One of the best summaries on the election fraud that stole our country away has recently been published. It distills the main items of evidence in 16 minutes.  

Regardless of what you believe on the Nov 3 2020 Election, there are only two possible scenarios:

1. If the evidence is a lie, we are done as a Nation with so many people hating America, legitimately electing Joe Biden and trading Liberty for Security.

2. If the evidence is true, we are done as a Nation if we do not fix Federal elections.

So,  we have to choose to believe one possibility over the other.   Which is it for you?

For me, even in a country with so many poorly educated kids and sleepyhead adults, I choose door #2.   And if that is the correct answer, this is entirely fixable. 

Here ya go….

And as always, please research yourself (although it is difficult in the new “misinformation” State that is included free and at no extra charge with an electoral takeover).

More importantly, please consider sharing this video to everyone in your sphere of influence.

Even the Sleepyheads.

Sic Semper Tyrannus

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