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So, after years of Knock Out games by Black cowards and never ending attacks on Whites of all ages by the same Black cowards that represent 6% of our population but do 50% of homicides, it comes to this:  A very large and very strong 6’6” 260 pound Black male beat the ever living crap out of a 130 lb female teacher. 

(Please skip past this video if you are queazy or are otherwise a normal human being)

Why did this happen?  Well, our instigating accomplices in the corporate legacy media wants us to believe it was because the teacher took this “kids” Nintendo.   

Yes, the teacher took the big coward’s little plaything away and he must pay the price for his own actions.   But, that is not the reason why he did what he did.   He was filled with hate and rage for a White person and acted accordingly. 

The real causes lie in the system that created this monster, not of his own choice mind you. This fundamental fact needs to be identified and stopped in its tracks if we are to stop the Hellish insanity in America and prevent the Helter Skelter race war of Charlie Manson which the Left will use to bring in Martial Law, their last step toward the American prize.

The reason this offensive lineman sized child nearly pummeled a woman to death is more than just a man sized kid exercising his free will to do an evil thing.  How did he get there?   It was because since the day he was born into a (likely) single parent family and began going to public school he was filled with lies about White people that culminated in this event nearly at the end of Black History month.   And, maybe the nearly killed teacher just finished a class on slavery. For the third time this month. Just a WAG. 

Welcome to Black History Month in America. Black History month is just another name for Hate Whitey month where kids that cannot put nearly anything in context (another article, another day) are taught that Whites feel superior to Blacks and that all through American history and even until the present day Blacks will never make it in America because of the systemic racism they impose.   They are told that Whites cannot be changed and are racist to the core of their DNA that is unalterable and will always keep them down.    In the eyes of the constant victim, Whites are less than human and therefore nothing done to them from beatings to reparations is not justified – even the most cowardly of all acts when a massively large Black male nearly beats to death an unarmed and defenseless female.  

These “kids” are not only told these lies nearly every day during the month of February but are blasted by a constant barrage of lies the rest of the year from “educators”, the mainstream media and places like Public Television.   All of these entities are owned by elites that are only a few steps away from a Communist one world government.  These elites have been so successful at the “destabilization” part of our takeover that we now see the results.    

The Black mind has been so thoroughly blinded by their brainwashing that they can’t even see what this has done to a once strong Black family unit, let alone helping to create soulless monsters filled with rage.

This case may well be the worst unbalanced and vicious attack between two unarmed people ever caught on video, which says a lot given what has happened in just the last few years. Of course, we still have to convict the perpetrators for these crimes (if we now can) but unless we deal with the people that are truly behind this kids destruction, we will all pay the price. 

I wrote a very short story a while back which personifies what we are witnessing in America today.   It’s called An American Fable and you can read it here.  

What can we do?   Well, there has been so much generational damage done to Blacks in America it will not be an easy fix, if it’s even possible at this last stage of willful destabilization.    But to begin, I would suggest the following as a start:

  1. Remove your kids from public schools.
  2. Find a school that does not teach Critical Race Theory.
  3. Do your part to discourage single parent families.
  4. Re-educate children that have been indoctrinated about race, our true history, and what it means to be a man (i.e. notwithstanding the biological lies taught in school, men are bigger and stronger than women and should not beat them up).
  5. Believe in God and the 10 Commandments, or something similar.
  6. Defund NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting*
  7. Avoid network news and most network television.
  8. Contact your Congressman to support the busting up of (a) Corporate Legacy Media in America and (b) Teachers Unions via Anti-Trust and Racketeering laws.
  9. Contact your Congressman to support school vouchers.

And, maybe replace Black History Month with Trans History Month as this would be less dangerous physically to the rest of us when they go berserk.  

If people just choose to do so.   

*Corporation for Public Broadcasting.   It is editorial policy that virtually every historical program on Public Television include some racial aspect, even if it is largely irrelevant to the subject and has nothing to do with America today.  This is part of the dumbing down of America, required to cause race relations to deteriorate to the point we now see with unfettered attacks on Whites by Blacks and the rise of Communist organizations like Black Lives matter.  This is a key part of the destabilization required to bring Communism to America.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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