Trump Strikes Again

Yes, Donald Trump has done some good things for us, like being the sacrificial target for Americans targeted by an installed Government.  In this respect, he fashions himself as some kind of Christlike figure, hardly the case for a man with his typically human failings.   But, if we are honest with ourselves, we have to look at what he has done – inadvertently – to hurt us as well. 

This article will not go into the more visible disasters of his own creation like Operation Warp Speed which, regardless of what DJT says, has and continues to be the main reason for excess deaths ranging from 10-15% annually worldwide.  And no Mr. Trump.  You have not “saved” billions of lives.  Maybe killed a few million or billion.  But saved?  I don’t think so.

Nor will I mention the strengthening of the Deep State by hiring operatives like the Junk Mail King Mike Pence, General Alexander Milley, William Barr, Christopher Wray and Steve Mnuchin.  That goes without saying.

I want to discuss something that nobody else is talking about.   And, I have waited diligently to report on this until today, April 18.  This is the day that the IRS has declared that you must file your taxes so we can help cover that $1.4T deficit so far in 2023.  That is, with the help of never ending fiat printing presses backed by Congressional hot air.

So, what exactly did the Donald do? Would you believe that he has hit many of his own MAGA people with a broadside attack on their Churches and favorite non-profits the likes of which America has never seen?  Let me explain.

Hint:   You are likely in the 90% that did not get a tax break for any of your donations to charitable causes like Churches, Synagogues, local food banks and community help organizations.  

The Hit

In December 2017, Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed into law, representing the most significant tax code overhaul in over three decades.  It was designed by Steve Mnuchin (IRS reports to him at Treasury Department) and approved by President Trump. The goal was to nearly eliminate itemized deduction people and has been a resounding success.  They did this with a simply ploy – raise the standard deduction to such a level that nobody gets over the fence to get a charitable deduction.   The hurdle is so high that 90% of Americans simply take the standard deduction.

As a result of the TCJA, you need to have more than the standard deduction noted below to get a break. And as if 10% of taxpayers that don’t itemize isn’t quite enough, they want to push that number even lower for 2023 tax year:

Prior to the new tax law change, nearly 1/3 of Americans itemized and took advantage of charitable deductions. After the IRS rule change of the Trump Administration, this dropped more by more than 300% to around 10% (all income groups).   Some people think that the itemizers will drop to only 5% of American taxpayers in just a few years.

While we cannot say how much of an effect that has had on a per capita basis, it is more than likely that the effect can only be a negative one for this plain economic fact:  you get less economic activity if you tax it.   

Situation Report. Overall charitable contributions have not declined substantially (yet) because of giving by people with lots to give, along with corporations. Last year, the #1 Corporate donor was (drum roll) – Pfizer.  I guess they just want to be a good corporate citizen and want to give back a little for getting filthy rich while killing so many people. 

The wealthy did get a lot wealthier and took up some of the slack, but since we know that the wealth transfer to Liberals has been huge in the last few years (mainly Covid related) so the charities they contribute to may not be in the best interest of America.  Like charities devoted to transgenderism and Climate Change and Black Lives and all that.

As for those charities that aren’t yet WOKE? Well, if they are to remain financially viable, they must move to the Left to keep getting the dough.  Just a WAG. As I have said many times before, the Left play Chess and we are at still at our Checkers game.

How can I prove this?  Well, I can’t.  But I think it might be another one of my conspiracy theories, so it must be true.

Still, it is hard to prove because the data is not available from the IRS (they can’t report on the 90% of taxpayers that don’t itemize) and data from the charities themselves is hard to come by that shows anything other than overall giving and that has not suffered a massive decline adjusting for inflation.

It remains a long standing fact about Americans that most don’t contribute to charity solely or even primarily for a tax deduction.  We are truly unique in the world on that front, especially the evangelicals in the South.   We contribute 7X more than the average European. But it does have an effect on even these people, hit hard by Covid nonsense and the poor economy.  This will likely continue to be a net negative for churches and other charities unless something is done to change our tax code. Over time, it will play havoc with religious organization funding already in the tank.

The Fix is In

The IRS Fix is killing already faltering Churches and good nonprofit organizations whose activities will be replaced by an ever more powerful government.   I hope and pray it is not the final nail because that would have horrific consequences for America, as if we need more consequences these days. 

As a result, if you are the typical American, you are now in the 90% that filed without getting credit for charitable contributions to your Church (tithing) or to other good non-profits doing things that the Government should not do but will be doing more and more.  Using Trumps favorite word, this is a Disaster.

This all seemed innocuous enough at the time (and practically nobody in the GOP saw through the ruse) but it has had ongoing and devastating consequences to economically destroy already weakened faith based institutions while at the same time strengthening an ever more powerful Government that will step in the gap and be asked to do what the bankrupted churches and organizations used to do. It’s a basic tenet of Marxism to have only one God and that one God you shall trust is not the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. It’s not even Buddha or Muhammad. It’s the Government.

And, all because of the Donald.  Or, should I say his Treasury Chief Steven Mnuchen, selected by the Donald, who helped develop the rules under the guise of helping the IRS so they would not have to sift through all those itemized donations.  

You see, with people taking legitimate donations that must be reviewed and verified it gets really hard to do all that more important IRS work targeting political enemies.   So, with all the backlog because of the insanity of the United States tax laws you go on never ending Covid vacations and then, turn off the phone and pass laws to kill faith based organizations already hurting.  

It’s just one of the many little steps over a long march that brings in Communism. It’s hard to fathom how Trump could miss the ulterior motives of Mnuchin and the Deep State. But on this one, I believe he did.


All you have to know about what the Left is up to, as represented by our Government now, is to listen to what they say – which is nearly always a lie but points the way to the truth.  

Here is all the proof you need:

What to do?

Keep giving, especially to your Churches.   When you get a request of money for faith based or good nonprofit organizations in the mail, instead of or in lieu of just sending the cash, add a note to educate them about why their donations have taken a hit since 2018.    Tell them to contact their Congressman to reduce the standard deduction back to pre-2018 levels because in times like these, we need to encourage people to donate to good conservative causes. 

The Trump/Mnuchin Tax Act does exactly the reverse.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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