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Article at a Glance:

  1. The vast majority of Americans don’t understand what is happening quite rapidly    around them because of their ignorance and/or education (or lack thereof).
  2. Two diametrically opposed worldviews will vie for ultimate control of our socio-economic systems as either Libertarian (Godly) or Authoritarian (Secular/Atheist).   One or the other will rule. Preparation is critical if the Libertarian side loses.
  3. Leading up to these worldviews may involve going through one or more phases:  World War, Economic Collapse, Secession, Parallel Economies and/or Counter Coup.  A return to Traditional American Values could possibly delay the other scenarios from occurring.
  4. The current US Executive Government will not relinquish power voluntarily through elections, which they largely control and was used to give themselves power.  
  5. Barack Obama is effectively a 3rd term President running the Biden Administration.  He was made by the Corporate Legacy media and is beholden to them and to other powers that prefer the authoritarian objective of One World Government. 
  6. Obama may be trying to foster a Civil War through weaponization of Government in order to speed the transition to an Authoritarian State thru either a direct Civil War or imposition of Martial Law against what is seen as “threats to Democracy”. 
  7. The constantly increasing pressure on most Americans to fight back kinetically against what is believed to be an installed government is not by accident.  Their purpose is to justify use of a purposefully obsequious Military against its native population.   Therefore, civil disobedience and pushback must still remain within our legal system, no matter the 3rd world corruption, or the consequences.    

The world around you is going to be changing, maybe quite abruptly, and you need to plan accordingly for yourself and your loved ones. The SHTF moment may or may not be unstoppable, but it may be possible to delay and prepare for what’s to come. It may even be possible to alter history, if the Sleepyheads awaken.

We are going down the proverbial drain as a Nation unless something happens to change the trajectory.  Other than a Godly supernatural intervention/awakening there seems nothing that can stop the flow, brought to you by people called “Progressives”.

Progressives are what mostly young adults (aka useful idiots), “educators” and ultra rich elites lovingly call themselves. They want to rule your life and your kitchen.

Sleepyhead Wake up Call #1: “Progress” is not taking a step forward in the wrong direction.

We have taken many, many steps.

And once you wake up and come to know what is happening all around us my advise is simply this:

Don’t go with the flow if it’s going down the drain 


However the collapse happens, the outcome is the same.   Two diametrically opposed  worldviews will vie for ultimate control of our socio-economic systems as either Libertarian or Authoritarian.   One or the other will rule.   This will be because neither side can live peacefully side by side in the same, still connected world with the other.  Simply put, a next door neighbor that believes in child mutilation and other forms or sexual abuse by the new Healthocracy will become intolerable.   The notion of Love Thy Neighbor will be tested like never before.  This will be nothing less than a battle between love of fellow human beings created in the image of God, or being forced to exalt Sin in a Godless New World Order.

Before the last bit goes down that drain, we will likely undergo a period where the One World Only vise is squeezed very hard through things like programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies that will replace your money in it’s already decentralized form of digital (yes, over 95% of “money” in the bank is already digital). Or, maybe a WHO ordered world lockdown and Martial Law as a result of people reacting to the last little bit of  Liberty lost.

Here are a few possible outcomes to prepare ourselves for (if we can)1:

World War III.    A few years ago I would say this possibility, though always on the table, was somewhat remote.  But today, we are probably looking at a better than 50/50 chance that a Nuke will be used within the year in the Eurasian/West conflict we like to call the Ukraine War.   And then the contagion of war (which will likely include Bioweapons when total war becomes obvious) spreads through a combination of mutual protection treaties, tacit obligations and economic alliances in a repeat of The Great War, also beginning in Easter Europe and spreading worldwide.   Then, we are all East Palestiners.

Economic Collapse.   This is a near certainty that most of us, even the Sleepyheads in the Demmunist Party, know is coming very soon to a woke bank near you, and there are many.   This will be followed by someone’s “Build Back Better” to save the day from their own purposeful financial and genocidal destruction caused by greed and Artificial Intelligence.   But whose Build Back Better wins?

Whether it’s the BBB (Better Business Bureau approved) from the Good Guys or the Ultra Rich Atheist Davos people, it won’t be pleasant.   But I can tell you this.   The WEF version will pay the people that are still alive chump change protection money to keep them away from their islands and Gulfstream Jets.   This will be called Universal Basic Income (UBI), part of the long range plan described in my article Why are they Killing us?     In a nutshell, we are being systematically killed off to a manageable UBI payoff number because AI will take over 90% of our jobs in the next 20 years.   This BBB plan will of course involve those UBI payments through a programmable CBDC world “currency” and Artificial Intelligence controlling our Nation’s manufacturing and Food supplies.  

The Good guys BBB version will be exactly the opposite.  It will be very low tech, Liberty and God-Conscious (vs Satan Conscious).  People will live simple agrarian lives similar to the Amish and Mennonites. Social bonds will be reestablished. They will grow much of their own food.  Some may still be living in cities to help with the rebuilding.  This is the second order worst case scenario, caused by the powers that be that have screwed with Capitalism for generations. 

Parallel Economies.   The first time I heard this phrase was from Gab founder Andrew Torba.  In essence, this means we live exclusively within a non-woke economic and financial infrastructure that we create from existing and new organizations.  This kills “cancel culture’ by effectively removing political and religious discrimination from for profit business institutions.  

Too many Americans, even now with the world crashing around us, are still hopelessly addicted to their “feel good” Pollyannish legacy media brainwashing.   They complain about what Disney has been doing to kids (not even allowing staff to use the words “boys” and “girls” now) but they still take their kids there.  They still keep their kids in Public Schools, perpetuating the moral and personal destruction of their own offspring.   They still keep their money in Bank of America that voluntarily gave the names of their clients that went to DC on January 6 2021 to the new FBI while at the same time decrying the unconstitutional charade of J6 in Internet comments with words like “Insane!” and “Unconstitutional!”  And let’s not forget maybe the best example of modern American intestinal fortitude in our fight against Tyranny with the still ubiquitous “Let’s Go Brandon!” That’ll turn the tide.  Need I say more?   

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, although can get me into trouble without the Bill of Rights

New English Proverb

That is why this option may be the  most difficult. It’s just too damn inconvenient for weak willed people to change.    This is also a reason why I am not bringing Civil War into the equation, at least not without a lot of outside help (keep reading).

Secession.   This may be well be the best way out of our mess because it will force Parallel economies to happen.  It could put many of us in the driver’s seat because much of our critical energy resources will be in Pro USA Secession states and we can choose to trade or not with the Anti USA States.   

The only thing that may prevent a peaceful divorce is Barack Obama.  Obama you say?

Barack Hussein (not Muslim) Obama, some say, is the real Puppet master of our Coup Administration.  He is behind everything from declaring the majority in our Nation as the most dangerous threat to our country in history to calling parents Terrorists who don’t want schools telling their little boy he can be a little girl.  Obama runs things from his well-protected (from illegal immigrants) enclave in Martha’s Vineyard.   Will the Installed Government of the United States allow peaceful Secession or will they wage war against Obama’s “Deplorables against Democracy”?    Let’s break down how this could lead to either a preemptive or responsive Civil war.   

Obama and Lincoln have a lot in common, most importantly their connection to the actual or planned death and destruction of their fellow Americans that they just don’t like.  Before you yell at me, please understand I am against slavery in all its forms, including those in the State that enslave people using things like EBT cards.  

Obama has stated in writings and in speeches that Lincoln is his favorite President.  

 “My favorite President is a guy from Illinois who founded the Republican Party, effectively — Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican President.”

Barack Hussein (not Muslim) Obama

While he talks about his eloquence and stature as a man, his real obsession is with the American Civil War, not that Lincoln  “founded the Republican Party”, quite a LOL.     It is not a long march to believe with what most of us know about Obama, especially the “Fundamental Transformation” part, that the man is geared to his personal desire to wage war against Americans that are largely White and (in his own words) live on their religious “high horse” of Christianity.

So, if Obama is still around as a nefarious underground political force, the possibility of a 1861 Secession, followed by a Civil War of his making as our 3rd or 4th term President, is very likely.   If he is not around to call the shots (no pun) then a peaceful Secession is possible. 

Da Coup.     There is as much evidence of the Killer “Vax” as there is of Biden’s fake election.   We now know that fake elections, otherwise known as a “coup-by-fraud”, have real consequences.  

Situation report.   Once in office by possibly treasonous means, the installed Administration of largely Obama appointees will not go peacefully in the night by a legitimate election.    If they did, and treason proved, the perpetrators will be investigated and charged with high crimes.   As that is untenable, the only way these people will relinquish power – as all coups do – is to be removed forcibly.   That they have also planned for this is not surprising because they are chess players and the opposition is still playing their checkers game deciding whether to order pizza before or during their favorite TV show.   

In a surveillance state, the coup d’état people know that a grassroots counter coup insurgency is a difficult proposition to both plan and implement.   Those 5G towers they installed without your permission within 3 miles of your house don’t help.  And as I have already noted, most Americans have no stomach for anything other than another quarter pounder with cheese.  

If any counter insurgency happens beyond the most desirable electoral solution (preventing Obama’s civil war), it will require assistance by what can be loosely called Shallow and Deep State “Oathkeepers”.   In our Twilight Zone world, people taking oaths to protect and defend the Constitution are enemies of Democracy.  These are people in and out of government that have sworn an oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.   They include everyone from your local Sheriff to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, now sadly directed by General Mark Alexander Milley, Trump’s nearly Communist pick who allowed China to survey critical US Military installations unimpeded from a perfect altitude. That is, until the data was fully streamed to China. As I have said, plans were developed years ago to deal with this nightmare for the “peaceful” electoral takeover of America 2. Here is how that part works.

Depatriotize the Military.  Obama started the Military readiness decline and it’s nearly but not completely successful.   It took Covid to bring in the last stage.   Since the Nov 3 Insurrection, the Covid Vaccination program has been used to decimate the Military in every possible way – physically and morally.   If this continues, who could possibly be left in the rank and file to disobey unconstitutional orders under a fake martial law to wage war against citizens who won’t follow along with the next WHO mandate on lockdowns and suicidal injections?   Objectively, our military is in the worst state of readiness in history.  Not only are recruitments at all time lows but the people being recruited have little desire to fight against foreign, let alone domestic, invaders.   If our government is taken over by unjust pretenders, you better be on the right side to avoid a Robespierre thrashing that could speed up depopulation. Just a thought to consider. 

American Redo.  With each passing day, this seems a little less likely but still possible.   We can win back our Government politically if we get rid of the Uniparty and Fake Elections.   They both go hand in hand and both have to go.  This is going to be the hardest long term struggle (if we have time before the other scenarios play out) because it involves either the complete reconstruction of the GOP and it’s leadership or a new party altogether that may lead to a new Judicial System that defends rather than attacks the USC.    Even a Convention of States doesn’t seem to solve this problem, but it could help move Congress on Election Reform and that’s good enough for me.

A new party can work and can even be formidable if we can combine the true Liberals that respect the First Amendment (still the largest bunch in the Democratic Party) with the Constitutional Conservatives.  Regardless of what you may think, there are still a lot of Tulsi Gabbards and Alan Derschowitzs out there looking for a new place to find a political home but can’t stomach being in the “Republican Party”.  Neither can I.

For all the rightful fretting about our political system, a new party is a possibility but not one I would say has much more of a chance of happening beyond Total War, Economic Collapse or Secession.  But if we do stop Uniparty Insurrection Coups with permanent Federal and State Congressional Election Reform and a redo of Trumps Schedule F Executive Order (rescinded by the Deep State), that is the best option of all. And, we go back to when corporate/union influence (aka Uniparty) was eliminated, allowing virtually unlimited campaign financing of their chosen few.

Alas, none of this works if Americans, after enjoying a two year taste of Tyranny, still favor security over liberty. 

If we survive through any of the above scenarios, our first order of business beyond putting food on the table is to redo our educational system so we can assure that future generations don’t allow our Sleepyhead mistakes to be repeated. 

For now, I am heading to my local GOP office for a short discussion. Simply, I will tell them I am done with them and every other political organization that weaponizes government and destroys our Bill of Rights that puts earthly fears into God fearing people. I will tell them that I hold them responsible for turning America into a Banana Republic. I will inform them of the outcomes above if they stay the course and quit defending their electorate against an installed government. And I will also let them know that as far as I am concerned, the sooner we get to the end game, the better. I just don’t like suspense.

Maybe that first option of World War happens and won’t be so bad. If we aren’t living inside a Faraday cage bunker well outside of cities and strategic areas we will be put out of our misery. The survivors can recreate the low tech world of real humanity we should have had, incorporating the new economies, and some of us can meet again in a better place.

1 Biblical Armageddon is also a possibility. The only way to prepare for that is spiritually, not a topic for this discussion.

2 I will admit to having no absolute proof of these specific plans that could also just be a crisis not going to waste. Or for that matter, many of the above suppositions, as far as you know.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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