

So, we are to believe lower life expectancy means you live longer with Covid?! I am a retired safety engineer, not a MD. But I do have some remaining common sense in my old age that tells me something just ain’t right. That this organization, part of the NIH/NIAID (Fauci)/CDC (Walensky) conglomerate did not even look at lockdowns, preventive treatments and the now even more important difference of the especially low vaccination rate in Jan 2021 (estimated at the time to be less than  6%) is nothing less than a professional dereliction of duty, or covering up for something else.

Even the NY Times has done cartwheels to explain away the Africa Smoking Gun, not even mentioning low vaccination rates and HCL/Ivermectin preventive treatments. Nobody should take the Times seriously on anything, and this is as good evidence as any.

So, here we are again, one year later.

I decided to take an updated look at the Africa Covid mortality statistics to see if the Africa Smoking Gun hypothesis, and it’s causes noted above, still holds water. The highlighted countries are all in Africa.

Lowest Covid 19 Mortality by Country (as of Oct 25 2022):



The data above is from Johns Hopkins University, a prime worldwide source for Covid Statistics. They track 219 countries with Covid data. Of the lowest Covid mortality 61 countries for Covid mortality (best results), 36 are in Africa and almost all located in Sub Saharan Africa (the UN Development Programme applies the “Sub-Saharan” classification to 46 of Africa’s 55 countries). This area constitutes about 80% of the African population, over 1 Billion people. It remains clear that since Africa continues down a common sense path, their success against the Covid bioweapon – whether by intention or omission – should be immediately copied and made an emergency medical protocol worldwide. Or, many millions and even billions of people could die prematurely.

Yes, the smoking gun case of Africa continues unabated and proves the possibly intentional manslaughter of people in the name of bad science, profiteering or worse – depopulation.

Our US healthcare system has been a total failure on Covid, allowing people to die without simple treatments for the Bioweapon dubbed Covid.  Not to mention hospital treatments that may have contributed directly to Covid related deaths, such as improper intubation and use of treatments like Remdesivir.

Nothing has gotten better. Hospitals are still pushing bad medicine and people are still dying from poor healthcare via accidents and/or ineffective infection controls.

US Healthcare Costs. Since the first time you heard the word “Covid” we have increased our hold on the #1 slot on healthcare expenditures per capita while at the same time experiencing death rates never seen before, even in times of war.  The most expensive healthcare system in the world (by a huge margin) is the United States.  Since my last article on Africa was published in 2021, we have increased our hold on the most expensive healthcare system on the planet.  It’s not even a fair fight. The United States now has 67% higher healthcare expenses per capita in our “free market” healthcare system than the #2 country in the world – Germany.

The top 10 countries with the highest health care costs per capita are:

The United States – $12,318

Germany– $7,383

Switzerland – $7,179

Norway – $7,065

Austria – $6,693

Denmark – $6,384

Sweden – $6,262

Netherlands – $6,190

Canada – $5,905

Ireland – $5,836

Strangely, and with barely a whimper from Americans that are going broke paying insane medical bills year after year, the USA ranks in the top 20 out of 219 countries for Covid mortality with 3,189 (up from 2368) deaths/1,000,000. This equates to roughly 191 Covid only deaths/1,000,000 using the 6% CDC figure obtained through Medical Examiner death certificates, as directed by CDC guidance issued April 2020. This figure also is less than the median annual influenza deaths from 2010-2020 – yet we have blithely crashed and vaccinated the world for a Great Reset.

We have always known that when Western Governments spend more money to cure an ill, usually of their own making, it fails. Their answer is always the same – we didn’t spend enough. Nearly 18% of our US GDP for healthcare just isn’t enough. This United States healthcare fiasco story may be the best example in human history of never ending Leftist lunacy.

Americans cannot match the healthcare of Africa when it comes to Covid mortality – even as we spend ourselves into oblivion thinking we will be healthier and live longer than the rest of the world. Hell, if our spending was related to longevity, we would live to 142 with no cancer, heart disease or Alzheimers to worry about. Our Capitalist solution for Healthcare, even well before the Covid plan, has been an abject total failure by any objective measure.

Back to Africa. Most African countries allow use of inexpensive (i.e. non patentable US Pharmaceutical Pseudo-Vaccines) Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for early treatment.   We don’t.

These renegade countries are now being targeted for forced 2 inoculations per the World Economic Forum (WEF) release here because of a new found creation called the Omicrontm variant (aka “Zero” Micron, or non-existent). The mild mutation was “discovered” in South Africa in late 2021, also having low vaccination rates (33%). Maybe the Media needed a variant location close to a control group with 1.1 Billion live humans to cause the greatest panic for jabbing?

And, now those poor as dirt but much healthier than the rest of us Sub Saharan Africans must be dealt with. These renegades living near the equator using Ivermectin/HCL and where Vit D is plentiful even for the dark skinned must be jabbed, needled soon and by any means possible. I can only imagine what they have in store for these poor but temporarily healthy people that will be largely ignored by the worldwide MSM. They must not succeed.

How can some of the world’s worst healthcare systems in Africa handle a “pandemic” so much better than the most expensive systems in the world? Why the illogical discrepancy in mortality?  A 12 year old in Science class could figure this out over the adults running the NY Times: People in Africa use safe and inexpensive Anti-Bioweapon Spike Protein treatments (HCL/Ivermectin), avoided the Covid inducing jabs to the largest extent (for now) and as a result are the most healthy people in the world vis a vis Covid. This is the smoking gun. 

That just won’t do. As I have noted in several true conspiracy articles, the goal of the Reset is to Vax everyone for depopulation via quick deaths, slow deaths or random miscarriages. Having a massively large control group to compare to the billions of Dead bodies that are healthy, alive and multiplying in 3 to 5 years cannot be allowed. The Depop Resetters must lose the last remaining large population control group that would otherwise prove for once and all that it was the purposely untreated vaxxed that died off at the hands of worldwide criminals. Criminals that need Nuremberg trials and punishment.     

The African Final Solution?  The plan began as soon as the African results started coming in.    On December 6 2021 the World Economic Forum (WEF) established the narrative, now playing out before our eyes in even more wondrous ways. Pay attention to the use of the word “discrimination”:

‘Extreme’ vaccine discrimination risks leaving Africa behind: report

WEF – December 6, 2021

In typical Marxist wordplay, the WEF is claiming that the African continent is being discriminated against because they are not being forcefully2 inoculated and maimed like the rest of the world. Really? My God, how stupid do they think people are? Actually, it is concerning and strikes fear in my heart that these people think the world is stupid enough to buy their BS or they can get away with it – shoving it all right in our faces plain as Biden’s vanilla pudding. Where does that leave the rest of us with more than a room temp IQ? Well, it leaves us with the Biden administration and their new Covid Defense Economic Strategy for Africa.

The worldwide Depopulators are preparing a strategy to prevent their plans from being exposed.   This is how that may happen.

First, they must get rid of the healthy African control group. If not, even the sleepiest of people will no longer be able to avoid the conclusion that their loved ones died from either lack of “illegal” preventive treatment or directly from the most dangerous “vaccine” in world history.

Biden has just announced a $55B plan for Africa that appears to be for things like economic development and even “reparations”. But those budget items are just a sleight of hand magician’s trick to keep you occupied where they want you to look, not the hidden agenda.  The real purpose of the bill is to kill off the Sub-Saharan population with improved Covid “healthcare” programs. Or, people will likely be convicted for crimes against humanity.

You can be sure that the Africa Programs will have one primary goal – depopulation by preventing lifesaving treatments and a massive increase in the vaccination rate in Africa to at least match the Top 20 in Covid Mortality. If they succeed, this will literally kill off the only large and healthy control group in the world vis a vis Covid so there remains a shadow of a doubt about why people dropped dead prematurely across the globe. When there is no healthy control group left (and Africa with the poorest healthcare on the planet makes for a most convincing comparison), there is a defense for crimes against humanity.   In other words, there will be no largely unvaccinated population with low mortality using cheap prophylactic treatments to compare with the much higher death rates in areas following the WHO/CDC protocols of treatment, injection and  depopulation.

Secondly, the Defendants will have to create an alternative theory to explain away the massive increases in mortality that are being reported each year by the insurance industry, likely caused by the “vaccination” program and their symptom based “treatments”. The MSM and their select “experts” will be used Worldwide to convince human beings that they never really get better even after full recovery from Covid, unlike virtually every other disease known in medical history. This is a massive stretch indeed, but when you have the MSM helping you, anything can be pulled off. Like it’s ok that sex perverts tell stories to children in public libraries.    Enter yet another new and novel term of the Resetting Left: Long Covid.

Long Covid was created to provide a backup plan if they are not allowed to succeed in removing the healthier that the rest control group in Africa. In essence, it will go like this.    Covid mortality causes really cannot be specified because any Covid Death could admittedly be from the vaccination or it could be – the “much more likely” lie  – from the infection itself via “Long Covid”.  It’s just the shadow of a doubt they need to avoid convictions in a criminal trial.

Real Fact Check.   The vast majority of Covid deaths are from “vaccination” effects, although we have more than enough data at this point to know that the injection program also kills people immediately or in the very short term.   To counter these facts, they will make the case that any Covid death will be from “Long Covid” infections,  not the “vaccination” itself.   This will be a legal defense for Crimes against Humanity Trials to refute the historically impossible increases in mortality that coincided nearly perfectly with the Vaccine rollout in early 2021.  They are chess players, thinking way ahead of us, as we happily play our games of checkers.

This nonsense will seem plausible to the brainwashed with the now ever increasing media focus on Long Covid, until someone finds a biological marker that shows a direct causal relationship to the vaccinations that can’t be explained away. Good people are working on this now. If I am wrong, we should not hear much from the media on “Long Covid”.

But if I am right about the Africa Smoking Gun, the Resetters still lose in the end because if they succeed in increasing the “vaccination”  rate in Africa, mortality will increase significantly (regardless of their HCL/IVM usage) with no likely cause other than the “vaccine”.  

The African question remains answered and is the best evidence that the evil in our midst is all around us now and closing fast.  

At this stage in the plan, the Resetters goal is to hide the smoking gun of Worldwide Depopulation before the world sees it.  They are working overtime now.

But, it’s too late because the data anyone can see for themselves, if they will just look, has been recorded for posterity. Like Truth, none of what is happening can be hidden, and is exposed for all to see. Now, it’s up to us and what’s left of the few elected representatives and Judiciary with common sense to put a stop to the Killing Fields.

The God the Resetters don’t believe in is watching and waiting to see what we do.    Don’t be a pussycat. 


1Various sources suggest fully vaccinated rates between 1% and 30% for most of Sub Sahara Africa which has the lowest Covid mortality rates on the African continent, and in the World. The Resetters have increased the vaccination rate in the low mortality rate African countries from 6% in 2021 to 24% today vs 65% Globally. As of December 2022, the average “fully vaccinated” rate is 55% in the top 25 out of 219 countries for Covid mortality. The highest Covid mortality worldwide is in countries with more than double the vaccination rate over Sub Saharan Africa.

2At this Plandemic stage, “forcefully” may not mean gun to the head (yet) but when you are slaves to warlords or have been educated to not be self-reliant and will lose your job that puts food on the table if you don’t vacciboost, you really have few if any other options to literally survive.


Sic Semper Tyrannis —


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