Time is of the Essence – Really Pt 2

Updated February 15, 2023 

Editor’s Note: As noted in this article, the Brunson vs Adams case was initially and quite amazingly refused by SCOTUS. However, Brunson petitioned the case for yet another review, so this critically important Election Fraud case is technically not closed quite yet. PLEASE send a letter to SCOTUS once again and especially if you have not yet done so. You can go right to end of this article for a template letter which can be sent as is or revise to your taste. The ramifications cannot be overstated. And I personally guarantee you will feel better in the morning for doing so because America’s future generations will praise you for your efforts. Hoo-Rah America!

Article at a Glance

  • The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) denied a hearing on the Brunson vs Adams case which was to consider a breach of trust by our US Congress for not investigating the possibility of election fraud in the November 2020 Presidential election, instead certifying the election in the face of known election fraud that had been presented to them in battleground states.
  • Election Fraud evidence during the November 3, 2020 elections is significant and must not be ignored by our Judicial System and Congress if our Nation is to survive.
  • Election Fraud that may take place systemically using programmable high tech election systems on the Federal level has never been properly investigated by any court, leading to the possibility of ongoing election fraud strategies by both parties, which is not sustainable in a Democracy.
  • The Trump and Bolosnaro elections (Brazil) appear very similar in outcomes with charges of rampant voter fraud not being heard or denied by their respective courts. This may be part of a large scale attack on election systems to prevent powerful Religious Conservatives against Globalization from gaining influence worldwide.
  • SCOTUS is the best venue to hear evidence of Fraud and make a determination to assure future elections are trustworthy and to incentivize Congress under the US Constitution to establish uniform standards for Federal elections that can be used as a template for State governments to consider for State and Local elections.
  • By sending a letter to SCOTUS (template letter at the end of this article) you can help to improve election credibility for all voters and help assure no legal voter is disenfranchised.

Introduction. As nearly expected, SCOTUS declined to review the all-important Brunson vs Adams case that would have exposed the rampant treason in the Halls of Congress when they refused to call for the most important Congressional Investigation in our Nations history into election fraud.   The election fraud that 100 Congressman and their untold millions of constituents believe happened systemically across America on November 3 2020.  The result, many of these people believe,  installed a proxy dictator named Joseph Biden as President of the United States. 

No formal and thorough investigation has yet been made in any American court regarding the November 3 2020 Fraud.   This has brought our country to its knees and was rightfully and constitutionally demanded by those 100 members of Congress who simply said – there is enough evidence to support a delay in certificationLet’s just find out if the people that believe that fraud turned an election have a case that holds water.  Or not.   Then, regardless of the outcome,  we will all go home and (hopefully) fight the peaceful economic and social battles we have always done in America.   

The case was not heard.   Why, you may ask?   Well, they did not say.   But that does not mean we don’t know why.  Using their own legalese wordsmithing, they declined without standing.  As in standing tall.

The people on the Roberts Court are – with few exceptions – cowards. They are tiny little people that our Founders would decry at the top of their lungs yelling crazy stuff like “We gave you a Republic, but you little bastards are not keeping it!”

I want you to know that although I had quite a few “views” of my Part 1 article (in the thousands, anyway), very few people sent letters to our Supreme Court.  After all, it might take an hour out of someone’s day.   And surely, like voting now, sending letters to anybody in our Government won’t make a difference,  so what’s the point?    This is why it’s quite odd that I have any remaining hope in the American people, but I still do, barely.

Well my fellow slackers of America, you have one last chance remaining to redeem yourself, even though now it’s even less of a chance than the Brunson case which was declined IN OUR FACES with repudiation by traitors in black robes.  And, I don’t use that “T” word without justification.  The fact that not even a conflicting opinion from the great Clarence Thomas was reported makes me cry for America.  

We have one last chance – the Kari Lake case. And, if as most pundits predict, they shove this back in our face yet once again like the Brunson and Trump cases, that will leave few remaining political options on the table for We the People.

So, here we go again.  Send a letter now.  I can almost guarantee that by doing that you won’t be arrested or tried for terrorism.  As far as you know.  But, I can guarantee you will feel better for the trying.  And being able to tell future generations that you did something to stop Communism, even with nearly all the odds totally against you – and America.   Miss Liberty has gone from crying to wailing now, for our help. 

Background. Shortly after the fake as Biden November 3, 2020 Presidential election Insurrection, thousands of letters were sent to SCOTUS to deal with the election fraud that has ruined our Nation, but had little effect. I took part in that effort by providing a template letter which I am resubmitting, now that we know election fraud has become as systemic as systemic racism has not.

The people in our highest court that took an oath to defend the United States Constitution refused to listen to well over half of America, the now disenfranchised, about the Nov 2020 election by at least giving us a hearing on the evidence.

When our Supreme Court is headed up by a man with such ill feelings towards the chief plaintiff Donald Trump that he would rather do more harm to our country than to him, we are in trouble as a country. Chief Justice John Roberts may have supported the Fraud by allowing it to stand, declaring no hearing (along with Barrett and Kavanaugh) for the most important case before him on systemic and widespread fraud as the plaintiff (Texas) lacked “standing” and the issues at hand were “moot”.

How can we trust even a “Conservative” Supreme Court headed by a man who may loathe the Plaintiff with his recusable and possibly recallable personal and political views?

“In a remarkably inappropriate and blatantly political statement Wednesday, U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts chastised President Trump for the president’s quite accurate criticism of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and its rogue district and appellate court judges.”

Joseph diGenova, Fox News

The Roberts Court also stated in general comments that they did not want to get involved with and possibly “override” elections.

“The court did not provide any further explanation for their rejection, as per standard practice”

Nonsense. My original letter and others like it, sent by the thousands to their doorstep, never asked them to pick a winner and override an election result. Our plea was simply to have the Supreme Court authorize an election redo in the fraudulent Battleground states where absentee and mail-in ballots, combined with rigged election software, may have controlled the outcome to one Party’s favor.

What is the evidence of Systemic Fraud? It’s overwhelming and gets more so each day thanks to the Roberts Court. Who woulda thought.

But don’t even think of finding such evidence searching on the Internet. Much of the 2020 election fraud evidence has been as gaslighted from your search engine by our Government perpetrators and their MSM/Big Tech proxies as Hunter Biden’s Laptop. The evidence has largely been scrubbed from the ‘net as clean as Biden’s pudding cup and must be heard not in drips and drabs on rules/processes but as a planned operation that took over our elections en masse.

Here are the two biggest cases for the Nov 3 2020 election Fraud:

Exhibit A. Dominion election systems controlled votes across the country using illegal (almost all States) Internet connections in order to remotely manipulate results and require human adjudication of voter intent where needed. See Mike Lindell’s in depth reporting in his video “Absolute Proof”. No court has reviewed let alone seriously disputed Lindell’s evidence. A court ordered audit in Michigan showed enough evidence to warrant judicial review at the highest Judicial levels. This, and Lindell’s documentary, was ignored by the Legacy Media as if it, and his subsequent meeting in Las Vegas, were living in Orwell’s 1984 – erased from history.

Exhibit B. Dinesh D’Souza’s investigation (2000 Mules), based on analysis by election watchdog group True the Vote, proved that illegal ballot harvesting occurred in key battleground states. Like Lindell’s evidence, D’Souza’s proof was ignored as if none of what was presented on video happened, just like ballots were not pulled from under a table and inserted repeatedly into tabulating machines in Georgia. On video, before our gaslit eyes. D’Souza and his #1 Documentary was disappeared like Lindell by yet another coordinated and illegal MSM attack, but to their chagrin many more saw it than they expected.

More evidence. If watching the above video documentaries isn’t enough to at least question the integrity of our last Presidential election, justifying a full blown SCOTUS hearing to weigh the facts, go here. And, here.

How about the fact that the FBI may have turned the election against Trump with their willful and intentional suppression of Biden’s laptop info since December 2019? That a government agency was involved is prima facie evidence that an organized effort likely occurred, not random acts of illegal election influence.

It worked, a potential act of Treason if there ever was, and coming when Trumps appointee Christopher Wray was in charge of the agency. Post 2020 polling showed enough confirmed voters self-reporting that they would have changed their vote to Trumps favor, presumably because they could not in good conscience vote for a Crime syndicate running America. Realistically, some who hated Trump may just not have voted for him, but still could have turned the result against our pudding eating President whom even today Barack Obama (the real Insurrectionist 3rd term POTUS) disavows as a stupid man.

How can anyone with any remaining objectivity (and conscience) in our Judiciary ignore all of this evidence without at least putting it all to the test in a courtroom? Unless, of course, they are part of the conspiracy to replace Conservatism in America with a Fascist State.

The 2022 Midterm elections was a chance, hopefully not our only chance, to stop our descent into Dictatorship. We should have had a massive Red, White and Blue “Liberty Wave” of Americans saying NO to Tyranny. Amazingly, our Liberty Wave made up of good people of all stripes despising what Biden and his henchmen have done in less than two years, did actually show up to vote in massive numbers to turn it all back. However, many of their votes did not count in key Senate races because Soros people made sure that that could not happen. This is how Tyranny is made.

Yes, we won the House but the mandate against Totalitarianism did not materialize and was left for another day. If we have another day. In the meantime, the Totalitarian Resetting World Government Communists who hate Trump more than any human being on planet earth, is working tirelessly to fine tune their systemic fraud to make sure we don’t have another day. Only a few bones to throw at us, a seat here or there and likely filled with a Uniparty representative.   

Where does that leave us? Since our courts seem to be in on the shenanigans, we seem to have little choice now and as expected, the GOP is talking of fighting fire with fire.

This will not end well.   It will lead to a very bad place where historically peaceful electoral solutions between disagreeing Americans will be eliminated where fake electioneering denies the peoples vote on both sides. The political winners will be decided by whoever has the best and most clandestine system for systemic election fraud. Let’s start with the first control to erase – voter Picture IDs.

But aren’t voter Picture ID requirements discriminatory? Virtually every country in the world requires photo identification when voting. 42 US States do not require it. And Colorado is all-in on mail-in.

I am not suggesting that lack of proper ID alone put in an installed regime. But when combined with early voting, mail in votes, unsecured ballot boxes with limited to no chain of custody, absentee votes, internet connectivity and ballot harvesting this is as Fraudulent as Obamas 2nd term win, a rapidly brewing volcanic disaster of epic proportions for America.

 So, now disheartened American patriots in the GOP are talking of ballot harvesting. That may make some of us feel good, but it will be disastrous for the continuing Republic.

The GOP Uniparty has been so lame and ignorant as my sadly default party on so many issues, it makes me want to do the technicolor yawn. These guys never learned this brutal fact: since the days of FDRs New Deal and LBJs Great Society we have never caught up with the Jones’s in the tug of war of vote buying, directly by ballot payoffs or indirectly by “spreading the wealth” of dependency to counter inequality.

The Leftists now in charge of the Democrat party have no conscience to stop them from buying votes, even illegal ones that cripple America with crime and drugs, and they will out fraud us as surely as they have out spent us.

The Democrat machine will respond to our new and improved “get out the vote” programs with even more Technofraud. More ballot harvesting and voter intimidation. Dominion and photocopy machines will be working overtime. 2,000 Mules becomes 20,000 mules. Touché GOP!

What’s more, since we now have a US Judiciary filled with Law School radicals, we can expect that the Soros teams that paid for their jobs will J6 any Conservative under the electron microscope caught doing even the slightest questionable thing. If someone with good intentions strays one nanometer away from perfection in our “get out the vote” tactics, they will be arrested and tried in a Kangaroo court that will give out a life sentence for Sedition by Fraud. This will be necessary to set an example to discourage similar “terrorists” (aka Conservatives) from destroying our “Democracy” because that’s just not who we are. In the American Lawfare game which the Left largely controls, it’s head they win, tails they win.

We the People are now We the Disenfranchised.

Our SCOTUS has to stop the gaslit “safe and secure” election madness before it moves both sides to war.

Politics is war without blood. War is politics with blood.

Mao Tse Tung

We are more divided in America today than in 1861 when one Tyrannical side despised the other Deplorable side enough to kill off nearly 750,000 people, equivalent to 7 Million today.

Here we go again. My original concerns sent to SCOTUS have  come true as we try to one-up them at a Fraud game we can never win. They must hear from us again. And, again. Until we have elections that ALL the people can believe in. And then we can trust the outcomes as we always have to fight peacefully for another day.

We desperately need our Judiciary to stop the election driven whirlpool to a Civil War nobody wants, except for Barack Obama.

Now with the results of our Midterms in, and even certified by the very people that win the elections (Earth calling GOP?) we need the courts to listen to us this time. We had hoped for the best but knew in our heart of hearts it would happen again, because NOTHING CHANGED to fix 2020.

The Left was given the green light to proceed as per the new normal.

This does not bode well for America as the ramifications from never ending election fraud is like the rust on my old car in Minnesota.   The rust is hidden until it becomes visible and then it’s too late to save the car from the junkyard.

Here is the Cliff Notes version of how to destroy America with fake elections:

  1. Do the Fraud
  2. Certify the Fraud
  3. Wait for MSM to define and then ignore the inevitable election fraud lawsuits as “Baseless”, protecting the Judiciary


  1. Result: Uniparty Rule until it is stopped by a non-political answer nobody wants

The Roberts court could have prevented all this by just calling for new contests with new rules (keep reading) in the Battleground states where Fraud ruled the day. Had they very publicly decided not to hear the evidence (by 6 to 3 vote), decrying it all as just a “moot” issue, it could have changed elections Nationwide by giving legislatures the power to nearly eliminate massive voter fraud forever and instill faith in our democratic processes. Or, have the Congress under Article 1 Sec 4 use their power to set things straight:

“The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

Perhaps they should have listened to Clarence Thomas.

These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority non-legislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal to do so is unacceptable.

Clarence Thomas

They amazingly refused. Our SCOTUS is now acting like the Brazilian High Court of Leftist Appointees not beholden to the people and fair and free elections.

Brazil. What has happened recently in Brazil should put fear into all of us. By most counts, Bolosnaro’s election was stolen just like Trumps was on Nov 3 2020, Insurrection Day.

The Global Resetting Communists followed their Worldwide election control playbook to the letter. They appear to be nearly unstoppable using these tactics.

It’s called Whack-a-Mole.

Who are the Moles? The moles are strong Conservative and largely religious (in the Judeo-Christian sense) world leaders that believe that the God of all people does not want His planet run by Atheists that will destroy Churches and imprison dissidents and martyrs. In other words, moles are people like Trump and Bolosnaro that are talented enough to single-handedly kill the WEF and their Resetting Transhumanist Atheist world of George Orwell, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Elon Musk.

And when these very special moles appear and win wildly popular elections, they are given one term and one term only via election fakery that is nearly impossible to prove in specifics. Specifics that give courts an out to avoid “determining election outcomes”.

This way, no assassinations are required (just not civilized for the modern day elite’s) that can be traced to people that even the Judiciary would convict.

Who the next mole will be, nobody knows. But I assure you, if a mole with enough political influence to turn the tide against Global Reset wins once they will never win again, i.e. unless the election fraud committed in the name of “sustainability” is eliminated once and for all. This has to begin in America.

Situation Report. The Brunson vs Adams case has come and gone. No reason to belabor that sickening but expected event. Expected in the sense that the case was not properly presented as described in the letter below.

As of the date of this rant, Kari Lake’s case is not pending on the Supremes’ docket.  However, she assures us she will go all the way to SCOTUS.   Yet, much works needs to be done to prepare the best case against Fraud humanly possible. She needs our help and you can send cash to her legal defense team here, along with a letter to the court pleading as a CITIZEN with automatic standing for the US election fraud review that never was.

We know that the SCOTUS has set a nearly impossible bar for election fraud, but it’s the wrong bar. We aren’t looking to change the result, that would be the morally correct thing to do, but that’s not the bar that matters. We only want to establish all the technological failings of our current Federal election system that Congress will be forced to recognize in order to create a nearly fraud free system of paper ballots yielding non-hackable results.

As I noted in Part 1, there may yet be other cases even beyond Kari’s but it’s doubtful at this point. So, this may be our last chance and then we can go home with the knowledge and good conscience that we ran the good race. Whether you are a believer or not, as long as you still think it’s possible that God could be watching, why not do something?

Conservatives and Liberals must come together against the Left that has taken over America using just two weapons – the Corporate Legacy Mainstream Media and our Election process – all under the guise of anti-voter suppression and “protecting” every vote lies.

High Stakes for a Too High Bar. What’s at stake for people not just in America but worldwide is nothing less than our God bestowed freedoms.

The Resetting Communists are now in process of consolidating their power in America, the big prize. If they succeed in the short window of time we may have left, we and our families and theirs may have over 70 years of life in a Dictatorship before the inevitable collapse.   

Communism Life Spans

USSR – 74 years

China – 73 years, and counting

For those that have been sleeping through the Nov 3 Insurrection, this may be your last chance to redeem yourself.    Don’t think our world will fix itself without your involvement because “it’s destined to fail” or “they have all the power” or “it’s God’s plan” and all the other excuses for letting others do the fight.  If God has not left us as a Nation already, he still may be watching. What would Jesus do? Let’s topple the tables of Fraud once and for all.  Here’s what you can do to help.

Consider sending a letter to the Supreme Court asking them to judicially review new cases of election fraud and provide the evidence for a Congressional remedy for all elections go forward. Feel free to send or modify my letter below, or your own, and pass on.  We must let them know.

Most importantly, pray for our country, our leaders and especially our courts.

SCOTUS letter, Part 3:


To: (Name) Chief/Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

There will soon be another case before you on election fraud. When this happens, and it will, you will have a chance for redemption for your refusal to consider the Brunson vs Adams case and the overwhelming evidence of Fraud in 2020, resulting in a nearly totalitarian regime that stole our country through ongoing and never ending election fraud. If you refuse again to hear evidence respecting the will of well over half of America, your bench will be forever blamed as instrumental as the single reason why our Nation destroyed itself.

I am by no means a legal or constitutional law scholar.   I am writing this as simply an American that loves his country and for all the Good it has done not only for myself and my fellow Americans but for citizens around the world.

You are sitting on the most important Supreme Court in the history of the United States.    Your time and place in the history of America is etched in stone, forever.    Whether Fate or God himself put you personally in this position is unknown, but I can tell you that your decisions regarding election fraud by the Democrat Party, will have consequences that could undermine our Constitution and determine either the survival or destruction of this great country, and the Liberty we stand for.   This is not hyperbole.   It is a fact.

The basic question before you is whether or not our representatives in Government at all levels will be legitimate or can be determined in advance by a political party using election High Tech Fraud technologies which are provable in practice but whose specific and ultimate effects may never be provable in results.    So, consider that the bar is not to overturn an election result, but to establish once and for all whether Fraud is not only an active disease in our Nation but is becoming commonplace. Otherwise, Fraud not only can never be stopped but you will effectively be assuring that future elections will be determined by whoever has the best method to rig our elections.

Disenfranchisement is what the Democratic Party has used to eliminate nearly all of the common sense voter restrictions used in democratic countries around the world. Nobody has been “disenfranchised” like Conservatives in America. Please protect our voices.

We look to you to investigate on our Constitutional behalf and let the chips fall where they may. If after hearing the evidence from both sides it is determined that substantial Fraud was involved in any election, and where it is shown that States, through their mismanagement of elections, are actually participating in the Fraud knowingly or not, without overturning all of the votes that are in question and starting over, it is within your power to order Reelections only in States where Fraud has been proven and is most evident (e.g. Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin in 2020 elections). 

With the evidence presented in your court, and your decision(s) thereof, our Congress should participate accordingly. Therefore, and to prevent or reduce the likelihood of future technological Fraud and restore faith in our Government that is critical to a peaceful American society, under Article 1 Sec 4 of the Constitution, Congress should be called by the people with your legal precedent to develop a standardized election process for all Federal elections (to be a template for State and Local elections, if so chosen) that could and should be federally legislated, or as an Amendment to our Constitution due to its long term critical importance to the survival of America.    The process must involve the lowest of non-hackable technologies using traceable paper ballots with voter Picture IDs, special and highly restrictive requirements for absentee ballots, election day only voting with unrestricted Bi Partisan oversight that does not interfere with the sacred privacy of a person’s vote. Like Jury Duty, people could also be called to participate and oversee the election process as part of their Civic Duty, a duty at least as critical as serving on Juries.

It will be difficult to take a stand when the highest court prefers not to be involved, but as defenders of the Constitution, you must be involved now more than ever before things boil over and the Nation is destroyed.  You must not allow election Fraud to destroy our country just as it has in Totalitarian regimes throughout history.  If that occurs, there will be no Constitutional protections for the people, let alone a functioning SCOTUS.

I implore you, time is of the essence.    Please make the right decision for me, my family and my fellow Americans of all political stripes who Love America and our Constitution as I know you do.  Hear and investigate the cases for election Fraud.   You are our last backstop against Tyranny.   The People are depending on you to come through for us and all those that came before us – and died for our Liberty!


Disenfranchised Citizen Voter


John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States

Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice

Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Associate Justice

Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice

Elena Kagan, Associate Justice

Neil M. Gorsuch, Associate Justice

Brett M. Kavanaugh, Associate Justice

Amy Coney Barrett, Associate Justice

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Associate Justice

U.S. Mail:


Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Telephone: 202-479-3000
TTY: 202-479-3472
 (Available M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern)

Where to Send Questions or Comments:

For technical questions or to report problems with this website, email: Webmaster

For time sensitive or urgent questions please contact the Public Information Office at the following number: 202-479-3211, Reporters press 1

For general questions that are not time sensitive, email: Public Information Office

Contact the Public Information Office by US Mail:
Public Information Officer
Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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