Plandemic 9 from Outer Space

October 19, 2020

This is from the North Carolina Covid Executive Order Dictate:

There is growing evidence that wearing a face covering can help reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially because people may be infected with the virus and not know it.

Think about that last part.   Only in the annals of Science Fiction could we have come up with something so effectively sinister.   It’s the perfect disease for the perfect plan.    Has there EVER been a communicable respiratory disease with severe or even deadly health consequences (by itself) meeting this new found “novel” characteristic: a disease with no symptoms for up to 80% of people can be spread to someone who then might also have no symptoms but could spread to someone that eventually might die (<.1% chance), or likely will have no symptoms?   And, so on.  And so on.  And so on…..


I would suggest the answer is no simply because there has been no such communicable respiratory disease ever existing in human beings.   So, it  must have been made up unless someone bio-engineered a disease to attack people only with a heretofore undiscovered Gene X.   With a near Civil War going on in America,  I think its much more likely to believe the fake-out motive of people intent on defeating Trump, taking over the country and replacing American Liberty with Global Fascism.    The CDC, leading the Totalitarian charge, has to now refer to “co-morbidity” in the same breath as “morbidity” to combine the two into a new undistinguished definition for the people.   They know that Covid acting alone, not as a “co-morbid” factor,  has caused less deaths than seasonal Flu and that won’t work well with Plandemic 9 from Outer Space.            

For those not familiar with this famously bad movie (actually called Plan 9 from Outer Space) it opens with a statement from a guy named Criswell.   Criswell was a “clairvoyant” Hollywood futurist in the 1950s.    He reminds me a little of Schumer.    With a few slightly altered changes, Criswell’s  opening monologue applies to today’s mess and, as they say, history does rhyme:



Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.  You are interested in the unknown… the mysterious. The unexplainable. That is why you are here. And now, for the first time, we are bringing to you, the full story of what happened ……….We are bringing you all the evidence, based only on the secret testimony, of the miserable souls, who survived this terrifying Plandemic.  The incidents, the places. My friend, we cannot keep this a secret any longer.   Let us punish the guilty. Let us reward the innocent. My friend, can your heart stand the shocking facts of the Globalist Plan from George Soros!


This movie is a cult favorite, directed by the late and not so great Ed Wood.   It even starred Bela Lugosi in his last role, sort of.  He died just before the film was released and Ed interspersed short clips of Bela doing inconsequential things throughout the movie at wholly inappropriate places.    That’s our Ed!

I think we are living the Plan 9 dream.   We are all in this bad movie, one of the worst of all time.  Its so bad you have to laugh, just like the real flick.   But I have to admit I am having a hard time laughing anymore seeing my fellow Americans brainwashed out of their minds with never ending 15 minute ABC (Disney) radio spots frightened to walk down streets or even in parks without cloth masks.  Forget that viruses easily enter exposed eyes and hardly anybody is wearing eye protection.    Or that masks are not considered Bio Hazard waste by County Health Departments when you are drooling into it for hours at a time and can just toss in the trash can once a week and kill the Garbage man.  Lather, rinse, repeat.    Some on my small town streets even look like Mummies for God’s sake (give ’em credit for the eye protection):


COVID is the perfect creation of the Mainstream Media whose goal is to dehumanize and segregate the population.  You must stay clear of fellow human beings that might just KILL you.   Aaaahhhhhh!!!   This media created monster beats even the power of Leftist Federal Judges in it’s implications.    You see, when you have a disease with no symptoms that can therefore be spread without knowing it you can rightly say that virtually everyone must be traced, monitored and quarantined with ankle bracelets for their own good and to protect others.   

And, since you can unwittingly KILL someone when you don’t even have a runny nose, we have a Plan for you.  Do not fear!   We won’t arrest you for manslaughter (yet).   The Government will protect you, from yourself, and everyone else, with a Totalitarian state.    Now, please understand.   As your elected representatives, we really don’t want to do the Totalitarian State thing (Wink Wink) but we are forced to make you do dehumanizing things to in order to make everyone safe, from each other.   This is the New Normal where you can’t go to funerals.  Or weddings.  Or seeing your own kids sick in the hospital.  You know.  For the children.  This must continue until we have a perfect vaccine created by the Gates/Fauci/NIH syndicate who will implant tracemakers inside you along with the ineffective Vaccine.    But how will we know the efficacy of a Vaccine when most people have no symptoms from a disease it is supposed to protect us from?  I guess if you aren’t dead yet we have saved your life.  Plandemic 9 from Outer Space is upon us.    

So, the perfect Plan 9 is unfolding, just as Criswell predicted.   And,  part of the Plan also includes getting rid of all that dangerous legal tender cash money that can spread Covid and make you die.  The Banks are doing this right now and nobody is stopping them.     This helps the Motherland know where you are and what you spend money on.   Phase 2.5 of Plandemic 9.  

I leave you with some fitting last words from Ed Wood and Plan 9:

Col. Edwards: This is the most fantastic story I’ve ever heard.

Jeff: And every word of it’s true, too.

Col. Edwards: That’s the fantastic part of it.

I wish it wasn’t just a bad script for a bad movie.  As I have said before in these blogs, none of this would happen without a compliant mainstream media which needs busting up big time. 

Where is Criswell when you need him?

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Reparations. Then, we get along. OK??

by Garcia de Malones

October 16, 2020

I never thought I would agree with the MSM but I do think there should be reparations.

There is a lot of talk these days about Reparations.     If Biden (heaven forbid) is elected POTUS by the fake election campaign we seem unable to do anything about, there is no doubt that we will go down this road to Civil War.    So, I have decided that it is better to agree and submissively comply given my racist White DNA (per Lesson 1 of my 12 Step Program from my Alma Mater) than to fight a Civil War. 

A vast sum of money would be needed to compensate the victims of this horrible tragedy in human existence.

Although I cannot begin to place a price on reparations, and how mooch should be given to the oppressed group (no amount would be truly sufficient!), I can only say that monetary reparations are needed and should be brought up on the federal level as soon as possible. This should deserve our immediate attention, and the attention of our Congress.

Yes, I am talking about reparations paid by African-Americans to Non African-Americans for the unfair financial burden they have imposed on taxpayers.

Welfare.  The trillions we have spent on welfare programs as a result of the Great Society, which unintentionally demeaned black Americans by saying they could not make it on their own, went DISPROPORTIONATELY to the black underclass. I believe the amount spent on welfare programs in excess of their 14% population should be returned to the taxpayers.

Criminal Justice.  As a group, African -Americans have also been a tremendous financial hardship for federal, state and local governments that have had to spend ever increasing taxpayer dollars on our prisons and other aspects of our criminal justice systems. Blacks born and raised in America (African-Americans) subject to Democratic party plantations have unfairly utilized our prison system to an extent much greater than their population would indicate. In prison, African-Americans get free cable TV and better exercise equipment than in my local YMCA, which I have to pay for.  Three meals a day, every day, paid for by the taxpayer.  

The average American pays over $10,000 a year on health care for insurance premiums and out of pocket expenditures under high deductibles. In prison its “free”, paid for mainly by non African-Americans as part of our commitment to societal rehabilitation.

The direct social costs from violent crime, disproportionately involving African-Americans by a 10 to 1 ratio (e.g. African-American males vs non African-American males), should also be added in to our reparations game. Lost wages (and lost taxes) from crime induced injury or death to all people of all colors is staggering. Care to add this one up?

War.  364,511 largely White Europeans gave their lives in the Civil War, presumably fighting for the abolition of slavery. Then, in WW2, another 405,399 largely White Europeans died to prevent Nazis from subjugating and enslaving Blacks worldwide in ways that would make the Rebels look tame. A total of 708 African Americans were killed in combat during World War II. So, that gives us 769,202 White European lives given for African-Americans to assure they are no longer slaves, at least in the legal sense.

Therefore, the excess amount of these benefits, in proportion to the African-American US population, should be returned to the taxpayers of other colors, and White is a color.  Remember, we are living in an age when equal outcomes are required. 

Add it all up, and you wind up with a reparations bill payable to White Europeans from African-Americans of $117,878,888,090,000 (give or take).  

But, how much do we owe African-Americans for Slavery reparations? We need look no further than to one of our most brilliant citizens for the answer. After a detailed analysis of the societal costs of Slavery (eliminated over 150 years ago) using economic modeling algorithms and mathematical regression formulas, the esteemed economist, historian, philosopher and rapper Azalea Banks has determined that we owe African-Americans $100,000,000,000,000 for reparations. Brilliant.


“I hate everything about this country. Like, I hate fat white Americans. All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these …”


So, based on my calculations (just as accurate), African-Americans actually owe all non African-Americans something on the order of $17,878,888,090,000 (give or take).


$117,878,888,090,000 (give or take)

– $100,000,000,000,000 (exactly)

$17,878,888,090,000 (give or take).

Since this amount is a debt so large that not even the US could pay it off without selling off all of our National Parks to Hunter Biden, I would suggest that we could waive the charge because this country is populated by forgiving people (the exceptions of course would include the likes of Southern Poverty Law Center, Olberman, Pelosi, Schumer, BLM, Antifa and Civil Rights leaders everywhere).   

Right.  The above is obvious parody to show the absurdity of requiring by law that one group of people (White Europeans, or percent thereof) give cash to another group of people (African-Americans, or percent thereof) because of their race, for past sins that were never committed by the payer.

We officially leveled the playing field back in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act, long overdue and needed to fight the remnants of Slavery ala Jim Crow. But we did. In today’s America if someone will not hire or promote African-Americans solely due to the color of their skin, they will have the EEOC breathing down their neck and will be contacted by any of the throngs of Civil Rights lawyers to bankrupt the racist who won’t follow the law.  This will massively enrich the plantiff “of color” and their Lawyer working on contingency. Case closed on that problem.

The New Leftist Democratic party of Karl Marx loves social justice but all this reparations talk turns Social Justice on it’s head. Reparations is nothing more than a financial attack based on greed, not “justice”, to enrich people because of the very entitlement mentality that shackles them financially, socially and politically.

I think we should move on and avoid this kind of antagonistic race baiting that hurts society deeply.


So, why can’t we just get along Rodney? Well, with all this talk about reparations, odds are pretty good that we never will. And you kind of squandered your $3M in reparations for resisting arrest anyway. But, in the words of an old and corrupt Secretary of State, “What difference at this point does it make?” We just want our money!

Well, well. The MSM says Republicans, and specifically Conservatives, are the dividers.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Plandemic Becomes Clear

May 2, 2020

This post was published June 2020 on The Burning Platform.

Remember what started the world down the path of CV19 insanity?  It was not China.  It was Italy.  Italy was in the middle of Europe and nobody could understand how a virus originating in China could have gotten there so quickly and apparently killed so many.  Even I was beginning to get spooked with what I thought was a China made Bio Weapon to kill off the non-Communist world.   The school is still out on that point and CV19 may just be a preliminary model to test the contagion qualities of a novel virus which may be the most highly contagious “disease” we know of.  That in itself is scary but the current pandemic is nothing of the sort.

Italy was awful but not so much for the deaths (as we shall soon see) but the hospitals that were overcome.  This should have resulted in improvements in their Socialist healthcare system, not 20% worldwide unemployment.      What we didn’t hear from the mainstream media was that Italy has ALWAYS been a healthcare basket-case, especially with everyday influenza.   What you don’t know is that according to WHO, Italy had two horrific flu seasons in 2013/14 and 2016/17 resulting in almost 68,000 deaths.    This not only didn’t shut down the world for a localized influenza outbreak, but it didn’t even shut down Italy.   WHO reported nearly 34,000 flu deaths in each of those years.  Awful, for sure.   So what about the Italy CV 19 death count?   100,000 deaths?   No.  80,000?    Not really.   50,000?    As of June there have been a little over 34,000 claimed CV 19 deaths in Italy.   For the math challenged in the mainstream media, this is essentially the same number of influenza deaths as CV 19 in each of the 2013 and 2016 flu seasons.    By not reporting the truth about Italy the media sowed the roots of a worldwide economic collapse never before seen.

A little medical review.   CV 19 is a respiratory illness so people that reportedly die from CV 19 die usually die from things like pneumonia.    But you can get pneumonia from a number of other infectious agents.    According to the Mayo Clinic, here are the infectious agents that can make you sick and possibly die: 

  • Bacteria. These one-cell organisms are responsible for illnesses such as strep throat, urinary tract infections and tuberculosis (and bacterial pneumonia).
  • Viruses. Even smaller than bacteria, viruses cause a multitude of diseases ranging from the common cold to AIDS.  
  • Fungi. Many skin diseases, such as ringworm and athlete’s foot, are caused by fungi. Other types of fungi can infect your lungs or nervous system.
  • Parasites. Malaria is caused by a tiny parasite that is transmitted by a mosquito bite. Other parasites may be transmitted to humans from animal feces

Virtually any of the above infectious agents can lead to pneumonia and kill you, like CV19.    Viruses can also lead to bacterial pneumonia, which can kill you deader than Joe Biden.     Even the common cold virus can cause induce pneumonia and cause death in some susceptible people.

People have died from and largely with CV19, pretty sure anyway, maybe sorta.    But you can’t cause a worldwide depression from a made to order pandemic unless you have mortality on the order of the Black Death.   So, what to do?    The CDC has issued requirements for medical examiners and coroners to state CV 19 as the underlying cause of death (UCOD) regardless of other possibilities.  Their prior guidance on this subject as noted in their 2003 Manual for Medical Examiners and Coroners states there may be multiple cause of death factors, now seemingly ignored: “Death may [also] result from the combined effect of two or more conditions”.    From the 2020 CDC Covid 19 guidance manual

If COVID–19 played a role in the death, this condition should be specified on the death certificate. In many cases, it is likely that it will be the UCOD, as it can lead to various lifethreatening conditions, such as pneumonia.  COVID–19 should be reported on the lowest line used in Part I [UCOD] with the other conditions to which it gave rise listed on the lines above it. 

This instruction all but requires that Medical Examiners make CV19 the underlying cause of death if found, so we can say that Person X died from Covid 19.   That will boost the needed mortality for a new disease with practically no risk for the vast majority of human beings.    So here is the question for the CDC.  For everyone said to have died of  CV 19, especially the elderly representing nearly 50% of all claimed CV19 deaths,  were all other infectious disease possibilities like other viruses (e.g.  influenza), bacterial infections, parasites and fungi ruled out by examiners? If the answer is no, or we don’t have that data or it wasn’t tracked, then CV19 mortality (barely worse than a bad flu season) may not only be a  hoax for the ages but amazingly the only disease that destroyed world economies with NO SYMPTOMS FOR MOST PEOPLE.    Let that sink in.    

If people die of a respiratory illness, such as pneumonia without ruling out all other infectious agents or even cancer, then we are being lied to on a scale defying imagination.   We do know that to die of CV 19 is likely a case of pneumonia which deprives the body of oxygen, leading to organ failure  (Dr. Yoko Furuya, Columbia University Irving Medical Center).  Until they prove that ALL other causes of death by pneumonia were sequentially ruled out by medical examiners before declaring a single CV19 death, the likelihood of a disease that results in zero symptoms in up to 80% or more of infected people (can we even call that a disease?) killing anyone on a massive scale is improbable.        Per Dr. Monica Gandhi, University of California, San Francisco:  “Estimates of the proportion of true asymptomatic cases – those who are infected and never develop symptoms – range from 18% to over 80%”.  

Are economic shutdowns due to an “overabundance of caution” or “overabundance of Trump haters” wanting to prevent a 2nd term?  

Maybe the clearest indicator of farce on a Galaxian scale is this:  Why is it that the USA, the most important world economy with the best (and most expensive) healthcare system in the world,  has only 5% of the worlds population but almost 25% of the claimed CV 19 deaths?    Hmmmm.    Either we are inflating CV 19 numbers for, shall we say, political reasons or we vastly overpay for services that are not even up to the standards of Ghana.   Actually it’s both.   But now, people are so conditioned to the lie that the media has only to mention new cases, not deaths or hospitalizations,  every 15 minutes on the radio to get people to drive alone with masks.  

The CV19 lockdown has caused massive and irreparable harm by the mainstream media that I always thought were “for the children”.   A UN report  indicated that more than 100000 children worldwide (more than 25% of total claimed CV19 deaths) may die because of CV19 induced poverty.   Nice.   A few kids dying won’t grow up to reproduce and overpopulate the planet in economically depressed areas.  

Back to Italy,  home of Nicolo Machiavelli.   The CV19 hoax may be the most Machiavellian Global Communist plan for world takeover in the history of mankind.   And none of this could have been accomplished on the amazing scale we have seen without the complicity and direction of the American mainstream media, which includes Big Tech Social Media, the NY Times, ABC/Disney, CBS, NBC, CNN, Reuters and AP.   These forces are formidable but they must be stopped now if we have any chance of making the changes in our culture and educational systems to return us to the Old Normal.    These organizations are an INFORMATION MONOPOLY that shames and censors people and businesses into Leftist politics and even incites riots in the streets through agenda based news coverage, which is not protected free speech under our constitution.    As with any monopoly, all of them must be busted up into little totalitarian pieces using the same Anti Trust laws used against the likes of Microsoft and ATT.    If Leftists Democrats control the outcome of the November elections, there will be nobody to question what they have done.   And then, I am afraid all will be lost and we will be on the cusp of the 4th Turning and total war.    We may get there anyway, but I am all for delaying a bit because I havent even gotten my first social security check.

It may well be that the CV19 pandemic has been an amazingly elaborate and well orchestrated hoax on people sublimely susceptible to hoax.  Just look at all those people driving alone with masks on.   

And yes, it is a conspiracy.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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How about a cookie?

The following revised and updated corporate policy statement was obtained surreptitiously from an anonymous Cookie Monster working in a middle management position at the firm.   User discretion is advised.

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2. What information do you collect?

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3. Can I opt out of cookies?  Yes Are you kidding?                                                                                          

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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This Guy went to Jail for Loving his Country

August 20, 2020

I occasionally review movies and when Dinesh D’Souza came out with America: Imagine the World Without Her (2014), I did a review on IMDB (Internet Movie Database).  The film should be reviewed objectively in schools, at least to present a view other than how our country needs to be razed and started anew.   Of course, this will never happen unless our Public Education program of Leftist indoctrination is smashed and burned and placed in the ash heap of history.    

Looking back 6 years later, our Public schools have not changed.  They have even doubled down with their Hate America Campaign and plan on implementing the 1619 project.   PTAs, where are you?   Even scarier is that many of the kids growing up in 2014 when this movie came out are about to vote in November.   

Here is the review……

OK – reading some of the negative reviews here made me write a counter attack, because that is what a reasonable person does who does not despise their country. The negative comments from several reviewers (which is pretty hard to fathom for any documentary) are politically motivated, and appear to come from a deep seated Hatred of America which you can viscerally feel from their words. This requires rebuttal.

My God, did these people even see the movie? My local paper – the AJC – has a “D” rating (nearly the lowest rating of 20+ movies reviewed for the July 4 weekend) yet had absolutely nothing to say that disputes anything presented in the film. They just have to fight their anti-US narrative to the death. And, I am tired of having to apologize to these people on the Left when I say they are not Patriotic – well, this film is (using Obama’s words) really a line in the sand – if you hate this movie you cannot be a Patriot. End of argument, end of story.

The movie has its technical issues, but the overall GOOD message about our country strikes deeply at the heart of the Left’s New History of America. Their New History has been the basis of our kid’s curriculum since the 1960s and continues unabated. Some here refer to D’Souzas views as “revisionist”, a completely backwards take on our true historical past which is INFINITELY better and more Moral than ANY OTHER CIVILIZATION IN HISTORY. That is the primary and very clear message of the movie.

As Dinesh so clearly shows, we are the only Nation whose wealth was not, nor ever has been, from the spoils of Conquest that was the norm of human history for thousands of years. Wealth is created internally and comes directly to people that earn it. American wealth is from Liberty granted to us by our Constitution – Liberty from Tyrannical Govt rule (think IRS Gestapo) – and the entrepreneurship of people that receive money VOLUNTARILY for goods and services. This is the great new “idea” of America that Bono speaks of in the film, in a very moving speech. No reviewer here, or any from the political Left, can argue against this source of greatness and why Mexican Americans do not cross to the South. The documentary also lays out a very strong case that the Left’s brainwashing come from public education and the re- writing of our history to give successful people a sense of shame – and a sense of entitlement by the folks that either can’t make it or won’t make it.

It is really sad what has been done to young minds for the promotion of the Atheist state of Saul Alinsky, another major topic of the film. You have to see the movie to understand what has been going on and why so many have come to despise this country. Since it is so hard to argue for a world without America (and American Capitalism), the only possible explanation for being against America appears to arise from jealousy – jealousy from individuals or particular groups that just can’t cut it – but still (in Biblical terms) covet all the stuff. So they want to transform Govt into Tyranny on their behalf so they can just take wealth from the folks that have made it. And the Left claims America herself is a thief?? Please.

I truly hope that this film can be the start of a new era in historically accurate education in American history – tho it may be too late. Yes, you CAN make it with work, perseverance and education. Dnesh proves beyond doubt there is no better place in the world that you want to be and that the good ‘Old USA needs no remaking from a Leftist President.

As you may recall, shortly after the movie was released, Obama’s administration used it’s power to destroy the man who made the movie about the Goodness of America and was critical about President Obama (free speech anyone?).   Obama’s people found out that Dinesh donated money beyond the arbitrary legal limits to a political friend.  If anybody does that sort of thing, which probably happens every day by unsuspecting people, they may get a small fine and be charged with a misdemeanor offence.  Obama wanted him in jail, and that is where he went for 8 months (actually a halfway house, but was locked down, so that’s jail).    The Judge at his trial (Richard Berman) didn’t seem to think the Government went after him for political reasons.    

But, the unflappable Dinesh had the last laugh on the Hate filled community organizer Barack Hussein Obama:

I am working on a new documentary – Obama:  Imagine the World Without Him.   I have no news on the release date.   

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Open Letter to the Medical Profession

I wrote the following to Dr. Scott Donaldson in response to his radio spots “Just Sayin” which play regularly on local radio stations in Western North Carolina.   Dr. Donaldson states in these “public service” announcements from himself to the masses that we should wear masks to protect others. Notice he said not “ourselves”.  This has never happened in medical history in public places and I knew something was terribly amiss. So, I took issue with this blanket recommendation and sent him the following letter (edited): 

Dr. Donaldson:   

As a Physician, you should be ashamed of the advice you are giving on the radio which is not only incorrect but exactly the opposite advice you should be giving about masks if you actually want to improve people’s health.   I will give you that presumption because I don’t know you and you seem a reasonable man.  

I am a risk control consultant and safety engineer.   I know about respiratory protection and am quite familiar with mask efficacy as well as the details found in the OSHA Respiratory Protection program [CFR 1910.134] largely assembled by certified Industrial Hygienists and the Medical Community.   None of the requirements for OSHAs Respiratory Protection Program are being recommended by the government and people like yourself, which is odd since this is the Gold standard for protection from contaminated air.   I want to discuss your “better than thou” virtue masking on your radio spots which just doesn’t pass the smell test (no pun).  Your virtue signaling is nothing more than a political symbol that seems more important to you than your own profession.

On your radio spots, you state you wear a mask because you want to protect others from the CV19 virus, even though up to 80% will be asymptomatic if they were to get the virus from you directly.   In a confined medical setting where there are sick people and open wounds, that is fine,  but you make no such distinction and therefore are recommending general mask use by the public to protect them from a virus which is by even the medical community’s risk assessment several times less severe than other “Pandemics” based on mortality, of which CV 19 hardly qualifies.  Your mask recommendations presumably applies even to open outdoor environments which are not saturated by airborne viruses in sufficient quantity to expose and infect anyone.  

You should know that the general purpose “dust” or particulate masks worn by the public does very little to protect others.  When you breathe out through a mask not properly fit tested in the first place (and facial hair with a mask will get you a fine from OSHA in a workplace environment) some of what you exhale will obviously escape the mask.    That is what happens when you expel positive pressure into a mask which seals against your skin best when properly fitted and when you inhale, creating negative pressure.   

Dust masks and even the more tight fitting N95 masks are not provided with a filtered air supply as you see in CDC BioSafety Labs.  The masks you recommend are designated “air purifying respirators” not because they clean the air in the atmosphere, which you promote, but to clean the air that goes into your lungs.    

General purpose masks do little to seal when you breathe out.  If they did seal completely you would eventually suffocate on your own CO2 as the filter gets less porous.   About the only possible benefit for generalized mask use walking down streets in the open is that a mask may retain viruses if you sneeze or cough.   Well, nobody is doing that very much because if you had those symptoms you probably won’t be outside anyway in public areas.  In the last 6 months I have only seen someone sneeze or cough a handful of times within six feet of people, certainly not enough to justify generalized and dehumanizing mask use when you go out.   I would suggest too that people sneezing or coughing are doing that not so much because they are Covid carriers but because they are wearing masks.  For uninformed CV infected carriers, generalized mask use by everyone could actually increase the chance of viral spread if they also increase the chance of someone sneezing or coughing and expelling droplets in the air to others.   Even so, it is highly unlikely that the rare individual that sneezes in public places is also a carrier but even if he is a carrier it is likely he will then spread a virus to someone that will be asymptomatic.  The odds of all that happening seem highly improbable to me.   Yet you want a New Normal that the world has never seen before.

You might say that masks may stop an infinitesimal level of viruses entering the air just from your exhaled breath, even though they are too small to be trapped regardless.  So, isn’t it better than not wearing a mask?  I would suggest that this is bad medical advice when compared to the adverse health consequences by not allowing people to expel bacteria and viruses as humans are meant to do and have been doing for millennia.    

I know that for most, getting sick involves being exposed to much more than a small quantity of viruses, whatever they may be.  It’s the small Army fighting the big Army (your immune system).  Trapping viruses in a mask only to grow and multiply that you will inhale again, especially if the mask is not properly disposed of and replaced which you know people are not doing, will likely MAKE PEOPLE SICKER THAN THEY WOULD BE WITHOUT A MASK.  

You should also know about the myriad Long Term Flu studies (no such long term studies yet with Covid) that says generalized mask use is not a good public health recommendation for these very reasons. 

You don’t have to be a Doctor to understand the logic in that.    If masks are to be worn generally then why don’t you also call on disposal guidance that calls for handling of masks as Bio Waste which not a single health department in the country recommends?    If you really believe that COVID is the Black Death you are then sentencing the Garbage man to death.   

Perhaps the worst thing you have done is terrorizing elderly people to the point that they drive in cars alone with masks on and walk down the streets of Hendersonville in 95 deg heat barely breathing and that is your HEALTH recommendation?  This is good advice? As an MD for you to still suggest people wear masks in public areas and places is simply not good health advice.    OSHAs respiratory protection standard requires all users to be medically evaluated before mask use.   I have yet to hear any Ad council or CDC guidance requiring that. 

Your virtue signaling terrifies the public and says to fellow human beings that I think you might kill me.  We cannot abide by your advice, nor should we for good health reasons and for our humanity.   

It’s all a farce and your credibility may be forever questioned by towing a line and making Covid a political disease rather than a virus that will never likely be eradicated and one humans must live with as we have the Common Cold, and developed immunity resulting in the vast majority having runny noses (something that many with CV won’t even have as a symptom).    

A hundred years from now what will be your profession’s Legacy?   It will be a mass failing of the Hippocratic Oath and a stain on the profession that you can personally avoid if you forget your Politics and go back to being concerned with people’s health.  

Just sayin’.


Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, RAF

Note:  Since this letter was sent to Dr. Donaldson in August 2020 it has been confirmed even beyond my original projections that as of September 1 2020 that 94% of all recorded CV19 deaths involved “co-morbidity”, namely other real underlying causes of death.   And in case you were wondering what happened to all of the “flu deaths”, influenza happened to be the #1 underlying “co-morbidity” cause.    Yet even with this news, the media and the brainwashed masses keeps chugging along with CV19 terrorism.   We have lost our collective minds and the medical profession that is in the best position to eliminate the terrorism are being silenced.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Shame on You and NextDoor – Not CV19

Mask mandates across the Nation are seemingly being followed without rational thought by ignorant, obsequious people willing to do whatever a tyrannical government says.    I see whole families with young children walking the streets of my town with masks donned in the heat of summer.    Not to mention those people driving alone with masks on.  I can’t imagine the media induced fear they must have.  People don’t wear masks in their cars, alone, unless they are in a state of terror about their world, the things they touch and the air they breathe.  If not fear, they are making a political statement for Marxism.  In either case, it’s not good for America and Americans.   The mainstream media thinks it’s nothing to wreck human lives that are in their path.  Misery loves company.

I know now, without question if I ever had a question, that the mainstream media (MSM) lies or distorts truth every time they open their collective mouths.  For my own sanity, I thank the good Lord that I can think rationally.  I happen to know that “Coronavirus ™” is possible death for .5%-1%  (likely lowering every day with increasing confirmed cases not resulting in death),  a bad flu season for some and asymptomatic for up to 80% of the population.  Please note that the MSM periodically does “self-checks” that all members of the information monopoly are in lockstep by phrase-coding to see who is not following the rules, in this case eliminating “The” from “The Coronavirus” in their around the clock scare broadcasts.  So now, you will generally hear every 15 minutes on the radio “more people are dying from Coronavirus”.  Not “more people are dying from The Coronavirus”.  This is a subtle difference that doesn’t change the narrative but shows how the information monopoly keeps the Deep State on board with the proper narrative.  It implies you will die not from “A” virus in the environment but “MANY” viruses. Subtle but effective scare tactic.

Sadly, many small businesses in our nice little community in Hendersonville NC and elsewhere will be out of business in 6 months, regardless of the November elections.  They are not helping themselves by restricting their customers when business is declining at a rapid pace as their costs are going up in service industries.   The Leftist Shame Game is on steroids now so if businesses don’t fall in line with Mask mandates, even though they are illegal, they are openly derided as wanting to kill people.  Let me explain. 

I used to belong to the Nextdoor social media site.  Nextdoor used to be a great place for verified neighbors to find the best local places to eat, get a good recommendation on tree work and the like.     It was also a site where you could post things that you thought was of general community interest.  The rules prevented you from openly campaigning for a candidate, which made sense since it would otherwise be littered with political ads.   But you COULD discuss things that good people could disagree with, like mask mandates, if there was a community interest.  What could the community be more interested in these days than CV19?   Well that thought fell right on its mask covered face. You see, shaming and bullying for the right cause (namely Leftist Democratic causes) is apparently the correct kind of shaming and bullying with Nextdoor management.

A not so neighborly woman recently did a shame-posting indicating that she personally knew of a local business that was going way overboard with hygiene, mask requirements and social distancing because, as she stated, this particular business did not want people “TO DIE”.   Her posting was titled a “Positive Message”.   Positively tyrannical.   Imagine if you will a struggling business unable to meet those requirements because of their physical layout or, heaven forbid, the business owners just didn’t believe anybody walking into their store would be killed by a virus obtained inside said store if everyone did not wear an uncomfortable mask.    Or maybe they felt, correctly, that their Governor (in my case Roy Cooper in NC) went illegally over the top mandating masks in retail establishments he graciously allowed to open and also in indoor public spaces or even when outside in a public space.     

So, I posted a reply to my friendly Shame Mongering neighbor and said it was not a particularly “positive message” to imply that businesses that did not want to fall in line with illegal mandates would conversely want to “kill people”.    Killing your customers is not a good thing, especially when you are hanging on by a financial thread.   Well, that statement caused a Nextdoor firestorm.   I was summarily attacked by a bunch of largely fanatical Leftist women.  When they could not deal with my arguments  about the mask debacle by prominent researchers and scientists they ran to Mommy (aka Nextdoor Corporate) and said my ideas needed to be censored.  They went so far as to say that I was bullying them simply by providing another point of view.  In fact, it was yours truly who was immediately harassed by my friendly neighbors for disagreeing that masks be worn by the local public per a State mandate.  So, for opposing the “positive message” destroying small business, my account was disabled by Nextdoor management.  As of the date of this article,   my hysterical Nextdoor neighbors are continuing using their Leftist Shame Game rants to push a narrative designed to wreck the economy, not improve their health.  Its also good for Leftists to make life as miserable for us as it is for them and mandating masks when the heat index is 100 is helpful.  

I live in beautiful Hendersonville NC, located in the Western North Carolina mountains.  As a result of complaints by my some of my friendly Nextdoor trolls, one of our tyrannical city council members, Jerry Smith, just promoted and passed a Mask mandate resolution by 3-2 vote.   The resolution wants our Police to cite and issue misdemeanor fines our many already struggling small businesses for not complying with our other Tyrant’s (Gov. Roy Cooper) unconstitutional executive order that requires masks in public places and businesses.   Brilliantly, Jerry Smith said it wasn’t fair for the “compliant” businesses that “non-compliant” businesses want to open the doors to all customers.   Why not kick a man when he is down?   

The snowflake children on the Left, some running our states and cities, have never grown up after the 2016 election.  Even growing older by 4 years hasn’t helped.  Waaaahhhh has become DESTROYYYY!    Making our city look like rank amateurs, a Colorado city (Englewood) wants a year in jail and up to $2600 fine for people not wearing masks..  And Governor Newsome has just closed most small businesses in California.   Uneducated people with bad intentions are ruling over us now and want us to be ignorant.    Per Orwell, Ignorance is Strength.  

Businesses need to know that not all of us are happy for not being allowed to be their customer and keep them running.  Who would have thought that economically distressed businesses would not want as many customers as they can muster?  Suicide is not always painless.   

I was thinking about how I could let some of my area businesses know that not everyone, especially long time customers, appreciates being told they can no longer do business with them if they don’t wear a mask.  To be clear, I don’t intend to hurt any business and want all to survive and prosper.   But many businesses won’t survive unless they fight back.  Because CV mask mandates reduces business by reducing customers, businesses must push back against this sort of tyranny and know they have reason and rationality on their side.   

Until the elections, local Businesses have the most immediate power to force governments to change CV policies wrecking our country.    So, if I am not allowed inside a business because I must wear an unhealthy mask, I politely ask for the owner/manager to contact their local representative to tell our elected officials to loosen up on Liberty so I will be able to shop, dine or drink (which happens these days).   I then hand them the simple message below.  I tell them I won’t be back unless they allow me to enter without a mask.   

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Postscript.  On July 14, a man in Michigan who did not wear a mask under a new and improved criminal mask mandate by Governor Gretchen Whitmer was shamed by a 77 yr old man.   He stabbed the man (who survived) but was subsequently shot and killed by the Police.  Stabbing people is wrong as Biden but Governments are pushing people to breaking points.  Gov. Whitmer, the Master of Shame, would probably say he deserved to die for wanting to harm others.

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