Time is of the Essence – Really Pt 2

Updated January 13, 2023  Article at a Glance Introduction. As nearly expected, SCOTUS declined to review the all-important Brunson vs Adams case that would have exposed the rampant treason in the Halls of Congress when they refused to call for the most important Congressional Investigation in our Nations history into election fraud.   The election fraudContinue reading “Time is of the Essence – Really Pt 2”

Is Africa the Covid Smoking Gun? Part 2

Updated December 21, 2022  Article at a Glance I wrote an article in December 2021 about what I called the “Africa Smoking Gun” regarding Covid death rates worldwide. Up until then, little if anything had been written even in the Conservative and Alt-Press about the “Smoking Gun” proof of an apparently intentional genocide. This isContinue reading “Is Africa the Covid Smoking Gun? Part 2”


No election Fraud, again! It’s all right wing conspiracy. Move along. But wait. Didn’t George Soros, who is demonstrably involved in changing our political system by all means possible, say in July 2022 that he (or his cohorts) would be effectively unable to alter the Mid Term elections in states to their Demmunist favor becauseContinue reading “Riiiiight…….”

Oxygen Deficient

Mandrake News – Special Investigative Report In light of the recent unveiling of a C02 capture system being constructed across the Midwest to save the planet, another similar project to save humanity from extinction is now in the works.   We caught up with project lead Professor (emeritus) Harold Hill, PhD from University of West AngliaContinue reading “Oxygen Deficient”

It’s a Good Life

    “I will make mere youths their officials;    children will rule over them.” Isaiah 3:4 Updated 10/4/2022 The children have been given the keys to the car.  A muscle car. Yes, the Leftists have succeeded in giving the adults that used to be in charge new generations of permanent children through our public education system.Continue reading “It’s a Good Life”

Group Captain Lionel Mandrake

Group Captain Mandrake is the only sane person in the room, or so it would seem.    Captain Mandrake is a member of the Royal Air Force and is surrounded with insanity at all levels, even from those who would rather protect Leftist Big Corporations like the Coca Cola company rather than humanity.  He graduatedContinue reading “Group Captain Lionel Mandrake”

Another Big Lie – Free Markets

  December 15, 2020 Updated June 20, 2022 Welcome to the wheels coming off Western Governments (and our) debt nightmare. If you do invest in stocks (and don’t believe anything I say here as I am not an investment adviser nor am recommending anyone buy or sell stocks specifically in this article nor do IContinue reading “Another Big Lie – Free Markets”