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December 14, 2021

Washington DC (Resuters).  Biden approval rating jumps to 92% after he announces his joint Global Liberty tour with the Great Dictator of China, Xi Jinping.  The tour will begin at the Wuhan Biosafety Level 4 Lab in Wuhan Province China (masks required), then travel worldwide with stopovers in Hanoi, San Francisco CA, Asheville NC and Joseph Biden’s hometown of Delaware, South Carolina (based on his recent interview with CNN).   The Biden administration, installed November 3, 2020, expects to see millions and billions of the people that are still alive to turn out publically to support our great leaders as they speak forcefully about Liberty, Freedom and the Democracy Revolution taking place all over the globe.  Each tour location will feature a special guest speaker from the local community on both sides of the political aisle who is either a member of the CCP or the Democratic Communist Party of America.  

Isn’t he (Biden) just amazing! (hic) Only someone like President Biden who wants all humans to have Freedom and Liberty (subject to terms and conditions) could come up with such a great idea like this, at the direction of Xi Jinping.   I personally wear masks and do jabs on a regular basis to preserve the Liberties found in America and China.  Freedom for all!  (hic) (hic) Thank you President Biden and Xi Jinping, you are a testament to what the two most powerful countries in the world can do if they just set their minds to it.

Ginnedwith Saki (Biden Press Secretary)

What a political master stroke for Biden.  He needed to boost his approval and, even though this tour will not actually take place, his ratings will go through the roof as the mainstream media will cover it in Spades.

Chris Wallsick (CNNFOX)


Ginnedwith Saki was asked by Mandrake News about the Chris Wallsick comment about the tour actually not being real, or having anything at all to do with Freedom and Liberty given the direct Communist connections, and her only comment was “just STFU (hic) and go back to reporting the news we give you.  Geesh.”

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