Future Tense

You may not have heard of ChatGPT.  Some say it will make Google search obsolete, and then Google itself. 

ChatGPT is an AI tool that is in the “learning phase” now and soon will be deployed to answer directly to virtually any question posed.  

If you don’t think that AI will take most jobs and is bad for humanity, well, you are sleeping very deeply.   I guess losing jobs according to the nerds that write code for AI that put food on the table and give some meaning to our existence is , well, “cool”.   

Here is a poem created on the spot that was in the style of Trump speech.


Along with transhumanism, AI technology that is in synergy with biotech proves that just because you can do something does not mean you should do it.

It’s getting time to put an end to the madness. If humanity is to survive, AI must be reined in with serious regulation before all of our jobs disappear.

Every existing and new AI based technology must undergo a TIS ā€“ Technology Impact Statement.   Like the 70sā€™ Environmental Impact Statements (or assessment), a TIS would focus on one thing ā€“ Jobs.  If the technology (like AI or 5G implementation) reduces net employment it is immediately unlicensed. 

Or, AI must be outlawed altogether like “Gain of Function” for the same depopulating reasons.

And it’s practitioners made criminals, destroyed like the Georgia Guidestones.

Now, that would be “cool”.

But we don’t stand a chance against the techmongering nerds of the world, unknowingly directed by the WEF, unless people wake up to what is happening at – using Trumps misguided words – Operation Warp Speed.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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One thought on “Future Tense

  1. ChatBT can write code too. So, the geeks won’t be laughing long.
    That poem is not well written. I’ve read a number of poems generated by the machine and–in addition to poor rhyme schemes–they lack substance. Poor use of metaphors or conceits (needed for poetry), poor conveyance of abstractions. But it could easily replace the Instagram poets.
    AI still cannot “get” abstractions or analogies. Nor emotional things like humor or spiritual yearnings found in the works of John Donne, Shakespeare, Isaac Watts, or Dante.

    But that doesn’t matter. The technocrats despise art, humor, and the human spirit. Thanks to their invasion of educational systems nearly everyone else does too.
    AI can easily churn out reams of porn and erotica. That will put the smut merchants out of business.
    Notice how bad modern paintings and sculptures are? The far-left artists (with their love of the stupid and ugly) can easily be replaced by AI. Someone will have to edit it for a while. But scripts for shows like She-Hulk and Velma could easily be generated by ChatBT (or something similar) and none would be any wiser. And with the lack of art appreciation rampant among those who claim to be educated and cultured it won’t make any difference.
    Makes me wonder if the crappy pop culture products in the “fan wars” were a kind of grooming for lowered standards once AI put Hollywood writers out of work.
    I’m fine with ChatBT replacing Google. Lol.


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