Boycott America

Days of Infamy

Pearl Harbor Day – December 7, 1941

Insurrection Day – November 3, 2020

Arraignment of a President Day – April 4, 2023

Today is a sad day for America. If you have been paying attention, and have been reading my articles, you knew this day was on it’s way.

All you need to know is this:

Trump was not indicted by a Soros controlled Leftist. WE were indicted.

Don’t despair. There are still numerous quivers in our arsenal but we have to use them judiciously. To know where to point those arrows we have to know where the Lefts power is most effective – Corporate America and Corporate Legacy Media.

So, I suggest that we make these people pay financially. And, if necessary, begin to build parallel economies if they still don’t get it.

Wayne Root recently suggested a weekend economic fast to get the message across if Trump is arrested, a good idea. But that is not lasting. We need to go much further than sending a temporary message. Root (and I) believe it is impossible to live side by side with crazed Godless people. Until that happens, we have to get the ball rolling.

You cannot be a Sleepyhead anymore. We have to change the way we live altogether.

There is no turning back for us because the installed regime cannot go back, or the perpetraitors face serious and possibly treasonous consequences.  That will make Trump’s indictment look like hocking a candy bar in a drug store. And that means doing some things that should have been done long, long ago.

If you don’t change, you and yours will face the consequences along with the rest of us. It’s that simple. You must do ALL of these things, and more, to have impact. If not, you will just be a permanent Sleepyhead living in a Saferoom without Life, Liberty or any pursuit of Happiness. Guaranteed.

If it’s to be, it’s up to me.

William Johnsen

I won’t go into the reasons why you should do these things, which should now be as evident as the Election Fraud that put us here.

Here is Mandrakes BIG List:

  1. Sell all index Stocks you own  (while you still can) individually and in your retirement accounts. This could immediately halt ongoing Corporate and financial Tyranny. Buy T-bills or CDs1. Consider precious metals for the coming hyperinflation.
  2. Cancel ALL business relationships with WOKE corporations IMMEDIATELY. Do it now. Start with your accounts with Amazon (Bezos), Facebook (Zuckerberg) and Big Banks, like Bank of America and JP Morgan.2
  3. Start building your parallel economy. Buy food and other consumer products and services from small, locally and family owned (if possible) companies regardless of cost with the savings in your pocket derived from doing the other things on this list.
  4. Cancel any subscriptions you have with corporate print or digital media, e.g. magazines or newspapers.
  5. Cancel Cable Television and go WIFI if you must, but don’t subscribe to paid services unless from verified nonwoke companies.
  6. Do not watch network news either on Television or Internet.
  7. Contact your local GOP office and tell them that you blame THEM, not the new Communist Party of Democrats, for weaponizing our government and stealing America without a shot because they were accomplices to Fraud.  Consider voting Libertarian or not voting as elections still remain fixed and your vote DOES NOT MATTER (except for some local elections).
  8. Ask everyone you know, then those you don’t, to do these things.
  9. Pray for a spiritual awakening in America. Use ACTS:
    • A – Adore the Lord
    • C – Confess your Sins
    • T – Thank the Lord for the Blessings HE bestowed on you and America
    • S – Supplication for your needs. Ask God to show us the way for a New America

After a solid and sustained financial hit, most American Corporations will eventually see the light as even our infinite supply of fiat money can’t make them whole and the people working there need to put food on the table.

Do it now. There is no time left. Do it now!


1,2 Worry not about moving to a Regional bank or Credit Union. Either one will be backstopped by Janet Yellen’s magic “no inflation” printing press. We cannot allow our installed Regime to force people into the herding pens of the Big Banks, where we will be slaughtered like lambs.


Sic Semper Tyrannis




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